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Weird slutty bitch



The weekend wasn’t especially interesting since we were mostly at home although there was a kind of incident yesterday my Ivy solved in her style :D I will tell you about it in a minute.



Mikey said he doesn’t like my luvs’ new electric bike now and he didn’t enjoy the ride when my Prince took him. He said the new bike is the same as his but only bigger and that the old one was better because it gave him chills when he sat on it (the vibration and the engine sound). He was always excited whenever he went on the ride with his tata. Buuuut, when his sister expressed a desire to take a ride with her tata and when she was thrilled afterward, Mikey changed his story. He suddenly loved the new bike more than the old one. Yeah, sure. He only didn’t want his sister to enjoy the bike and ride more than him.☺️



I was very disappointed in “She-Hulk” Marvel’s new series we watched on Thursday. My Prince didn’t want to watch it but since Mikey adores Hulk and since his sister likes everything he likes; he joined us holding Mikey on his lap. It didn’t take long before I heard myself whispering in my Ivy’s ear - What the fuck is this shit?!?!

Watching the full episode because of the children was more like brain raping and torturing. But you should see our children during the Hulks’ fight; they were swinging hands and kicking legs each one supporting their hero/heroine. When it was over, my Ivy and I kept sitting in unbelief at what we had just watched while my Prince went to the kitchen and brought us refreshments. My Ivy and I discretely laughed hearing Precious teasing her brother that She-Hulk can kick Hulk’s ass whenever she wants because she is stronger and faster than him. When my Prince brought us refreshments, Mikey sat on his lap again and said:

- She-Hulk cannot be stronger and faster than Hulk, right, tata? She is a girl.

My Prince kissed him and said:

- It is only a movie, my son, where anything is possible, although there are some women stronger than some men in real life. For instance, mama (Ivy) is stronger than uncle Fran, Ivan, Stipe, and some other people, and almost stronger than Silvano.

Mikey: But she is not stronger and faster than you, tata. I saw she isn’t. (Mikey watched my luvs’ sparring many times)

My Ivy kissed him, smiled, and said:

- I am not stronger and faster than your tata, my son. I wish I am, but I am not.

Mikey was veeeeeery proud of his tata. He wrapped his hands around his neck, and after kissing him, he joyfully went to tell his sister that She-Hulk is stronger and faster than Hulk only in the movie. She isn’t stronger and faster than him in real life just as mama isn’t stronger and faster than tata.

Oh, my, I sooooo love our son’s logic.😄



Now, about the little incident we had yesterday afternoon when we went out for ice cream with our children. We sat on one nice terrace while our children ran and played at our table. (My luvs always sitting with their backs facing the wall so they can see everything and that nobody can sneak up on them from behind). So, we enjoyed talking when the girl in a very short mini dress sat at the table across from ours. Then she started to do something that made my Prince ask me to switch places. I gladly did it but my Ivy and I were curious why he asked me. He said:

- The girl that sits across from our table makes me feel uncomfortable. She constantly expose and spread her legs. Whenever I look in her direction, she is pulling her skirt down like she is covering her legs, and looking at me like I am some sexual predator … (My Ivy couldn't see her clearly for my body blocked her view).

Ivy (angrily): Fucking bitch!

She was so fast that my Prince and I couldn’t react to stop her. She sat next to her and she told her:

- Tell me, are you doing this purposely or you are just being stupid?

The girl (confused): W… what?

Ivy: Don’t fuck with me, slut! You aren’t a match for me!. If you didn’t want my husband to watch your legs and cunt, who didn’t for he is not interested in you, why didn’t you change the table instead of keeping covering your misery? I’ll tell you why you didn’t: you enjoyed making him feel uncomfortable for it is your fetish and it turns you on. I bet you are very wet down there. So, you will either stop doing what you were doing or you will take the other table right now. If you don’t, I swear I will strip you down and make you walk home naked, fucking stupid bitch!

I saw the girl blushing like a very red tomato. She left the table, paid for her drink, and walked away. My Ivy asked me to return to my seat and my Prince returned to his. She kissed him loudly and said:

- No more weird slutty bitches, honey. Relax and enjoy the sight.

Yes, that’s my Ivy. She’ll do everything and anything for him for she is his image for he will do exactly the same for her and for me. 

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5 hours ago, Jay-Omms said:

Oh Mikey and Prince... What a guy. Ivy too what a gal. :sweat_smile::heart:;):thumbsup: 

> Yeap, they are my pride and joy. Protecting each other and caring for each other is our strength. :)  The power of the family.

Group Hug GIF by NBC

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