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Very crazy witches



My luvs gave me free Sunday morning saying they will do everything with the children and around the house since I have been working a lot. It’s not that I needed it since I love to be with them and our children, but it was a nice gesture. I had time for myself. So, I enjoyed sipping my tea (that they made and my son brought to me) and browsed Pinterest and LL, my two favorite websites. When the time came, we dressed for lunch at the meadery tavern. Since our parents know about that place but haven’t been there for ages, they drove there before us. Anyway, my luvs dressed our children very solemn just as I like and they laughed hearing me saying to our children:

- Now, you two, this time you will not wipe your hands on your clothes. You will be very good children and you will make your mama very happy seeing you using napkins. Yes, children?

Mikey and Precious: Yes, mama.

Me (to my prince and Ivy): Yes, mama and tata? (I needed their verbal support so the children hear it)

Prince and Ivy: Yes, mama.

I kissed them all and we went to the meadery tavern. My Prince didn’t order anything for our parents in advance, but for ourselves. He knows what we like, so he didn’t ask us about the order.



When we arrived, we saw our parents sitting outside, under the shade of the big olive tree enjoying domestic wine, dry smoked ham, goat cheese, and fresh olives before the main meal. My Prince told them that he reserved the tables for us inside the tavern since he cannot be exposed to UV rays. My dad said:

- If you prefer to be inside, in the dark, rather than in the nice sun, be my guest, son. We are staying here.

My mom looked at him sharply and yelled: Livio!!! Shame on you!!! You will go inside this very moment!

My dad chuckled and stood up, he said:

- I am just joking, Nada. Just joking.

As he walked inside, he put his hand around my Prince and friendly pressed him against him. My Ivy and I helped our moms and brought their meals inside the tavern. Yeap inside was much cooler and pleasant than outside. Everyone loved it. Anyway, the meal, wine, and meads were perfect. This time our children had mead with ice cream. Oh, my, they were very thrilled. The owner and his wife received many compliments and praises for service and meals. He gave us a discount as he promised plus an extra discount on the big box full of domestic cheese, wine, mead, olives, and similar. (I am talking about 2500 Euros our parents spent). Before we returned home, my dad apologized to my Prince for the bad joke at the beginning. My Prince hugged him and told him that he doesn’t resent him at all.



So we came home, and my Fran and Stipe arrived a few minutes later. Since our children wanted to take a nap, my Prince decided to stay with them. My Fran and Stipe wanted my Ivy and me to go with them to our beach. My Prince tried to convince us to go and enjoy swimming, but my Ivy rather stayed with him saying that she can’t fully enjoy anything without him. I also wanted to stay, but they chased me out to be with my Fran and Stipe while they took a nap with our children. Very soon a phone call from Ireland woke them up. It was Nick and Adriana. They said they cannot come this year for a visit as they planned since they bought a house few days ago. They borrowed some money and took a credit. My luvs were in shock. I was too when they told me later. Originally, Nick and Adriana planned to stay in Ireland for a few years to make and save some money, but they decided to settle there. They said they will come at least twice a year when having a vacation and for Christmas, starting next year. My Prince was a little sad, for he looked forward to seeing his best friend and best man. So, we gonna see them next summer. Anyway, I told my Fran and Stipe about our lunch in the meadery tavern and they said they will go there tonight and try their specialties. When they left, we gave supper to our children, put them to sleep (my mom stayed to babysit them), and after swimming and having sex in the sea, we had our evening routine and went to sleep.



Yesterday was a very fun day. During family morning coffee time my Prince is extremely tired. His coffee-making routine was glitched. Namely, he always uses the same size of teaspoon, one (his favorite) glass cup and he always pours the same amount of milk and water so he can always have the same taste of the coffee. The order: first, he puts two teaspoons of white sugar first, then he adds two teaspoons of instant coffee, then he adds milk and he mixes it until it gets the form he likes. Then he adds hot water. Well, this time instead of adding two teaspoons of coffee, he added four teaspoons of sugar and after adding the milk, he started to mix it. We watched him what he was doing and when my Ivy wanted to tell him that he missed adding the coffee, my Fran and dad gave her the sign to be silent for they want to see if he will realize what he is doing. So, my Prince mixed and mixed until the moment he noticed something is wrong.

Dad (having a big smile on his face): Is everything all right, son?

Prince: I don’t know. Something is very odd here.

Dad: What do you mean?

Prince (looking into his cup): Ummm …. The coffee isn’t brown at all. For some reason it is white. Couldn’t be that it expired?

We all blasted in laughter. My Ivy took his cup and went to make him a new coffee, while I explained to him what he did. It took him a while until his brain processed it. Then he got red in the face. My Fran wanted to continue to tease him, but seeing my Ivy giving him a sharp look, he swallowed his saliva and gulped loudly. We died laughing. When such things happen to him, I know my Prince is very tired, just like he ate the soup with a fork thinking that there is something wrong with the spoon. It happened to me too once.



Staying home yesterday since it was very hot again, my luvs were helping my mom clean and organize our closets. My Prince said he has too many clothes he doesn’t wear and he wants to give them to charity. My Ivy also said the same about her clothes and she decided to give some things away. She called me and asked me about my clothes and I said I might give away some too. When she asked me what would I like to give away, I said I have no time to do it but I trust her that she will do the right thing. I told her to keep the things my Prince and her like me to wear. So, my dad went to the near shop and collected empty boxes. When he brought it, my luvs and my mom cleaned our closets. Since my mom cleaned my side of the closet where we keep our sex toys and sex things, she found it and showed it to my Ivy she said:

- I think you should get rid of these too. (She was only joking)

My Ivy took them from her hands and asked my Prince who didn’t see what she found since he was occupied with his closet:

- Honey, do we need these or not? Mom wants us to give it away.

My Ivy told me that when he saw what she was holding in her hands and how both of them looked at him, he got very red in the face, and he left the room being very embarrassed. (He still cannot be relaxed in front of my mom and our parents when it comes to the subject of sex). My mom and Ivy died laughing. My Fran and I did too when we heard it. So, this time my luvs wanted to give the clothes in charity to some other organization. My dad started to search and he saw the advertisement for a drug-free rehabilitation center that collects various things for men and women in the rehab program. He called them and when they heard what he wants to give them, they asked him for his phone number and address. They came within half an hour and besides taking the boxes of very quality clothes, my dad emptied the “junk” from our garage and attic. (It wasn’t junk. It was things that nobody from the family uses anymore). He also took them to his house and loaded the full van with various useful things my parents don’t need anymore. Anyway, after evening activities and sex, we were laying on our air mattresses on the balcony and my Ivy started to tease my Prince saying:

- Honey, don’t you think that those poor girls in the rehab center might be happy to use our sex toys? Who knows how often they have sex and if they have it at all?

Prince: No, you won’t get me into your trap, crazy witch …

Me (cuddly): But honeeeyyyy, wouldn’t you like to receive a “thank you” letter from them which says: “Dear Prince family, we are very blessed with your gift. They made us very happy. The list for using the toys is getting longer and longer every day. Sometimes we are very impatient to get them, but once we get them, they are maximally used in all our holes.“

My Prince got an erection and through the laughter, he asked u to stop talking and touching his erected cock. But we continued until he let us suck him good. He came into our mouths and we sucked and swallow his hot tasty cum. Catching the breath, he said:

- You two are very crazy witches.

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Donations... Nice how very generous of you guys giving toys to the needy. :sweat_smile::heart:;):thumbsup:

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11 hours ago, Jay-Omms said:

Donations... Nice how very generous of you guys giving toys to the needy. :sweat_smile::heart:;):thumbsup:

> Well, our sex toys worth much more than our cloths to us ;)  Your clothes can't make you have extraordinary orgasm, but toys can.

Edited by Evaloves4
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Tuo marito è carino e divertente. Quando sono molto stanco sostituisco spesso la lavatrice con un water. Poi mia moglie mi segue in modo che non faccia qualcosa di stupido.

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11 hours ago, Impulsion said:

Tuo marito è carino e divertente. Quando sono molto stanco sostituisco spesso la lavatrice con un water. Poi mia moglie mi segue in modo che non faccia qualcosa di stupido.

Ha Ha Smile Sticker by Emoji

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