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Saving private Prince … again



Ferragosto is over and most of the Italian guests left the Hotel. You won’t believe how quiet it is now. My Prince made us laugh commenting: ‘Blessed silence. Those Italians do nothing all day, but drink, eat and talk, and talk, and fucking talk.’ 😄 We still have plenty of guests in the Hotel and we decided to have an open summer season until the end of September if the weather will remain nice and warm. Did we have caramel skin guests? Of course. Both genders. Some ladies and gents in our country are convinced that all black men have a big penis. Well, it is true that some of them have it, but not every black man. It is a myth. Anyway, there was a gorgeous Italian 30+ caramel single woman, a guest of the Hotel, who spotted my luvs when they visited the restaurant to discipline a problematic worker. The problematic worker and his chef couldn’t come to my Prince’s office since it was busy; Lidija had a meeting with a few workers. My luvs told the security guard at the entrance of the restaurant that they don’t want to be disturbed. While they were sitting in the corner and talking, she asked one of the waiters who is a beautiful and handsome tall blond couple dressed the same. In short (I don’t want to bother you with details), she wasn’t interested in them sexually, but she was only attracted to them by their appearance. He told her they are the heart and muscles of the Hotel, a very dangerous married couple she won’t like to mess with. She was very impressed. She wrote a message to them and she gave it to the waiter. When they finished the meeting in which an problematic worker got verbal rebuke, financial punishment, and warning before dismissal for swearing and calling names his chief in front of the other workers which is a serious offense of Hotel rules, the waiter approached them and gave them the message. Since my luvs spotted her too, my Prince was spelled by her beauty and he wanted to meet her. My Ivy told him that it is not a good idea and she explained him why it is not good idea. He let her do it. She walked him to his office and told Lidija to let him go nowhere until she returns. Then she took one security guard (as the eye witness in the case of excess), and visited the caramel lady. The lady told my Ivy that both of them caught her attention as a tall, handsome, sporty couple who are making things run smoothly in the Hotel as she was told, and she wanted to get to know them. My Ivy told me what she told her. They spoke in Italian:

Ivy: It is nice of you to want to get to know us better. I will be very frank with you: I will answer all your questions, but meeting my husband is not possible. You see, he is a very good man a faithful husband who loves me and our children, but he has a fetish for caramel beautiful women like yourself that he can’t control. If he meets you, all he will want afterward is to have sex with you and he would lose his peace until it happens. If it happens, he will be ruined for he swore he won’t have sex outside the marriage. If it doesn't happen, he will be miserable for he cannot stop thinking about you. Either way is not good for him. Since he is an honest man who always keeps his word, breaking his oath will emotionally break him. He’ll suffer and he’ll resign and he'll withdraw within himself and so on and so on ….. There was a time when he was free from his fetish, but somehow it returned and he is weak again. Therefore, I suggest you stay away from him. If you decide to reject my friendly advice and meet him behind my back, I swear, I will hurt you badly.

The lady was full of understanding and she promised she won’t cause trouble. My Ivy also told my Prince what she told her. He kissed her and thanked her for saving him from failure. The mission “Saving private Prince” as we call it, was accomplished again. 😁



We were very hungry yesterday after the work. Since my parents took the children to the villa and spent the day there with mom Zdenka and dad Boss, they made lunch there inviting us to come to the villa. But, no matter how much we wanted to hug and kiss our children, driving through unbearable traffic was no option. We called our parents and told them we won’t come. Then we wanted to call catering when my Prince found dough my mom made a few days ago when she made some pastry. He asked us if we want Italian vegetarian pizza. When we confirmed, he chased us out of the kitchen and started to make it. My Ivy and I made love during that time in our bedroom. When pizza was done, he served cold sugar-free coke and pizza on the balcony. It was incredibly delicious because he put on one of his special sauces! That was his best pizza ever. Anyway, we ate and were about to call the parents to bring the children because we missed them when they returned home. My, the house filled with joyful screams, laughter, kisses, hugs, and the children’s “mama” and “tata”: we did this, we did that and, and so on and so on …. :classic_wub:

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