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Perfect Sunday



Sunday was perfect day for two reasons: My Prince kept his promise and took my Ivy and me to very fancy restaurant and he was promoted to member of e.b. in Antonio’s agency.



The three of us wanted to cook for our family yesterday, but our children were all over my Prince that he didn’t have a chance to cook with us. So, he took them to our beach and played with them while I asked my Fran to come and help us. My Ivy is soooo addicted to my Prince that she constantly looked through the window sighing for she wanted to be with him. I kissed her and slapping her ass I told her to go to him. She was very happy and she kissing me back said: “Love you, Princess!” Then she ran down the hill. I saw her kissing him very passionately when she came down. Then she took Mikey into her arms and talked to him something. As her mother, Zdenka said: “She never loved anyone as she loves him and she was never happier as she is now.” Anyway, I called Lidija to help me and my Fran with lunch and she came very soon. So, the three of us made very nice lunch for our family. When my luvs returned into the house after some time being on the beach, my Ivy had to tease Lidija. Kissing her on the lips by surprise and squeezing her ass she asked her if we had food sex and if we did why didn’t we call her. My Fran and I died laughing when she looked at her and said:

- You are veeery disgusting, Ivy! You make me sick!

Anyway, we had wonderful lunch and everyone commended our cooking. When the time came, we took a shower, put makeup and dressed our new dresses. My Prince also dressed up very nice suit and he was veeery handsome. When we saw each other, we couldn’t stop giving compliments to each other and we were very horny. We wanted to have sex but my Fran who stayed babysitting our children stepped in between us and said:

- Oh, nooooo, you won’t, horny animals. You will suppress your primitive urges now and you will enjoy in wonderful evening.

He especially looked my Prince and Ivy which made us laugh.



Silvano was our driver and bodyguard. We had hard time to sustain from smooching and sex. So, we cuddled my Prince who had big erection. Since we couldn’t stop doing it, he got angry and said to us:

- I certainly won’t go out of the car in this condition. If you want to have sex now we would but you may forget the sex in the restaurant.

He got us. Having sex in the restaurant is what my Ivy and I waited all day long. So, we stopped cuddling him. When we exit the car, Silvano walked in the front of us while my Ivy and I hold my Prince under his arm from each side. I’m telling you my dear readers, when we entered into the restaurant, everyone looked at us. While my Ivy and I enjoyed in their attention, my Prince was very embarrassed for he doesn’t like to be in the focus. Anyway, he reserved the table in the corner with less lightning so we can have sex. Making long story short: We had excellent meals, excellent time; dancing, smooching and excellent sex in turns with my Prince who was real gentlemen in every way. My Ivy and I will never forget that evening. Oh, yes, when we danced with him some ladies recognized we didn’t wear underwear and they whispered to their partners how we are gorgeous but shameless girls. We weren’t offended because it is true. On our way home we smooched on back seats couldn’t wait to come home and have another round of sex which we had after we checked our children who slept like little angels.



Coming home and exiting the car Antonio called my Prince congratulating him. When he asked him: “What for?” Antonio said:

- Since this day you are new member of our e.b. it was unanimous decision of all members of e.b. on today’s meeting ….. Prince, my bro, you deserve it. See you tomorrow on briefing.

My Prince isn’t ungrateful, but he thought it was unnecessary. He loves his job and he doesn’t need more money which his new position gives. But, we are happy for him.

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16 minutes ago, Jay-Omms said:

That sure was great day for you guys. :sweat_smile::heart:;):thumbsup:

Happy Wonder Woman GIF


You have no idea my very dear friend ;)

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