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Devious Adventures: WIP & Ideas



Order of new features can change




Working on ( percentage done)



Next bigger feature working: carriage system

add waiting benches with sigh, add cages

travel boards with date traveling

add carriages with drivers or teleport actual 

traveling to main holds at first



working for next update:

- 5 more bounty quests

- Catch selling quest item in current hold

- Materials quest 7/7

- A little better detection putting clothes in cage

- imersive entering cage with escape possibility

- Eventual bugfixes

- maybe some changes to crime system

- road merchant

armor weapon equipment crime 

- punishment events

Dcur adventures

belt adventure

DIaloguesVariables in hold

- revenge for stealing item

- take item back mercenary

- expand of consequests events of selling or stealing quest items

think of texturing boards


changes to vanilla content:

add content to dragonborn


Boards and quests:

correct body search scene in retrieve quest 

more bounty quest

more material quest

More Board API - adding notes to current hold board, or to random board or to specific board


new board quest:

sex with giants or forced sex with giants


Events and actions:

quest item events:

black market merchant

mercenary revenge

call guards

sold item timer



World interactions:

some scenes with slaves


world encounters:

Hunter event, hunting player with paralyzing arrows


jobs and contracts:

postman jobs



negotiation with bribing sex power persuation


Devious devices:

detect of devious devices equip and in equip events

blackSmith device removal 



collecting slave fame when wearing collars

clothing slave behaviour 

detection of Lola or devious followers slavery


inn system:

inn can be full

random price of room

sleeping innkeepers higher prices at night

slaves can have problems with renting rooms when sls installed, kennel.


carriage system:

new carriage system, carriages in main holds. In smaller hold benches to wait for carriage. Cages near for slaves.

traveling only in some time periods avaible

random cost depending on time and day

can stop in middle of travel



Crime system:






new crimes:

equipped weapon in cities 

summoning magic in habitated areas

looting dead bodies in city's

opening containers in city

opening stealing menu from npc without stealing

reanimating corpses, necromancy

soul trapping

transforming people

taking drugs

farming without permission

using crafting furniture's without permission 

throwing items from eq


no weapons and armor in jarl palace

slaves naked in palaces, in interiors?

slaves needs to crawl in jarl palaces

hunting without permission 

plundering hall of deeds

mining without permission


sneaking in house

sneaking in cities 

casting spells on people

killing animals in town

getting near military camps without permission 



new prison 

add criminal faction for arrest scene or use of existing 

taking gold before punishment

npc comments when traveling

player can be robbed or other crimes toward player

Detection of default crimes



maids in jarl palace

more powerful guard

more powerful guards script


Mod integrations:

sleeping extended support waking people consequences

sex with giant possible sls knock integration

delivery job from Laura bondage shop

hold boards, events when crossing hold border outpost 



taxes for possession staying in city

close doors ability or integration from other modd

crafting will need tools and permission from owner, devices can block crafting

charging soul gems when placed in pussy stash


Edited by Koozie


Recommended Comments


Next bigger feature working: carriage system

add waiting benches with sigh, add cages

travel boards with date traveling

add carriages with drivers or teleport actual 

traveling to main holds at first

Will that be compatible with, or even hook into, Devious Carriages?

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It wouldn't hook into it. I want my mod to replace it with it's own events later. I'll try to make this compatible with this mod but can't be sure if it's possible.

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