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Bad daddy



The death of 5 years old boy hit my Prince very hard. Every time he is with our children he spends it maximally like he wouldn’t’ see them again. Here is one of many examples. Recent days were very hot. One day he came home exhausted after the work that he didn’t have enough strength to take a shower. He didn’t see our children because they were on our beach with my mom and Silvano. My Ivy told me that she helped him to undress. Then he just dropped on our bed and slept. She started to prepare cold towels to cool him. When my mom and Silvano returned to the house with children, my Ivy kissed them and told them to be quiet for their daddy is very tired and he is sleeping. Hearing that daddy is home, they both shouted: “DADDYYYY!!!!” and ran to the bedroom. They woke him up kissing him and climbing on his head and body. When my Ivy tried to take them away, my Prince said: “Leave them, honey!” He giggled, kissed them back and tickled them. They screamed in joy. When they had enough of playing, they laid on him and they all slept. My Ivy took a video of that scene and sent it to me. I was melted. My Fran and Lidija too.



The second thing that melted me about our children and my Prince was when we were on our beach. My Prince and Ivy were preparing cold beverages, ice cream and fruit salad for us. Mikey was with them helping (read: eating) while I walked with Precious near the sea. In one moment, I thought I should refresh her a bit because it was very hot. I squatted and grabbed sea water in my palm saying to her: “Here, let me refresh you, my love”. When she felt cold water on her body, she started to scream like I stubbed her or something. My Prince reacted immediately. Walking toward us he shouted angrily at me: “What the hell are you doing, Eva?!” He took Precious into his arms to comfort her while I tried to explain to him what happened. Then, in one moment, Mikey raised his hand like he was going to hit him and said: “Baaad, daddy, baaad.” Precious stopped crying and she did the same. In that moment my Prince realized what he did wrong; they didn’t like him to yell at me. Kissing her he put her down and taking my hands into his, he knelled before me and said: “I’m truly sorry for yelling at you, Princess. Please, forgive me.” I said that he is forgiven. He stood up and deep kissing me he said he loves me. Our children clapped hands. They were glad to see their mom and dad loves each other like before. He knelled again and wrapping his arms around them he told them that yelling at me was very wrong especially when I only tried to help Precious. I was very touched by his deed and children’s reaction that I couldn’t hold my tears anymore. I leaned on my Ivy’s shoulder and I sobbed quietly. By apologizing to me he also showed to our children what they should do when being wrong. That’s why I’m grateful to have him for a husband. He loves me with all his being and he respects me too.



These days we are getting more and more quests in the Hotel. Things are getting better. Mister “XXX” had video chat with us and he will come with his wife in August to visit us and see how he can help us to keep Hotel business running during next Corona wave.



And for the end: Although we have sex few times a day whenever we can, especially now when my Prince is very horny during the summer, one night we decided to have only oral sex. So, my Prince and Ivy ate my pussy and ass. They fucked me with their tongues and lips making me cum twice. Then he and I did the same to my Ivy who came into my Prince mouth. At the end my Ivy and I sucked him. We delayed his orgasms few times until he begged us to let him cum. So, when he did it, it was the fountain of hot sweet sperm that my Ivy and I licked, slurped and swallowed until we completely dried him. We will have grapes sex tonight when everyone goes home.

Since there is soccer match Croatia-England (at this moment) our all family gathered for family lunch and the soccer match. Everyone participated in something. My luvs and children are with our mothers, Lidija and Fran while the rest of the family watching the match. It makes me very happy seeing our family loving to come to our house and have a great time being together.

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9 hours ago, Jay-Omms said:

Awww! The kids are so sweet defending the Love of your family. :joy::heart:;):thumbsup:


> Yes, they are, my friend. :)


> If I recall, you like

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