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Antonio made mistake in Monday when my luvs were in his agency for briefing. Although he knows my Prince doesn’t’ watch the news because he gets easily upset when he sees injustice, he forgot that (very important) fact; he shared the news with him and my Ivy about two 19 years old guys who raped 14 years old girl on the roof of the building for hours in city of Split. My Ivy told me that my Prince was very disturbed and upset. (For those who don’t know: my Prince hates rapists and raping in any form with all his being because his sister was almost raped two times and he was raped few years ago. Wanting to save my carrier and job, without my knowledge he agreed to be a sex slave to BDSM girl who hated me because I was promoted before her and she blackmailed me seeing me having sex in the Hotel which was strictly forbidden. Wanting to hurt me, she and her lover tricked him and raped him. My poor Prince couldn’t stand on his feet and sit for days. He was also traumatized for months. We avenged him thanks to Antonio, his Guys and my Ivy). Having several hours before going to the work, my Prince decided to go to the police station and find raping cases in police archive in which rapists were unfairly set free because they had strong connections or the judge was crocked.



When they arrived to the police station, they went to chief’s office to ask him about the cases I mentioned above. The chief was willing to give them one in which two rapists were set free because they had very strong connections (very rich parents). My luvs had no luck because Antonio had a hunch that my Prince will do something like that. He called the chief and asked him to give him not any raping case because my Prince hates rapists and he could kill them if he loses his control. So, the chief changed his mind. But it was too late. My luvs remembered the names and addresses of the rapists and raped 14 years old girl. They talked to raped girl and her parents who told them all about it although it pasted 2 years since that incident. Before they visited rapists, he said to my Ivy:

- Honey, I need you now. Please, don’t let me cross the line. If I start to lose control, restrain me with all possible means.

She deep kissed him and she said she’ll be with him all the time and she’ll help him to stay in control.

Anyway, they visited rapists and “processed” them. They ended in the hospital on traumatology with broken ribs, fists and contusion genitals. He also threatened them that he will cut off their cocks and balls and make them eat it if they ever rape again. When chief of the police was informed about it from the doctors, he was very angry. He called my luvs and said that he will protect them from persecution this time because of longtime friendship with Antonio, but if they ever use such brutality again, they will be suspended. My luvs got their satisfaction just as raped girl and her parents.



Since the day Precious went “crazy” about her father, she is constantly on him like Mikey. My Prince enjoy being in the focus of their love and attention. He has incredibly lot patience and love for them. He was dead tired recently and he needed a sleep but he spent quality time with them. He is not angry at them or nervous when they wake him up. It is simply unbelievable. Nothing is more important to him than them; everyone and everything can wait, but not them. When he returns home after the work, they both runs joyfully toward him shouting “Taaataaaaa!!!” and he takes them into his arms and showers their faces with kisses. My Ivy and I became “secondary” parents to our children. No, I am not jealous at him. I just don’t like my new “status”. I shared my feelings about it with my mom who told me that our children love me the same but they just express it differently now. Their expressing of love will often change as they grow. Sometimes it will be intense, sometimes it won’t. Well, I can live with that. One more thing about our children. They both sitting now in my Prince’s lap during meal time. Each of them on one leg. Precious eats by herself and Mikey loves to be fed by him. And three of them loves it very much. Do I miss sitting in his lap during our meals? Of course, I do! But our children are top priorities. And they will always be.



Now, before “business topic”: elegant long sexy black dresses for my Ivy and me arrived in Tuesday. We dressed them and showed to my Prince. Seeing our exposed legs, he was very horny. He couldn’t resist not to fuck us. And I was horny the same seeing my Ivy. We fucked like crazy having multiple orgasms. The good news is that dresses do not wrinkle. LOL. We’ll go out this weekend and we will wear these dresses. Can’t wait.

Our government will give a chance to tourism by opening hotel and restaurant business more widely starting with 1th of June. We reemployed some number of our ex workers. My Fran and Lidija will be very busy now. I will stay “in shade” as we agreed and do my work overseeing and resolving eventual problems. My Prince and Ivy came in unannounced inspection. He found everything in order and neat. I love his professionalism. When he is on the duty, he knows no blood relationship and friendship. He will surely punish every irregularity. Anyway, we hope that this summer season will be more profitable and better than last one.

Have a nice weekend LL.

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