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The Power of 4 Magic Words





> Before my Ivy and I met my Prince, those words didn't exist in my vocabulary. Well, only "Thank you" sometimes and they were addressed rarely and to very limited number of people like my mom, my Ivy and my Fran. On the other hand, my Prince used those words all the time and never missed opportunity to use them. They naturally came out of his heart and mouth. I was never aware of their power until I saw them in "practice", especially " I'm sorry" in combination with "Please, forgive me." "I am sorry" was most influential magic word on me. I could be pissed of like hell, but if the person comes to me and says " I am sorry" my uncontrollable rage and desire to hurt that person miraculously disappear. If you never tried them please, start doing it and you'd feel muuuuuuch better. And their usage is connected with respect. Everyone wanted to be treated with respect. Well, here is the formula: 4 Magic words.


> We taught those words our children. Well, they still do not understand the deepness of those words but they are putting them in the practice. Having manners today is not seen as a quality but weakness. I used to see it too, but those 4 magic words changed my life.

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