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Anger that comes out of concern



We took our second anti Covid-19 vaccination few days ago. And so far, there’s no contraindications. My LL sister, @dharvinia and I shared our experiences and thoughts about living under Covid-19. I will tell you in short what I said to her: our economy sinking deeper and deeper. Many shops, restaurants, small businesses, factories and similar industries are closed and more getting closed every day. Tourism is jeopardized too. We would probably work this summer season because our country lives of tourism but nothing is certain. Thousands of people lost their jobs and more will. Alcoholism and violence increased everywhere, particularly in our city. People are very nervous and their level of tolerance is extremely low. Just this week Antonio’s agency received dozens of calls from the people who requested protection or intervention. My luvs were very busy for they do both and unfortunately, they often have to use physical force. My Prince didn’t lost his control so far and he always commends Ivy’s discipline, obedience and dedication who is mostly his “guardian” and she fights only when it is much needed. So far, thank heavens, their lives weren’t jeopardized. One day my luvs came to visit me in the office and my Fran asked them:

- So, how many arms and legs you broke today, savages?

Prince (walking toward him): None, but since you mentioned …

Fran (scared): Please, Prince, don’t ….. you know me, big mouth ….

My Ivy and I died laughing.



Since every day is warm, we decided to start to sleep on the balcony over the night starting from tonight. That means we have to be more silent when we want to have a sex if we don’t want to wake up our children. Thursday was very hot day and my luvs had one hour of free time before they went to another job. They swam in cold sea on our beach. Mikey cried because he couldn’t join them. He was angry that the sea was cold for him and not for his mom and dad.



Now, about the event from the title. My mom and dad stayed a little bit longer with us one evening. They helped us with children during our evening routine: jogging, exercising and martial arts training. Since I do not practice martial arts, I was sitting with my parents and we talked. When my luvs came out of the shower my dad said:

- Prince, please, join us. There is something I want to tell you.

My prince (he told me later) thought my dad wanted to talk to him about his wild sex under the shower with my Ivy. (We heard them). When my Ivy and he took a seat, my dad continued:

- Prince, my son, do you resent anything to me and Nada?

Prince (confused): No, dad! Why would I?

My dad: I want to explain to you why Nada and I were rough with you lately although we talked about it recently on the family meeting. I was angry at you because I was very concerned about you. I had a feeling that you’re risking your life in vain. I thought you don’t care deeply for your wives and your children. My anger blinded me …… Somehow, I passed that anger on Nada

My mom: Prince, my son, I love you very much and I’m sorry that I pressed you hard.

(I looked at my mom and she watched my Prince with great love having tears in her eyes).

My dad: I want you to know that I still respect you. Since the job you are doing is extremely dangerous, we daily lived in fear. Pressing you hard made us believe that it is for your own good. But we were wrong. Eva’s and Ivy’s words that you are what you are and that you do what you have to do became clear to us ……. Prince, my son, we want you to know that we are sorry for everything. You have our full support from now on and Nada and I are there for you and your family.

My Prince had his eyes full of tears and he approached them. When they stood up, he showered their faces with kisses and “I love you, mom and dad”. My Ivy and I joined them and we also hugged them and kissed them. This conversation made him much relived. We had veeeeeery good sex afterwards although it was very quiet sex because my parents slept in our living room. Although we were quiet as much we could be, I’m sure that they heard my Ivy’s dirty talk and our moans. We would surely have more orgasms if we wouldn’t be restrained by being silent. My Ivy and I still have no problem to be heard or seen during the sex, but my Prince does. Well, sometimes you can’t have they penny and the bun.


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I really hope society will recover from this dibackle. :(


Oh Mikey :sweat_smile: What a little guy ;)


After what happened at police station it might take Prince a lot of time to recover from being heard when doing the deed. :sweat_smile:



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6 hours ago, Jayomms said:

I really hope society will recover from this dibackle. :(


Oh Mikey :sweat_smile: What a little guy ;)


After what happened at police station it might take Prince a lot of time to recover from being heard when doing the deed. :sweat_smile:




> I'm not a pessimist but even if it does, it would never be the same. Changing the job was my Prince's very smart move. We miss him at the Hotel but he makes more money with Antonio.


> When my mom called me to say that I had to laugh. Being angry at the sea because it is cold was very cute. Never seen anything like it before. :D


> I believe you've right. :)  He still is very shy when it comes to sex with a public around although, if you ask me, he shouldn't be  because he has big cock, he has hot body and he is excellent lover. ;)

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