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Mistake that turned on good



The day I posted my last diary (Wednesday), my Prince and Ivy came home with new tattoo on brachialis muscle. My Prince made it on his left arm and my Ivy on her right arm. The tattoo shows beautiful elvish sword that stands vertically behind heater shield with 3d heart across it and our names and our children names written in elvish Tengwar letters in the heart. (He has Ivy’s name beside my name and she has his name beside my name). The meaning of their tattoos is that they loves us and will fight for us and protect us with their lives. I looooove it. You should see them. They glowed and they couldn’t stop smooching and cuddle. Mikey also loved their tattoos. He was very cute when he, after hearing what it means, wanted one too. When he was told that he can’t have one until he grows older, he started to cry very sadly. I took a pen and I drew the tattoo as similar to their, but it didn’t make him happy. He continued to cry until my Prince took him into his lap and told him:

- You know what? On your 15th birthday you and I will go to tattoo shop and we will have same tattoo, the one you choose. OK?

Mikey stopped to cry momentarily. Wiping the tears he nodded his head. He had a big smile when my Prince said he will treat him with short ride on his bike and with ice cream. Precious also wanted tattoo on her 15th birthday. Of course she did, she must be like her brother. I promised her that she and I will do the same as her brother and dad when time comes.



Hearing about the incident in the park and about two polite policemen who heard about my Prince, Antonio thought the time has come for my luvs to advance in their carrier. He suggested to us to invite chief of the police and his wife on the supper. We agreed. We also invited him to the supper because they are longtime friends. He gladly accept it. My Prince and Ivy went to chief’s office and talked to him. He said that his weekends are strictly separated for his family since he is very busy during the week. Checking his schedule, and with his wife, they could only do it in Friday (yesterday), 20.00 sharp. We agreed since later possibility is in August. Our mothers offered the help in cooking which we accept because we were working and didn’t have a time for it. Our dads were in charge for beverages. Antonio told us that it would be wise to sustain from “honeying”, smooching and dirty jokes. Saying that he looked at my Ivy who made us laugh saying: “Don’t look at me, Tony! I am most normal person in the family!”



Anyway, our moms did excellent job making domestic fish dish, our dads bought very nice and expensive Italian wines (rose and white) and Prince’s favorite mineral water. Our children stayed with their grandpas and grandmas. We dressed very nicely and we were ready for them. So, when they arrived at 20.00 we welcomed them. Since they didn’t know me, my Prince introduced me as his unmarried wife. (He had to introduce me as his unmarried wife since I said the same to two policemen in the park). I could see the shock on chief’s face because he knew about my Ivy and him that they are lovers for they were caught having sex in police station. He loved our house after short and quick tour. Then we sat at the table. My Prince, Antonio and chief talked about police work, and some heavy and funny incidents they had. He said that Prince and Ivy might have a very good career as external associates if they aren’t too violent for governmental institution such as police department. I tried to talk to his wife since my Ivy was involved in men’s conversation. She wasn’t unfriendly but she wasn’t talkative either. Deciding to join men’s conversation I made mistake addressing to my Ivy with: “Honey..." Very “loud” silence incurred. Chief and his wife were in shock. Antonio covered his face with hands. My Prince immediately wanted to explain our situation when my Ivy interrupted him saying: “Let me do it, honey.” Another shock for our guests.

Ivy (very openly): I am sick and tired of pretending. No more. We agreed to keep our relationships secret before you because Antonio asked us. Well, here is how things are: We live in bisexual love triangle and we truly love each other. Eva have a son with Prince, and I have a daughter with him. We love them equally. Since you know the truth now, there is no need to keep pretending. You are free to stay and accept it as it is or you can leave. It’s up to you.”

(Long silence in which Antonio addressed angry looks to me and my Ivy))

“I’m fine with it” – said chief’s wife suddenly.

Chief: Me too. I have no right to say how someone should live as long as they obey the law. You didn’t break the law and how you live your lives is your own business. And now I understand why Prince and Ivy had sex in the police station. (Chuckling)



Our further conversation was much more relaxed and without pretending. We laughed a lot and we freely kissed each other. We were glad when they said they had very good time with us when they were leaving and that next time they want to see our children. When they left I apologized for making mistake. My Prince kissed me and embracing me he said:

- Don’t apologize, Princess. You did nothing wrong. It was a time to stop hiding.

My Ivy confirmed it with loud “Amen!” Antonio tried to defend his caution but my Ivy kissed him on the cheek and said:

- Cut it off, Tony. Go home! I am horny and I want to fuck my luvs. You’re wasting our time.

He blasted in laughter and he went. We rushed under the shower to have sex before we take our kids home.

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Hmm... Now Stranger is gonna need a matching tattoo as well. :sweat_smile::heart:;):thumbsup:

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13 hours ago, Jay-Omms said:

Hmm... Now Stranger is gonna need a matching tattoo as well. :sweat_smile::heart:;):thumbsup:


> :D I miss my luvs' Stranger stories. And the way they making it. *sigh* ?

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