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Late wisdom





> My very good and close friend is very bright and intelligent young woman, but she have a problem with "late wisdom". She described it like this: "I have a problem with presenting my arguments during discussions. When I suppose to defend my argument or to deny my interlocutor's argument my mind is simply blocked. But when we depart and when I analyze or discussion, the answers and counter arguments suddenly pops up out of nowhere. And it always happens to me when talking about very important things. It doesn't matter whom I speak with; my husband, you, my girlfriends and so on and so on. Why is that? I wish I would have my arguments right in time, during discussion." I didn't know what to say to her. I asked her if she ever tried to speak with shrink or any expert from this area and if she read some article on Internet. She is too shy to asked them and she said she read something but she found nothing concrete that might help her. Because of that she's losing her self-confidence and starting to think she is dumb. I wish to help her but I don't know how.


> I am very opposite person. I often have answers even before we started discussion. My Prince and Ivy laugh saying: "You have the answers, Princess, before we even asked the question." Yes, most of the time it is not a compliment, because I was wrong. So, both of us have problem: She, with late answering, me, with too quick answering. But I know how to solve my problem, she doesn't know how solve hers.

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2 minutes ago, worik said:

Which one ? ?


> No my very dear friend. It is not you. I am talking about Lidija, from my office. :)

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3 hours ago, worik said:

Which one ? ?


Uh, oh, you got me. Both I guess. ?


Poorly prepared or still brooding = 1
Waiting for others to come to the same conclusion and jump onto that train (can also result in 2)


Too much energy and highly motivated = 2
Missing the point at full speed


3 hours ago, EvalovesEP said:

> No my very dear friend. It is not you. I am talking about Lidija, from my office. :)

Be honest, worik can take it ?

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7 minutes ago, donttouchmethere said:

Missing the point at full speed

:classic_blush: *cough*

*points with the finger at a little worik* ?

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