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Witches, I want to fuck you!



On the 6th we had a national religious holiday, the three kings. On the same day, Orthodox Christians celebrate their Christmas. We were very proud of our zero violence tolerance in the Hotel, which means, we had no excess or incident while Orthodox Christians celebrated their Christmas. My Fran officially congratulated them their holiday. Although we weren’t full, we were satisfied with the number of visitors from all over the Europe.



My Ivy felt strong desire to set my Prince free from being ashamed when our parents catch us in sex or when they talk about it in the front of him. She asked me if it is a good idea to ask our moms to talk to him about it. Uh, I didn’t see it as a good idea, but since I wanted him to be free from it and since I had a glimmer of hope that it might happen, I told her to try. Soo, she asked moms, who gladly accepted her plea. They invited him into the kitchen while my Ivy and I played with the children in the living room. I wasn’t surprised seeing my Prince leaving the kitchen after few moments. He felt uncomfortable to talk about that subject with our moms, and he went to the balcony to kick the kicking bag. My Ivy wanted to go to him, but I asked her to let me talk to him. Seeing me coming, he said to me:

- I don’t want to talk about it!

I let him steam off for a couple of moments, and then I stood in the front of him. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I gently told him:

- Honey, please, give our moms a chance. It is for your own good …. It is OK to be shy and feel embarrassed when talk about that subject with them, but, honey, you are extremely shy ….. it doesn’t do good to you …. I am not saying you should go around naked and wave with your big cock in the front of everyone. I am just saying that talking to them might help you to be less uncomfortable, shy and embarrassed.

He looked at me, saying no word. Then he kissed me and, taking me for my hand, he led me to the kitchen. We continued conversation, after which he overcame his extreme sense of embarrassment. Zdenka played a crucial role in helping him to overcome it.

Zdenka: My son, I have seen Ivy’s naked boyfriends and her in sex numerous times. Only a few of the boys were embarrassed, but not because I saw them naked, but because I caught them in my house having sex with my daughter. Ivy used to walk naked in the front of me and her father just to provoke us to react, so she can quarrel with us. We didn’t like her behaving at the beginning, but by the time we accepted her as an eccentric and provoking person. So, we simply ignored her …

My mom (smiling at me): Eva wasn’t so extreme, but she too brought guys home who spent nights in her room. I also saw them naked or half naked whey they tried to sneak by her father and me to the bathroom …

Zdenka: Now, …. You are not less worthy than them and Nada (my mom) and I love you as our own son, and we have no prejudices toward you. Since we saw you naked, washed your genitals when you were injured (hearing it, my Prince lowered his sight and blushed a lot. My mom gently lifted his chin and looked into his eyes smilingly while Zdenka continued to talk), we know that the three of you have very strong need for often sex. We accepted it as normal … Prince, my son, did we ever mock you, complained or attacked you about it?

Prince: No, mom, you didn’t.

Zdenka: That’s right, we didn’t. Therefore, there is no reason for you to be ashamed of your body or who you are … as a matter of fact, we want you to be free to tell us when you want to be with your wives alone for whatever reason. OK?

My Ivy made us laugh hard when she suddenly opened the door and grabbing us for hands she said:

- Enough of talk! Sex now! Grandmas, your grandchildren requires you!

She dragged us into the bedroom, and she fucked us good. She and I, both moaned loudly in pleasure, and we screamed when having orgasm. I was pleasantly surprised seeing my Prince behave normal when he saw our moms sitting in the living room and playing with children when they smiled on him while he walked only in underwear to the bathroom. Maybe their conversation was nothing to you, but it was revolutionary to my Prince. I believe this is only beginning. The next step in his “curing” is having sex in the public place without hiding or being shy. I can’t wait to hear him saying: “Witches, I want to fuck you!”

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:classic_biggrin: This reminds me of the old wisdom

Lesson #1: Listen to mom

Lesson #2: She is right

Lesson #3: Always

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