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End of Spanish saga



My luvs choose 3 songs to sing to seniors in nursery home for Christmas. They started to practice them. Although they didn't regularly practice singing and playing guitar, they sounded veeery good. Their voices matches very much. Our parents enjoyed listening to them and they sang along the songs of their youth. My mom was especially touched and she cried hugging my Prince and Ivy and kissing them.



My Prince accidentally discovered why Gabriela left without saying good bye to him. Doing their regular "patrols" in departments, my luvs heard the gossip how Gabriela left the Hotel because she was in love with him very much and she didn't want to destroy his marriage. (How did they get this information, I have no idea since four of us (me, my Ivy, my Fran and Lidija) didn't tell it nobody. Maybe she told it to someone else beside us). The gossipers were divided in opinions about her leaving. Some said she did the right thing, while others said she shouldn't leave and they should be in love secretly. There were few other "theories", but I don't want to bother you with them. They were scared when my Prince suddenly appeared and interrupted their gossiping saying:

- It is not nice to talk behind people backs thinking you know all answers. Gossiping can ruin lives and I am very assured you wouldn't like to hear people gossiping you. I will let you go this time, but next time you will be financially punished for breaking Hotel rules. (Among other things, gossiping fellow workers and stuff is also forbidden)

They apologized to him. My Ivy thought that hearing the gossip, how Gabriela left because she was in love with him will mess him up emotionally, but he behaved normal. As a matter of fact it was kind of relief to him to finally get to know why she left and he was in peace with it. My Ivy told me that he grabbed her firmly for her ass, deep kissed her and said:

- Let's have something sharp, my crazy witch. My treat in the bar.

When they arrived to the bar, he ordered a whiskey for them and he made a toast:

- For you and Princess, my only and true loves of my life.

With that toast, this short Spanish soap opera was over.



Mikey, my little Hulk showed his bravery in Tuesday morning when he played with his sister on our beach during my mom's watch. They ate sandwiches and threw the rocks into the sea. In one moment, a seagull came and flew toward them. Mikey stepped in the front of his sister and took a branch waving with it to defend her and shouting "Grandmaaaa!!!" My mom was just pouring juice in the plastic cups for them, but she immediately intervened and drove seagull away. She commended his bravery and when she told us what happened, my Prince was very proud at him. He took him into his arms and showered his face with kisses saying:

- Good work, my son! That's how true hero reacts. I am very proud of you.

I am sure Mikey reacted like that because he saw him doing it. My Prince's saying that is never too early to start learning showed as true again. He asked him what he would like to do and to go. Mikey said that he must ask his sister where she would like to go. It melted my Prince to the end. He couldn't stop crying being happy to see how much Mikey cares for his sister and loves her. When Precious said: "I don't know", my Prince said he knows. He took us in the car and drove us to down town. We went to a nice sweet store and had hot chocolate with whipped cream while he excused himself saying he'll be back very soon. He returned with green shirt with Hulk picture on the front and a "Hero" text on its back. Mikey was very happy and he showered his daddy with kisses and hugs.

I couldn't hold my tears seeing them. It was very, very touching seeing him happy that the life lessons he is teaching our son bears first fruits. My Prince is the best father I have ever seen who invest his very heart and soul in our children. His love for them has no boundaries. And that, my dear readers, is the reason to be happy.

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> I don't know why i haven't seen grammatical and typing errors and some badly said sentences before posting this entry although I have read it several times. I truly apologize for often editing my entry. :)

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1 hour ago, eliah64 said:

I have two grandchildren, little bit older than your son and daughter. Mikey reminds me on my grandson who defended his sister from art attack in the house basement. He killed it with the shovel. They always fight and disagree about something, but when the danger knocks on the door, he defends her.

> I don't have brothers and sisters. My best friend is like my brother who always protected me and comforted me. Many times I envy people who has brother or sister. :(

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22 minutes ago, Jay-Omms said:

It's good to see Prince get some closure about Gabi. And OH WHAT A GUY MIKEY IS!!!! Our little Hero! :joy::heart:;):thumbsup:

> Indeed. He was very good friend with her and her unannounced departure hit him.

> Mikey, my little Hulk. I can see more and more of prince in him. He is my image in his body, but his heart and mind is my Prince's. :)

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