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A Lure for A Perilous Maze



Though I am still hard pressed for time, and it is difficult to find periods long enough to be able to make progress, I just can't keep myself from working on my mods, so I'm resuming work on A Perilous Maze.

Though my focus is and will continue to be on Ambient Slaves and its yet-to-be-developed addons, I just can't really get into that work before bringing A Perilous Maze to a more complete state. Otherwise it will be always itching me in a corner of my mind and it will spoil the fun of working on those other mods.

Right now, I am writing the dialogue for a quest-giver which will start the A Perilous Maze quest. This will be a not-too-well disguised Frostbite Clan operative located in The Bee and the Barb in Riften. If you pay and accept the quest, she will provide you with rough instructions (not a map marker – the current one will be hidden to show up only after discovered in person) where to look for the entrance. I will also scatter copies of a book, which will provide more less the same information, all over Skyrim, for an optional quest start. The quest will hint at another already present (and nearly impossible to complete) quest in the maze, which, if (in fact) completed, will bring a pair of slightly different outcomes at the exit of the labyrinth.
This should make this mod more less finished, with no lose ends. For now, I am abandoning the work on additional maze levels, due to the technical difficulties I experienced with the second level. A huge and fully completed level that took me weeks to make, but somehow introduced all sorts of weird bugs throughout Skyrim. I feel like the first level is fairly complex as is, and it will make a neat package with the introduction and output of this mod. If anyone still wishes for more levels, they can always make an addon of their own.
Though I did make up a backstory for the origin and original purpose of the labyrinth, this will not be revealed in the update. Not until, probably much later, I come back again, to this mod.
One thing I already did do, is to copy-paste the small dock and lake-side entrance to the Frostbite Clan Manor from the botched level-2 update. This should later play a role in the integration with AS and the Frostbite Clan network of slave-trading stations, and it is where the slave ship docked in Riften, in AS, is supposed to have come from.

Once I am done with this, I hope to make another, very tiny, mod, before I move on to Ambient Slaves. The purpose of this new mod will be to provide a quick and easy way for me to get my character into Simple Slavery ++ (without resorting to clicking the "Enslave me now" button, as all the other mods I used for this have their issues in VR. The mod will add an inn, where another Frostbite Clan operative will try to drug you and then sell you at the auction. Fairly soon I will try and add my first MCM menu which, if AS is installed, will alternatively send you to one of the AS slave pens. Much farther in the future, I would like to evolve this mod into an alternate start mod, where you will play as a servant girl whose mother, who worked for the inn keeper as a prostitute, has recently departed and left you with an unpayable debt, which the inn keeper will use to force you into prostitution as well, and later sell you to the FC operative in the inn.

Then it's on to Ambient Slaves (i.e. right after the first phase of the yet-to-be-named inn mod). Here I will start with adding a few quarries and mines, and then I will commence experimenting with making the PC a working slave there. The idea is that, in combination with the realistic mining mod by Xiderpunk, in VR, this experience should be very much like real slavery, actually forcing the player to do a lot of exercise. Employing the HIGGS mod by FlyingParticle, I want to implement features like having to load individual ore lumps onto a cart and hauling them to where these are collected (I hope to make the restraints reduce the players weight-carrying capacity to only be able to hold one lump at a time, forcing the PC to use the cart - or baskets etc. - to carry the ore). Later on, I want to add various interactions with and quests related to your fellow slaves in the quarry/mine. And a lot of other things. So it's probably going to be ages, before this is working.
I will not make the mentioned mods a hard requirement and will try to make this part of the mod playable in SE as well, but, if things go according to plan, the VR experience will be vastly superior.

Back to the present, let's hope I'll be able to release the APM update fairly soon.

The main thing, apart from work, that is holding me back, is the amount of time it costs me to create the female voiceovers. This is very time-consuming work, while the results still leave a lot to be desired. But I won't compromise on that. I insist on all my characters being voiced.
Thus it would help immensely, if some gal would kindly volunteer for this, or if anyone can find a more efficient way to do this. That would accomplish a great deal.

So, keep your fingers crossed, but don't hold your breath :)

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I would think the simplest way to improve the  mining would be with a pick ax specific animation in DAR.


Of course there is still the problem hard rock mining is done with a hammer and chisel, not a pick.  Almost Bethesda, almost.


So what's the Eros in the whole mining thing for you?

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21 minutes ago, RJLbwb said:

I would think the simplest way to improve the  mining would be with a pick ax specific animation in DAR.


Of course there is still the problem hard rock mining is done with a hammer and chisel, not a pick.  Almost Bethesda, almost.


So what's the Eros in the whole mining thing for you?

I can't bring up the effort to figure out what DAR means. I probably know, but there are so many acronyms in this environment that I lose track. Probably something Devious. For SE players the intent is to use standard mining animations (probably also removing the carrying capacity limits and reducing the time one has to spend slaving, likely through an MCM menu, but that will only come after I'm done with the VR gameplay

Still, I'm not sure what you mean by the comment. As said, in VR, I'll make the Realistic Mining mod a soft requirement, what will face the player effectively to do the mining for real (chisel or not), and it will be required that this is done for prolonged periods of time. Not meeting the quota will result in harsh punishment. (At a later stage, I want to implement interactions with other slaves, where, for instance, they steal your ore to avoid punishment, or you steal theirs...)
The Eros, as you put it, for me here is the being forced to do hard labor by sexy women, in a desperate and inescapable environment, with severe mistreatment. That does it for me :) Not that it's the only thing that does. But as far as I know, no other mod does this, so it's up to me.

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