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Mutual lust



Saturday was a very hot day. My luvs stayed at home because of my Prince’s injury and I had to work. Since Mister “XXX”, Davor and Sandra, were coming to visit, our family was very busy organizing everything for their arrival. When I returned home after the work, my luvs and our children already had summer flu. They didn’t let me kiss them, but I kissed them anyway because I love them too much. They were soooooo cute laying in our bed coughing, sneezing, and wiping their noses. My poor Prince moaned in pain every time he coughed as the wound hurt him, although he took a painkiller. My mom nursed them and when she tried to take the children to their room, they cried like it is the end of the world. But they agreed to go to their room at night. My mom stayed over the night. Since my luvs were annihilated, I had to ask Lidija to make cakes and cookies with my Fran while I joined Zdenka in the kitchen. It was tensed and narrow, but we managed to cook everything we planned. We could simply order the food from the Hotel, but we rather wanted to treat them with domestic food. We couldn’t go to sleep without having a sex. Not only that, but we missed our “dose.”



Yesterday was an excellent day (for me). LOL. Since my luvs were sick, our moms busy with arranging everything for the guests, dad Boss and Antonio drove to our capital to pick “Mister XXX” and his wife on airport. I used that time to fuck my luvs in the children room while my dad and my Fran watched the children who napped in our bedroom. We died laughing when he knocked on our door saying:

- Damn it, savages, can’t you even be sick like normal people?!

When our guests from the States arrived, they also didn’t’ care about the summer flue my luvs and children had. They were so impressed with our children that they constantly held them, kissed them on the cheek and commended their beauty. They also brought many gifts for them and each one of us. I received brand new 16”, MacBook Pro Core i9 for the work. They also brought 2 cheaper MacBooks for my Fran and Lidija. Since my Prince isn’t into material gifts, they paid full yearly insurance from total damage to his motorcycle. That includes full cover of physical injuries for him and my Ivy. Anyway, we had excellent lunch together. They insisted on washing the dishes after the lunch. Dads helped. When all was done, they went with dad Boss and Zdenka because they are staying in their house. They will visit us tomorrow again, and we would have family/business meeting.



Davor and Sandra arrived after 17.00. I opened the door, and I was stunned with her beauty and attractiveness. She was hot last year, and now she was even hotter. I felt sudden lust for her, especially after we exchanged hugs and kisses. She smelled divinely, and she has a gorgeous firm slim body. They first gifted our children, then my Ivy and me. I have received exactly the same perfume as she wore. Anyway, they planned to take us out but since my luvs were sick they stayed. We sat in the living room, and they told us about their life in Ireland. Davor commended our slim, sporty shape and attractiveness. All that time I starred at Sandra. She noticed that, and she asked me if she can talk to me in private in our bedroom. I thought she will ask me to stop staring at her. When we entered into our bedroom, she grabbed my ass and stuck her tongue into my mouth. We smooched very passionately. I don’t remember how we got naked, but we licked each other and fuck with tongues and fingers until we came very good and very long. When we were taking break, I told her how hard it was for me to restrain from fucking her in the living room. She told me that she lusted for me the very moment she saw me. We smooched and cuddled for some time. Then I asked her if my Ivy can join us. She confirmed and I ajar the door and whispered her name. She quickly came in our room, and we had second round. We mostly fucked Sandra who enjoyed in our lips, tongues, kisses and touches. We came for second time. When we joined our husbands, they smiled, and they could see how content we are. Davor and Sandra stayed a little longer. We had a great time talking about old days. Then they returned to their home city. My Prince told us that he and Davor had good conversation and that he gifted 100 Euro to each of our children. He said to my Prince that Sandra wouldn’t give up from fucking my Prince. She’ll let him alone this time, but she will conquer him next time. She knows his weakness, and next time she’ll have a darker tan. He is her highest trophy she must win. My Ivy and I died laughing. Then I received SMS from her:

- I’m still under impression of our sex. My whole body shivers. We have to do it again before we return to Ireland.

I confirmed we surely would. I can’t wait.

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Just now, worik said:

:classic_ohmy: Super-duper-cool! I wish my employer would equip us like that for work :classic_unsure:


> That MacBook Pro is the latest technology. I checked the prices in USA and it cost between 2200 and 2500 USD. I can't wait to test it. :) But if I can comfort you here is a virtual gift for you:



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