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From: Screenshot Discussion Thread - By blazingsai





Up for criticism number 2.
Can anyone here teach me how to take better combat screenshots ? (What fov , animations, poses, angle to use ? or just general tips about the locations, and enemies)


The first thing you're going to want to learn before poses/animations or locations, is going to be console commands. Now, I don't know how well you know them, but I'll list some to help with combat shots.

To change the game's speed; 'sgtm x' where x is an integer, - number decreases game speed, + number increases speed.
Usually you'll want to slow time to catch an enemy in a combat pose. Speeding the game up can actually hurt your FPS, since it's rendering it faster. So, something like 'sgtm -1' is a good place to start off.


You can also just turn off AI then pose them yourself. Use 'tai' for all AI, then 'tcai' for combat AI. Get the pose you want to use that makes them wield a weapon, and use 'setalert 1' to make them equip their weapon. The tricky thing about this, is they will put the weapon away unless you pose them as soon as you use the command. So open console, 'setalert 1', close console and pose them right away. Another thing with hostile NPCs, is that it won't let you pose them like just anyone. You also have to set their aggression towards the player by doing 'setav aggression 0'.


Then there's 'tc', which let's you move them where you want them to be by taking control of them. Target yourself first, use 'tc', then target NPC and use it again. Of course, you can also just move them to your position by targeting them and using 'moveto player. I usually don't use moveto player unless I toggle off collision. To do that, don't have anything targeted and use 'tcl'. Get to where you want the NPC to be (like in the air if you want), then use 'moveto player' and they'll be in the exact spot you are.



These should hopefully get you started, and maybe blazingsai will drop some pointers as well.

Wait what? Me? I suck ass at taking battle screenshots. :-/
BUT, everything Kaos Wulf said is basically correct. I'd also probably use tdetect if you want to make sure like people don't aggro you period (aka appear as red dots),
Also, you can do some cool things like using magic with your poses. All you have to do is equip magic your hand (or both) charge your magic, and then use a pose (while still charging your magic).
NOTE: When you use tfc or tfc 1 and take the screenshot you may have to click the hand the magic is in once or twice to stop charging it then jump to leave the pose.


If you do this you can make screens like this (again I'm not the best at this but my name was dropped, so I gotta deliver :():

Posing while charging magic (forget where I got this pose aka It isn't from any of the Goma/Halo/Aloe/Kino sets)
EDIT: It's from Purple Poser v2.1... I think :/


This one is using an Aloe pose. Again it's her charging her magic


Same pose as above, different magic. This one is using a spell like flames/sparks that just continuously shoots out until you release it.




Same pose as above


Random shot of her :/


You can also do things like this


And this (nothing special just holding the spell in her hands. One day I'll find a way to shoot magic sideways... maybe...)


Or this...




Sometimes it all comes down to just toggling god mode (tgm) and staging a fight or sequence of actions yourself (basically you'll tgm > aggro someone or something or multiple persons or things > use sgtm to slow time > let the enemy have at it until they strike a specific pose > target the enemy and use tai > adjust your character using attacks/poses/etc. > rinse and repeat (I personally don't use sgtm a lot, but when I have it turned out really well also; if your read Flame-Child, that's how the the fight between Nyleine and Mora Oghma was taken I literally just had a fight and used "actiony" imo camera angles).




But yeah, tgm is definitely a must if you're going to be doing any super high powered spell based screens. (I forgot to do this and actually ended up killing myself immediately after this screen was taken :()



Also if you need to have people get knocked back or straight up or whatever try messing with the pushactoraway command
pulled from uesp (it's a targeted command):

pushactoraway | Push an actor away in a random direction. | Example: pushactoraway 14 1337. Will push or launch your character in a random direction. If you enter negative amount, example: pushactoraway 0001A6B8 -200, will pull the selected actor to your character position.

To answer asenasen's question(s) of: What fov , animations, poses, angle to use ? or just general tips about the locations, and enemies

What fov?: I've asked around myself in the past. It really just depends on what you feel will have the most impact for your screens.
In the above screenshots I used 40-20 (exactly 40, 30, and 20) because I'm weird like that and wanted a more close in view (the far away screenshot with the glare was done with the default fov because... it was far away XD) I've also hear that some people like to use anything from 60-100 depending on the shot and the angles they're going for. So... i guess experiment?


Animation poses?: Depends. I have a ton of pose mods installed and the ones I've used most often are from Halo's Dramatic/Action Poses, Aloe Poser, Kinoko Pose, I also have used Larmir Pose and Purple Poser in the past as well. I used to (and still do from time to time when I'm not lazy) use poses from Additional Dramatic Poses for Pinup Poser however if you're going to use that, it would be best to put it in Public Poser so you won't have possible conflicts if Halo decides to upgrade his Dramatic set in the future.


Angles to use?: No idea. (I just do what feels good/looks good to me. Others could help you more with this.)

I hope some of this was somewhat helpful.


Source: Screenshot Discussion Thread


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