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A big thank you



> No, I am NOT LEAVING LL regardless, but  want to make it clear something: I didn't want to stir up some drama, hostility or enmity at any point at all. The reason why I was "loud" so often lately is because ALL I WANTED IS TO BE LEFT ALONE!!! I do not touch anyone and I expect to be treated the same way. I was rude and insolent only to those who, regardless of being nicely asked to leave me alone, were persistent in insulting everything I say on LL for they didn't like my posts. I do not care about color skin, nationality, religion, politics, sexual orientation and physical look. I can be (and I want to be) a friend with anyone who wants to, but in the same time, I will not be silent if someone attacks me without cause and reason.

> I also wants to thank everyone who supported me in my fight to leave me be which all I wanted. Big hug and kiss to all of you. :D




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