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Quickly and efficiently



We had to have an urgent e.b. meeting yesterday about two important problems. Thanks to my Prince’s big and compassionate heart, we solved them quickly and efficiently. I like that about my Prince: he is not a man who delays the realization of the projects for whatever reason. He is on them right away just as he was in this case.



Our e.b. gathered in bigger number. Besides five regular members, we had three temporary or seasonal e.b. members. The meeting started well until one seasonal e.b. member started to piss us off by ending every single fucking sentence with “Right?” looking at each one of us after it. I looked at my Ivy and she was boiling, but she controlled her anger for she respected my Prince who presided the meeting, and because she didn’t want to break e.b. rules. But he was also at the edge and not wanting to explode, he interrupted that member saying politely but directly:

- I must confess I am very confused now ….. say how come you didn’t use one single “right?” in the conversation with us before the meeting and now you can’t finish the sentence without it? What are you trying to achieve by that? Do you expect our silent approval and head nodding as confirmation of your words, or it is your acting to impress us or both? ….. (The man started to blush) …. Your way of speaking is very annoying not only to me but to all of us …. Listen, you will start talk normally and stop saying “right?” all the time or you will stop talking for we can’t take it anymore.

We all deep sighed in relief and my Ivy made us all laugh saying:

- If you didn’t stop him now, I would take my gun and shoot him …. Crazy son of a ….. *speech (*realizing that she will offend him and that it is very improper to use bad language and direct insults in the meeting, she used “speech” instead of “bitch”. Of course, you realize that this is a wordplay since it wouldn’t make sense to you if I didn’t adopt it to English). Even he started to laugh. Anyway, he continued to talk but he controlled himself avoiding saying “right?”. So, we received a complaint from one of the chiefs of the kitchen that beggars and homeless climb over the fence and dig through our food trash cans making a big mess looking for the food which they throw all over the place. It attracted more rats and various bugs. (Let me give you brief insight how things works here: our cooks and workers in the kitchen are allowed to take one package of food home to their families after work, but they have to show it to the chief of the kitchen and write it in the registration book every time they take it so we can have a record of what is been taken that day and that nobody will accuse them for stealing. The rest of it and leftovers from the guests in the restaurant go to the food disposal cans for we aren’t allowed to keep any meal for the next day (except groceries and vegetables)). My Prince asked Lidija, who received the complaint how long the “food disposal” problem lasted. She told him that the chief who reported it to her said the same thing to main chief several times but the main chief did nothing to fix it. When the problem became more intense lately and went out of control, he reported to her. My Prince was very unpleased to hear that. He invited the main chief of the kitchen and asked him if he knew about it and if he did, why didn’t he report it as he supposed to? The chief replied he thought it wasn’t essential to say it. My Prince told him that it is not up to him to decide what is essential and what isn’t, but he was obligated to report every single problem we have because if a sanitary inspection found the food disposal area dirty and filled with rats and bugs, they could make us pay an astronomically high penalty or shut us down in the worst case. Then he rebuked him, financially punished him with three months of lower wages of 25%, and told him that if he would commit the same mistake again, he will be fired and sued for consciously and deliberately jeopardizing the Hotel business. Then he asked him why didn’t he packed recouped food into the bags or boxes and left it on the external side of the fence for them so they wouldn’t climb over the fence. The chief said he didn’t do it for it isn’t his job to take care of the homeless and beggars.

Prince: Is that right? You see, you heavily screwed up and my job is to fire irresponsible people like you, but I won't do it since you are the only one who provides for your family. However, I will put you on the probe. If you want to keep your job, starting from today, you will be personally in charge of putting recouped food into cardboard packages and paper bags (yes, we care for the environment) we are using for our customers when they want to take their meals home, and place them on the external side of the fence. Those people are dirty and they stink, but they are unfortunate, and they deserve respect! If you don’t want to do it, just say it now and you are free to go home! You are finished here!

The chief (unwillingly): I will do it.

Prince: Are you sure? I don’t want you to rush your decision and regret it later.

The chief (louder): I will do it, sir!

Prince: Thank you. You are dismissed!

Then he told Lidija to organize installation of security cameras in that area so we can have better insight of what is going on there. We were all stunned and in awe and admiration. He was very authoritative, but we all knew he did the right thing. That’s how a man of his position should react. When the man left the office another temporary e.b. member said:

- But sir, if I may, those cardboard packages and paper bags cost money.

My Prince replied:

- That’s true, but the Hotel bought thousands of them. Giving away a few extra boxes and bags for free won’t financially hurt us. Do you think that Ivy and I don’t know how some workers take those boxes and bags for private use and nobody pays for them? I tolerate it for it is not that important and I do not want to turn the Hotel into military or police. Ivy and I are already very strict in demanding the workers uphold the Hotel rules and bylaws. That’s why I wouldn’t make a big drama about a few carton boxes and bags. Also, giving them food packed like this should stop them from climbing over the fense and digging the food trash cans making a mess. But, if they wouldn’t appreciate what we are doing for them and they continue to dig through food cans and throw the food all over the place, then Ivy and I will personally deal with them.

Everyone liked his idea and we unanimously support it. My Ivy was very proud that he mentioned her several times in very important matters and she looked at him very heartthrob while I was veeeeeery proud of him. His attitude, reaction, and solutions to the problems made me very wet and I hardly suppressed my urge to fuck him right there, at the table.



Anyway, he continued to amaze us. When Lidija stressed out how several seasonal and regular workers asked her for help and after checking them if they are saying the truth, she told us that most of them didn’t ask for money, but for stuff like clothes, home electric devices like microwaves, fans (it is still hot), and similar household devices and furniture for personal use that doesn’t have to be new. She hardly finished when my Prince offered an instant solution. He said that we donated our clothes and house things that we do not use to a drug rehab center that has a second-hand shop with very good prices. So, right after the meeting, Lidija and her helper will make a more specific list of our workers’ needs. After that, they will go to the rehab’s second-hand shop and buy the articles from the list using the Hotel delivery van. Whatever they cannot find there, they will buy in a regular store. When they finish shopping, they will assign two trustworthy people who will deliver things to our workers to their homes so they wouldn’t worry about how they will bring big stuff home. He made me smile when he looked at each one of us saying and smiling:

- Who’s going to cover the fuel some of you may ask? Well, the Hotel, because I believe we care for our workers. But if you are against it, I will cover it from my pocket.

Ivy (excitingly): Me too!

Again, his short speech was very motivational and we supported his proposition. Do you see now why he is the ultimate hotel manager? My Ivy couldn’t resist and she loudly kissed him on the cheek. Knowing that she broke the protocol, she said:

- Oh, what the fuck … sue me!

We died laughing.

After the meeting, the five of us stayed alone after the meeting in my office enjoying the refreshments, but since I was still very horny (my Ivy too) I asked my Fran and Lidija to live us alone, to start to work on the projects. Of course, he symbolically protested as he always does making poisonous comments, but he left. My Ivy and I fucked my Prince soooooo good, that we had two long and loud orgasms. It was hard to return to our duties afterward, but we managed somehow.

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2 hours ago, Jay-Omms said:

Right right maybe he was nervous. Right? :sweat_smile::heart:;):thumbsup:

> You are good man, jay, always trying to see good and positive things in people, but, no, he wasn't nervous, my dear friend. :) He spoke before on some other meetings and he knows all of us. He was just acting trying to impress us. :)

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15 hours ago, Evaloves4 said:

> You are good man, jay, always trying to see good and positive things in people, but, no, he wasn't nervous, my dear friend. :) He spoke before on some other meetings and he knows all of us. He was just acting trying to impress us. :)

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