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Bellow are listed the various steps of progress of the project.


First phase


  1. [ Done ] Setting up dev environment (CK Fixes, VSCode support, MO2 profile, Git - private until first alphas);
  2. [ Ongoing ] CK Baby steps;
    1. Currently creating a prototype cell for the slave training grounds.  Made a basic MCM.  Mostly trying the basics, starting a quest, create a drug item, placing NPCs, that sort of stuff.
  3. [ Ongoing ] Slavery headquarters design
  4. Basic rank implementation (Street & House), ranking some NPCs and put Devices on them;
  5. Nudity enforcer;
  6. Uniforms definitions and MCM integration;
  7. External mods detection;
  8. Basic street slave tasks implementation;
  9. Polishing the drug system effects;
  10. Token system for street slaves;
  11. Daily street slave token delivery and drug dose;
  12. [ Ongoing ] Enslavement scene and training;
  13. Basic house slave tasks implementation;
  14. Daily house slave tokens delivery and drug dose;


Second phase

Order to be defined.


  • Street slave to house slave promotion scene;
  • Slaver implementation (PAHE requirement detection);
  • Expand the training scenes (Anal, pain, etc like in Slaverun);
  • Punishments;
  • Slavery Perk Trees;
  • Rank destitution;
  • NPCs shaving and tattooing;
  • More complex street and house slave tasks;
  • Crime management;
  • External mod action (disabling conflicting features);


Third phase

Order to be defined.


  • NPC slaves sandboxing;
  • Basic Agent slave and Adventurer slave rank definition;
  • Cities expansion quests;



It'll be a long ride so be prepared !

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I'm a big fan of Slaverun and looking forward to see what you're planning to do with it.

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Slaverun was a great mod but bulk of the progression was quite story driven following a set path of quests, but it also had aspects (which I liked more) where if you didn't proceed with the quests and you decided to walk around whiterun, for example, you would be identified as a slave and treated as such, or enforcers randomly coming to harass you. So you did have flexibility to 'do your own thing' (more open world) but be subjective to whatever status you were at. 


I hope your imagination of slaverim is less story driven but more open world based on your status.  So for example your training grounds, you should remain/stay in that until you are deemed ready to leave, but as a player you have the ability to control that aspect (do things right, you move up a scale, do things wrong, move down that ladder and remain in training) rather than you just follow some quest stages and the outcome is always you leave at some point.


Maybe something like a merit/de-merit mechanics so it's possible even once you leave the training grounds you could actually end up being back in there. (hope that makes sense) - This is something that captured dreams mod managed to implement before it was sadly taken down. 






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I really liked slaverun as a story driven enslavmend mod but I hate the bad ending where you die I never liked it in my eyes a bad ending is where the player stays enslaved and is not killed and in my eyes a good ending is where the player is freed and frees skyrim from slavery and in the bad end would be more likes this that the player is auction of maybe to life ay a whore in a brothel or becomes a slave in a harem instead of killed but this is for you to decide if you change the endings


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