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Confronting Antonio




Before I tell you about our three big events, let me shortly say about what happened few days after Antonio’s conversation with me in the Hotel. My Fran and Lidija saw my swollen eyes from crying and they helped me to fix my makeup. They asked me numerous times what happened but I didn’t want to tell them. They both said to my Prince and Ivy that I came tearful in the office after conversation with Antonio. My luvs also wanted me to tell them what has happened. I didn’t tell them because I was afraid of Antonio. They also asked Antonio what he did to me but he didn’t want to tell them either. When four of us gathered on our beach after morning family coffee, my Prince told him that he will leave brethren and that Antonio will be forbidden to come to our house if he doesn’t say why I cried when I talked to him. Antonio told him all he said to me. My Prince asked me if it is true. I confirmed it is. He showed his unlimited love for me again and by his deed he confirmed that he is willing to face anyone, even stronger and more powerful man than himself just to protect me regardless of what I did to him and my Ivy. He was very furious at Antonio. He stood in the front of him and sharply told him in the face:

-  You have no right to threaten and scare our wife, Antonio! She was wrong but it is not up to you to correct her. I know you want best for us, but you worked behind our backs! That’s NOT how we are doing things in our family! Threatening and frightening our wife you crossed the line! You shouldn’t do it and you will never do this again if you want to stay in the family! If you have to say something to any of my wives in the future, you will talk to me first, understood?! If you disobey me, I swear, I’m gonna hunt you down! I’m not scared of you, Tony! I don’t care how powerful you are and how many connections you have! I’m willing to die protecting my family! You know that just as you know what am I capable to do when someone is messing with my family! (Antonio’s face glowed. He lightly smiled for he liked my Prince’s reaction).

Oh, my, my Ivy and I were so thrilled, horny and excited hearing his speech. And the best part was that he meant it; every single word. My Ivy said to him:

- I fully support my husband. If we would need your help we’d ask you. I still love you, but don’t, fucking don’t do anything like that in the future.

Antonio smiled and said:

- First of all, I apologize to Skinny for scaring her. I apologize to you too. You guys have right – I crossed the line. I’m sorry. I also admire and commend your courage, Prince. Not many people are brave to oppose me and threaten me. You showed again that you love your wives more than your life. I respect that. I want you to know that I never wanted to hurt any of you. I would rather cut my hands off than to harm any of you. I only tried to call upon Skinny’s common sense and help her to realize that she was doing wrong to you. Anyhow, you are my family and I love you and your children as my own. I apologize again and ask you to forgive me. 

We hugged him and told him that he is forgiven a family and that this conversation never happened. We are moving on and nobody will ever mention this. Our strength is in mutual protection, helping and supporting each other. My Prince is true protector of our family. I admire him and I’m very proud of him. Oh, yes, we fucked him gooood in his office when we came to work.


Our new fence and electronic video interphone was done two days after our anniversary. My dad supervised building the fence and setting new gate. You can’t see anything inside from outside. Every member of our family got the gate code and the key. Security system is upgraded and better now. We are happy that it works and that we are much safer now.


Now about those three events. My Fran and dad Boss recorded all three celebrations on video cam (except our sex of course. LOL). My Prince organized everything for Valentine and my Ivy and I organized our anniversary celebration this year with Fran’s, Lidija’s and our parents’ help. I bought smart watches for my luvs with our tattoo as background and screen saver just as they bought it for me, for my birthday. My Prince bought white gold jewelry for us. (I know he spent all his money he had on his account, but he knows we love jewelry and he was happy to gift us). This time my Prince accepted to buy a new outfit for this occasion just as we did. He bought it to please us who wanted make our 5th anniversary very solemn and special. Besides having excellent supper in the Hotel for our anniversary that our parents made, we renewed our bows. My mom and Zdenka happily cried. Lidija was cute when she told to Ivan: “I want you to love me as they love each other and I want our first anniversary as perfect as theirs.” Every family member proposed toast and wished us best. But my dad was funniest of all. When it was his turn he stood up and said:

- I want to thank you for …… um …… err …… oh, I know, for giving me grandchildren.

We blasted in laughter. He sat down and my mom was furious. She looked him angrily and being embarrassed she said: LIVIO?!?!

She held his sleeve and lifting it up she forced him to stand up and say something nicer. He sighed, rolled eyes and said:

- All right, all right! Ahem, children. As I said, thank you for giving us Mikey and Precious. We expect more children from you.

He sat down. Everyone blasted in laughter again while my mom nodded her head being red in her face.

My Prince took us out for Valentine and knowing we love sex in public, he let us fuck him in botanic garden. It wasn’t cold and we enjoyed in excellent sex. We really appreciate it for we know how much he is uncomfortable to have sex in public. But, in return, my Ivy and I treated him with kinky sex for our 5th anniversary. We dressed in very hot and sexy nurse outfits with white stockings and high hills shoes, just as he likes and which makes him extremely horny. We fucked him so good that he came trice, just like my Ivy and me.


Precious’s birthday yesterday was perfect too. (For those who don’t know: Precious was born in Barcelona, Spain last year. My Prince went there by business and my Ivy, me and mom Boss attached to him like ticks). My Ivy and I assisted my Prince in making Precious’s birthday cake. (He didn’t let our moms to do it for he wanted to us to do it as our expression of love to Precious. Our mom made other cakes). I bought her very beautiful dress and other things for her birthday. Her birthday party was very solemn and she was extremely adorable. She turned into little lady in very short time. She learned to walk, her vocabulary expanded and she feeds herself, unlike her brother who loves to be fed by his father. She is sooooo cute when she is trying to comb her hair or to put a lipstick on her lips. She loves to watch herself in the mirror and talk to herself (mostly undefined words). I adore her very much. She is my precious Precious.


So, this is it, until next diary. Many hugs and kisses.


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Your life is so predictable sometimes. I should've known better that things would turn out fine. You guys have shown me time and time again that I have nothing to worry about that you guys figure things out eventually.  Silly me! :sweat_smile::heart:;):thumbsup:

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On 2/26/2021 at 2:17 AM, Jayomms said:

Your life is so predictable sometimes. I should've known better that things would turn out fine. You guys have shown me time and time again that I have nothing to worry about that you guys figure things out eventually.  Silly me! :sweat_smile::heart:;):thumbsup:


Thank you. It wouldn't be so if my Prince wouldn't love us so much. he can't let things go unsolved. :)

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On 2/26/2021 at 7:05 AM, dharvinia said:

(except our sex of course.)

so no sex video.......?


I am so happy things worked out.





Thank you for nice wish ?

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1 hour ago, EvalovesEP said:


Thank you. It wouldn't be so if my Prince wouldn't love us so much. he can't let things go unsolved. :)


That's Good to know. :):heart:;):thumbsup:

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