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Hard to please people





> Have you ever met people who are hard to please, who are never satisfied or content with whatever you do or say? I have a friend who has complicated parents who never sees her right and she is never good enough to them. If she reacts on their accusations and verbal attacks, they criticizing her saying: "Why do you always have to defend yourself?!" but if she is silent, saying no word, they say: "Why are you so silent? Say something!" Her parents are kind of people who always must have right and although I met such kind of people only few times in my life, I can say that it was very stressful experience. My friend talked to me about her parents today and she is despaired. She loves them as her parents but they always mess her up whenever she visit them. I couldn't help her but being her support in listening to her lament wondering what will I do in her place. It is easy to deal with people you meet occasionally; you simply avoid them, but how to deal with those you have to live with or who are part of your life like parents? I admit: I do not know.

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? It's hard to cope with those.

My experience: you either ignore them or you get mad and probably in the mood of suidice.

Keep away from them. Really.

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> My Ivy has "perfect" solution: she ask them only once to stop. I they doesn't, she drive them a2way and if they aren't family, she's kicking some ass. :D

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I wish somebody would have told me, "Don't try too hard," because when I was younger I wanted to try really hard. I wanted to please everybody and be this perfect, polite, little Catholic girl.

I think it's hard, when you're someone who likes to please people, as I am, and then I had to learn, to be in charge,

I had to learn how to rein myself in and not terrify people as I had been taught. 

 The sad part of all of this is,  your friend will one day have to choose between her mental well being and her parents.

This the worst scenario because it is a loose loose situation.

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