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My angels



Everyone in the family is hard worker and dedicated to their goals and projects, but there is something in my Prince and my mom that none of us have in those areas. I think is it a (natural) gift. Although being very tired from hard work doing his regular duties and going all over the places organizing Valentine and our anniversary, my Prince didn’t stop doing the same for Precious’ birthday. He was soooo excited about it that he planned every single and small detail which he wanted to be spotless. We told him to slow down for he might snap since he is already exhausted, but he didn’t listen to my Ivy and me. When he was tensed because he couldn’t find certain decorations, my mom, loving him as her own son and wanting the best for him, put her palms on his cheeks and kissing him on his forehead said gently and loving:

- You should calm down and slow down, my son. This doesn’t do good to you. If you can’t find this decorations, there are others. Precious wouldn’t love you less if the things doesn’t go as you wanted and planned.

Oh dear, my Prince didn’t took this well. I think if he wouldn’t be exhausted and tensed, he would be grateful for my mom’s saying, but in this condition, it saddened him. He replied to her:

- Well, mom, you have your own way of doing things for the children, I have mine. I wish you'd show more respect and appreciation for what I’m trying to do for my daughter.

My mom looked at him compassionately and she whispered:

- I am sorry if I hurt your feelings, my son. Please, forgive me.

She turned to walk away, when my Prince grabbed her for her shoulders and turned her back to him. He embraced her and deeply sighing, he said:

- I am terribly sorry, mom. I apologize for bad attitude. You’re right. I should slow down and stop worrying ….

My mom looked at his eyes full of love, smiled and said:

- It is OK, my son. No offense taken. … If you need my help in anything, I will gladly do it.

They went after their things. I observed the scene and my heart filled with gladness. My mom was always like this, full of compassion and willing to help and my Prince never failed to admit his mistakes and to apologize asking for forgiveness. Both of them have excellent characters and they are great people. I can see why my mom loved him from the first time he came to our house for Sunday lunch when we were dating. She saw in him what I did, but my dad didn’t – that he is different than all ones I dated before him and brought them home to meet my parents. She helped me to clearly see what I already knew by my heart – he is the one for me. Anyway, I followed him to our home office and closing the door behind me, I whispered:

- Honey?

He turned toward me saying:

- Yes, Princess ….. Look, I am sorry for mistreating your mom. She is absolutely right.

I smiled and said:

- Yes, she is … but that’s not the reason I followed you ….

Prince: OK … well …. what is it?

I wrapped my hands around his neck and my right leg around his hip and before I stuck my tongue into his mouth I whispered:

- I love you. Fuck me.

And he did. Very good, making me cum twice.



So, how was our weekend? Nothing special. It was completely family weekend. It was very warm and we were mostly out with our children. We didn’t go out at the evening. We had Mata and his gf yesterday for lunch. They were sharing their life stories from their youth. Mata and our parents talked in Croatian because of my Prince. After some time, my Ivy proposed that they should talk in Italian since she and my Prince are going to check on the children and since it is much easier for Mata’s gf who speaks and understand Italian better than Croatian. She didn’t say it for she cared about her, but because she had no patience to listen to our folks’ boring youth stories. So, my luvs went to children’s room and never returned. Sneaky rats. 😠They cuddled, smooched and took a nap while I had to stay and listen boredom since I have some manners unlike them. 😄 Anyway, I made them pay later when we played our sex Mistress/slave game. I didn’t let them cum when they wanted and need it, but eventually. That’s right. I was very vengeful.😁 After that we watched new “Scream” movie online. I would rather not comment it.

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2 hours ago, Jay-Omms said:

How dare they leaving you to suffer. :sweat_smile::heart:;):thumbsup:

> Face Mask Sticker by Emoji

> My Ivy is such a beauty and although she changed a lot, she still has no manners in certain areas. :D Many people feels uncomfortable in her company because of her openness and sharp tongue. That's why nobody says anything to her because she returns it with interests. If I would do the same, everyone will criticize me. I am not bettter then her, I just have developed strategy of what and when to do or not to do. :)

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