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I have a problem here! Animations don't work!



Well well, this is my problem, I have SexLab and some others mod from here in "Loverslab" but my problem is: The characters (My character and the other character) when I invite to her to have sex and she accepted, the characters doesn't move, I mean they LITERALLY doesn't move, they just stay there and doesn't move, and I don't know if I installed a mod in the wrong way or other thing... And yes, I run FNIS ALWAYS, and I have SKSE, and don't work the animations and I don't know why, so I asked to you my friends if someone can help me, Please! :C


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you know there is a whole subforum for technical problems?

Yeah, I was go there and looking for a answer to my question, but doesn't work... 

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Which Sexlab plugins are you currently using?

Sexlab plugins? uhh... Well I got Sexlab Aroused, Lovers, Comfort, Creatures, and... The NSAP. Honestly I don't know if you mean that's stuff but if you do, there is all my information

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simply sounds like you didnt run Fnis after installing

Anytime you install animations you need to run it again

If not maybe like NV the Pose mods causes conflict if you use them try to disable

if not last case it would be the archive validation though i doubt it, just run Fnis =3

Or if it really doesnt work you might be missing a prerequired mod like the 2 main mods for all sexlab stuff

or most likely another animation mod conflicting

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