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The world turned crazy



Starting the summer season earlier showed as very good move. Nice weather and sun are on our side bringing and booking new guests every day. We are expecting very profitable summer season. Everyone enjoy walking around without masks. The only places mask is obligatory are in hospitals, clinics and drug stores. I truly enjoy dressing in outfits that reveals my tattoo that I am very proud of. I also do not wear my panties often since we often have sex in my office and I loooooove when my Prince place me on my desk and kissing my legs from bottom to top, merge his lips with my pussy and fuck it with his tongue, suck my pussy lips and clit and makes me cum in his mouth. My luvs can’t wear anything similar since they have to wear uniforms on the work. They aren’t uniforms but we call them so. It is a very nice and comfortable black or dark blue suits in which both of them looks very sexy.



My Fran died laughing and he had to tease my luvs calling them natural born savages after the incident we heard about. Namely, two male season workers broke “any kind of fighting within Hotel walls among the workers is strictly forbidden” rule. Their chief requested them to reconcile. They refused to do it threatening to each other they will continue to fight outside Hotel property after the working hours. When the chief said: “You will reconcile NOW and will call off later fight or I am calling the “Nazi couple!” Hearing it, they reconciled and promised to each other they will forget about the incident and will not fight ever again (at least not as long the work for us). 😄Yes, every new worker heard about my luvs and their intolerance for breaking Hotel rules. I don’t know why so many people are afraid of them since they apply force only when it is necessary and when the offender is rude and insolent. They ALWAYS talk first and try to verbally fix the problem. I guess they became some kind of “urban legends” of our Hotel, you know when certain scary untrue and made up stories flows around.



It is not secret that my Prince have skin allergy on animals and that he doesn’t like them, especially dogs. No, he doesn’t torture them or killing them (well, he killed several dangerous dogs but it was in self-defense), he just doesn’t like them and he has no respect for people who loves dogs more than people and for those who will rather help and save dogs then people. My Ivy told me that they were driving on the bike to meet Antonio in some cafe. Since they have Bluetooth devices, they can communicate even when they wear helmets. Sometimes, when it is very hot, they took their helmets off while they are waiting for green on intersection. That’s what they did this time too. Waiting for the green light on one intersection, they saw one older lady pushing the baby in the stroller, little girl (couldn’t be older than 3 like my son, Mikey) walking on her right side carrying the bottle of juice, and the dog on the lady’s left side she was holding on the leash. She was probably children’s grandma. Suddenly, around the corner, came the girl in late twenties walking her dog on the leash. Seeing the lady’s dog, she kneeled, patted and prattled to her dog without looking at the children and she commended the dog’s cuteness to the lady behaving like children doesn’t even exist. My Prince hates such things. Since my Ivy became like him in everything, she was pissed off with the sight too. She addressed to the girl very angrily:

- Hey, dog bitch …. You should show some respect to the lady by saying few nice words to her children first. If the dog is more important and valuable to you than little children, you are fucking miserable creature who doesn’t deserve to live among people. Go rather to dog shelter and live like a dog, fucking stupid bitch!

The girl looked at my luvs angrily but she was afraid to react since my luvs looked very dangerous in black leather motorcycle outfits. She left in hurry while my Ivy apologized to the lady for using bad language in the front of the children. On her surprise, the lady said that all is fine and that she agreed with her. She said that this girl was fifth person who stopped to pat and talk to the dog behaving like children doesn’t exist at all. She sighed and said:

- The world turned crazy. Human life became less worthy that the dog’s life. Even my family members paying more attention to the dog, then to the children. Soooo, sad.”

My Prince parked the bike at the side of the road, turned on all four and my Ivy got off the bike. She kneeled down in the front of little girl, kissed her on the cheek and asked her for her name. When she said her name, she asked her who is in the stroller. Little girl said it is her little brother. My Ivy took 50 Kuna and gave it to her saying: "for the ice-cream." She also kissed the little boy and patting their heads she returned to my Prince, sat on the bike, and they drove away. I was very melted hearing it. My Ivy is completely new person. Just 6 years ago she wouldn’t even care about such things, but now, she is compassionate and love the people. I am very proud at her and my witcher.❤️

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The world IS crazy :classic_sad: And mankind is beyond it's ability to keep itself alive.

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21 hours ago, Jay-Omms said:


> Thanks jay. :)  You are always great inspiration supporting my diaries and participating in our lives. :)

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16 hours ago, worik said:

The world IS crazy :classic_sad: And mankind is beyond it's ability to keep itself alive.

Jennifer Lawrence GIF

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1 hour ago, Deso561PL said:

I Don't Want To Live On This Planet Anymore.

> You and us ..... Unfortunately mankind went wrong in every aspect.

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8 hours ago, Evaloves4 said:

> You and us ..... Unfortunately mankind went wrong in every aspect.



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