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Can’t trick my dad



Our moms started to decorate our house for Christmas holidays in Monday with our children who loved it very much. Since we got workers for floor heating installation in Tuesday, we had to stop it and delay it until they are done. Our children were very excited about the gifts they’ll get. When we asked Mikey what he would like to get from Santa, he named only few items for he knows that Santa likes modest, not greedy children. One of his wishes was Hulk linen and pillow for his bed. Precious choose one doll and one white dress we showed her in catalogue. These and some candies are gifts from us, but they will also get gifts from our family members. My Prince doesn’t like this Santa thing at all. He will tell them Christmas story about Jesus’s birth and similar. Although we are not religious, he thinks that since Christmas is about Jesus, we should teach them more about real meaning of Christmas than fairy tales about Santa. So, he’ll do the same as he did last year. Anyway, my Fran and Lidija are in charge for buying the gifts. Whatever they couldn’t find in our country, they will buy it over Amazon and eBay. We included Mata and his gf on the gift list. Since I explained to our children that Christmas is about giving, I asked them what they would give to their tata. Mikey said that he will share half of his candies and sweets with him and that he will draw himself and him as Hulks. Precious said she would give him a hundred kisses and hugs (she doesn’t know how much hundred is but she knows it is very much). So, besides giving him hundred hugs and kisses, she will draw “hundred” hearts for him. They melted me very much. I showered them with kisses. Maybe you will think that my Ivy and I are cheesy, but all we want for Christmas is to be with our family, especially with my Prince and our children. We know we would receive many gifts as always, but they are irrelevant to us in Christmas holidays.



Decorating of the Hotel is done. My Fran and Lidija were in charge. We have to resupply new ornaments and buy several Christmas trees. When the job was done, everything looks so solemn and nice and my mood was very high. We also bought the gifts for our workers and their children. This year the workers will get smaller Christmas bonus, but they will get it. We also bought Christmas presents for the orphanage and prepared small money donation.



Our dads found the firm that sells electric floor heaters and installs them. Deciding what type of electric installations they want, they made estimating calculations of the amount of material and the work. They came up with 10 000 Euros +/- . The representative of the firm came to our house in Monday, made some drawings and did some measuring, inspected the wires and similar. Then he made estimating cost: 12.000 Euros. He said they need 5 days to do all the work. My dad disagreed with his calculations and the number of working days and he told him that it should cost less and that place such as ours, should be done faster. The firm representative said they can do it in three days if he pay extra 300 Euros. My dad was very angry. He called the management and they told him that he miscalculated prices and measures. He was very furious. He could change the firm and hire other ones, but he is stubborn to prove he was right. He called Antonio who paid the visit to the owner. Suddenly the coast of the work and the material was 10 000 Euros and the job could be done in two and a half days without extra paying as it should be. They tried to trick us, but they couldn’t trick my dad. He is a master in his job and he always check everything double or triple. So, they started in Tuesday and they will finish it today. They worked from 7a.m. to 7p.m. It was very good investment: Mikey was very happy that he will run around the house without socks and slippers like his tata and mama. I was happy that my feet won’t be cold anymore especially when going to the bathroom, and my Prince was happy that the air in the house won’t be dry anymore and he would breathe more normally.

Those two days workers couldn’t wait to see my Ivy and me coming home. They ate us with their eyes and had very lusty thoughts they whispered among themselves envying my Prince when he kissed us, slapped our asses or when we kissed him. One of them commented that it is too bad that we are so tall and skinny for he would like to fuck us very much. The other one said he doesn’t mind our height and weight. We are hot and he’d risk heart attack fucking us night and day. We died laughing talking about their sayings. My Fran had to tease my Ivy:

- I can understand why they lust for Princess; she is very attractive and beautiful. But what did they see in Ivy? She is but tall heartless and cruel snow queen ….

My Prince got up from his chair and started to walk toward him. He got scared my Prince would hurt him and he changed his statement saying:

- Ivy is very warm and loving and beautiful …. Go back to your seat now, you crazy savage!

We blasted in laughter and couldn’t stop laughing. Anyway, when we come home after the work today, we’ll have floor heating installed and operational. I think I am gonna fuck my luvs on the living room floor after we put our children to sleep.

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> Thank you. :)

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If only I had some like Antonio and your dad watching our backs. My mom and the family keep getting ripped off by mechanics and the like. :sweat_smile: I wouldn't be making those statements those guys did to you and Ivy. Even if I knew what you guys look like. I'm not the type of person to say such things. And I'm sure you guys look way different than when you first started LL. :sweat_smile: Oh the childrens they are funny. :):heart:;):thumbsup:

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> We are so blessed having Antonio. What is interesting about him that we didn't beseech him to be a member of our family. He beseech us because of my Ivy and my Prince. Without him my prince would be in the prison, and most probably my Ivy too.

> My Ivy and I were always skinny, but since we exercise and jog every day last several years, we have very sporty bodies. The workers were funny and we get used on such things. It is their way of saying that we are very desirable :) I believe you are nice guy and you'll never do that but even if you do, we shall be not offended. :)

> Mikey is truly "what a guy" child. And he is crazy about his tata Prince.

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