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[An extension to PAHE] Lesson 3: sharing your feelings



Sometimes I wonder how I could have let that happened to me. I thought we were friends and I let my guard down. I should have known better, if the slaver value is higher than her merchandise, then sooner or later she will join them in the cart. That's it, here I am bound like those I used to train.




The one I once called friend, I mean business partner, is now giving me a private lesson on discipline. We are in the middle of nowhere and the occasional patrol guards look more amused than anything. I can hear them laughing and discussing the price they are ready to pay. Am I worth that little?




They can go to hell, the bandit supply is not endless. One day it will be their turn. There are no such things as a free man or a free woman in this business model.




Thanks to master, that will change soon...





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