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(Preview) Lily's test



Another area that needed improvement was breasts. Namely fixing some unnatural slopes and shapes. This was actually important, as I started to use First Person Camera mod (ifpv) and odd breast shapes really showed there. Luckily using bodyslide and racemenu combined could fix the problem fast.


And so I chose the next character - Lily from the game Subverse, theme - running endurance test on her creation, setting - sci-fi environment helpfully provided by aether suite - and got to work.

And after some serious effort, I created about 10 minute long steamy video full of hardcore sex scenes. Some very Work-In-Progress footage is uploaded below.

🔥🔥🔥And then I dumped it completely, threw whole long video away and went back to square one.🔥🔥🔥


Next time explanation why.



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13 hours ago, jiudp said:

nice vagina physics how did you get?



It's COSIO body for Oldrim, it has working vagina. HDT-PE physics, dick is from Baka's ABC mod. Interaction is a bit tricky, I had to edit baka's xml files to stop vagina from opening to riddiculous width, then mess with bodyslide vagina settings for quite a while, because animal cocks are too large and it's difficult to make them fit. Then align things ingame with sexlab controls.


Lot of work, but disfunctional or terribly looking vag would be deal-breaker for porn video, so what can you do.

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