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Movie that failed my expectations






> Last night my luvs and I watched "Black widow" with Scarlett Johansson. We were very disappointed. The director of "Black widow" is a woman, Cate Shortland who obviously had different approach to Natasha Romanoff character than directors of "Avengers". Focusing more on drama and Natasha's relationship with her sister, Natasha as a spy and assassin was irrelevant for director in this movie. That is not excuse for lame fighting scenes that were plenty in the movie. While she was almost unbeatable in all "Avengers," you have to ask yourself is this the same woman or her wretched replica? The director of the movie isn't only one to blame. S. Johansson was co-producer of the movie. My Prince couldn't watch the movie to the end. He was very frustrated and he left. This is one of the worse Marvel's releases imo.

> The reason why this movie "deserved" the place in my post is because we love Marvel's characters and Natasha Romanoff is the character that we like more then other Marvel's female characters. That's why our disappointment in this movie was great. Thumbs down. ?

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