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Almost ruined weekend



This weekend was almost a failure. Dad Boss and my dad were in charge for barbecue. Both of them ruined most of the meat because they didn’t watch the grill fire. Dad Boss spoke with my Fran and Zdenka while my dad was occupied with drinking beers and teasing my mom. Seeing that the rest of the meat wouldn’t be enough for all, dad Boss ordered catering from the Hotel. We started to eat when our lunch on the beach ruined sudden heavy rain. Everything was soaked in few minutes. But our children had a great time. All that rush and mess was funny to them. Mikey laughed hard and Precious followed him. Their loud laughter fixed our bad mood and we started to laugh too. Since my luvs likes to swim during the storms and raining weather, they jumped into the sea. Mikey started to cry for he wanted to join them. Well, this time I had enough of his crying. I wasn’t angry but I had do something to make him stop crying every time he sees them swimming in the sea. Holding him into my arms I walked to the shore. I took off his sandals and before wetting his feet with cold water, I asked him:

- Mikey, the water is very cold. Are you sure you want to join to mom and dad?

He looked at the water and nodded his head as approval. So, still holding him into my arms, I grabbed some water into my palm. Then I soaked his feet. He shook his all body shouting: “Cold, mama, cold!!!” Then I told him again that his mom and dad can stand the cold because they are adult, physically strong and one day he will be too. He finally accepted reality. We returned to the house and he was sooooo cute; he started to explain to his sister that they cannot swim in the sea now with mom and dad: the sea is cold because they are not adults yet. He took her hand into his and ran to their room to play.



We also almost didn’t have good time when going out too. My Prince asked us where we want to go and we told him. We went to that place but it was crowded and too many people smoked. Since we are ex-smokers, it bothered us. So it was the same on three other places plus there were some dogs around. My Prince took us to “our café” where smoking and pets are prohibited (except on the terrace). We enjoyed being in our spot although our waitress didn’t work. Ivan, Lidija’s husband worked and he made sure that nobody disturb us during our sex. When we were leaving the place, there was small accident. Namely, one guy was about to break in our Jeep. He spotted us and he started to run. My Prince chased him and got him very soon. He restrained him and we took him to the police. We were very proud at him. Then we returned home. Before we went under the shower, we checked out kids. They were sleeping and we gently kissed them and cuddled their cheeks.



Sunday, was very boring day. Nothing was happening and our children were cranky. I think it was because of the weather that ruined everything and our mood as well. My luvs went to our beach again. Mikey didn’t cry this time for he knows now why he can’t go with them. We were in better mood at my parents during and after the lunch. I was happy because Mikey and Precious let me sit in my Prince’s lap during the lunch. Precious was in her grandma’s (Zdenka) lap, and Mikey was in my dad’s lap. The three of us enjoyed eating as we use to: from mouth to mouth. Children took a nap after the lunch and we played cards against dads and moms. We had lot of laughter and fun. My dad had to cheat and my Ivy caught him every time. I was sitting in my Prince’s lap again and I couldn’t stop kissing him and “love youing” him. I also couldn’t wait to come home and to fuck him. So I did after we put our children to sleep and after our evening routine.

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