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My Ivy noticed that something was going on when I spoke with my Prince in the kitchen about Lidija. She asked Lidija who didn’t want to tell her. Then she asked me if I want to tell her what was it but I said I promised Lidija that I wouldn’t tell. Later on, when we were in the bed, she, like a cat, was all over my Prince trying to make him say what we talked about. My Prince asked me: “Honey, would Lidija be embarrassed if I tell and she finds out that Ivy knows?” I confirmed she would and he said to my Ivy that he won’t tell her. But my Prince still isn’t a match to us, especially to her. She knows so many tricks that he doesn’t even know how easily she can get what she wants. Before I managed to stop her because I went to check on our children, she already processed him. He told her all. She promised she won’t tell Lidija about it. Well, she keeps her promises but she is a sneaky snake and she knew how she would tease Lidija without telling her what she knows about it. She wickedly smiled and winked to me after kissing my Prince. Then she leaned over him and deep kissed me sucking my tongue and cuddling my tit nipple under my T-shirt making me incredibly horny. Very soon I capitulated and we started to fuck. My Prince joined us and we had incredible sex.



They came to my office this morning before going to the work treating us (my Fran and Lidija) with juices. I knew why they came. Besides wanting to see me, my Ivy came to tease Lidija. I was curious to see what she would do since she promised she won’t tell her about the subject my Prince and I talked about. She started with asking my Fran:

- You were in love with Prince some years ago, right?

Fran: I was. Why do you ask, Ivy?

Ivy: Just being curious what did you find attractive on him?

Fran: He was very handsome and he still is. He turned me on very much.

Ivy: Would you say that he was your type?

Fran. Yes. He was.

I almost blasted in laughter admiring her ingenuity while my Prince, Lidija and Fran had no idea what she’s being doing.

Ivy: I see. Thank you.

Ivy (to my Prince): Honey, did you find Fran attractive in any way?

Prince: No.

Ivy: Why not?

Prince: Because I’m not into men. They do not attract me ….. Honey, what’s the point of this questioning?

Ivy: I’m just curious, my love. Would you agree that Fran wasn’t your type?

Prince: No man is my type, Ivy ….

Ivy (peacefully watching in Lidija’s eyes): I just want to know was he your type or he wasn’t.

This time I couldn’t help myself. I started to laugh very hard and very loud. Then Lidija realized what she was doing. She looked at me and I said I didn’t tell her nothing and that my Prince told her after she promised that she won’t tell her.

Ivy: And I kept my promise.

Lidija (sarcastically): Sure, Miss Innocent.

Ivy quickly kissed her on the lips and said: You are my cherry pie and I will always fuck you regardless of being my type or not: Just say the place and time and I will make you scream in pleasure (Ivy rolled her tongue over her lips and moaned in pleasure while saying it).

We all blasted in laughter. Even Lidija who called her names laughing hard. When all was over my Prince didn’t asked Lidija or me what we talked about and why he was involved in our conversation and Ivy’s teasing. He accepted it as our right on intimacy and privacy.



Since I haven’t much job to do, I browsed Pinterest yesterday. Very soon I spotted incredible sexy long black dress. (You can see it in my profile feed). I started my search to find it on web shops and I found it in one store. It is expensive but we can afford it. I imaged myself wearing it on the work and I was thrilled. My excitement vanished very soon when I realized that only few people and my close associates will see it since I do not have contact with public. I was bit of sad. Later on, my luvs visited me and saw me sad. I showed them the picture of the dress and told them why I am sad. My Prince made me smile again when he said to me:

- I want you to buy that dress for yourself and Ivy and when you do, I promise to take you out in fancy restaurants from time to time. So, there will always be opportunity to wear it.

I “YAYed” and loudly kissed him and my Ivy. When they left, I ordered two dresses over web page while my Fran giggled saying:

- You bewitched him, Princess. He always does and give you whatever you want …

I smiled and said: it is a love, my dear Fran, pure love we feel for each other. If our love for him is witching, then he is bewitched.


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22 hours ago, dharvinia said:

he is bewitched.

so true.   maybe we should have an intervention to save him



> He is bewitched by our love for him. :)  And he loves to be it. If he wouldn't be aware of our power of love for him, he wouldn't call us "crazy witches" in affection. :D

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