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Ivy Goes to Nuka World



When Ivy requests players to accompany her on what seems like a simple fetch quest inside Nuka World, they quickly learn this might be one of the most important and pivotal moments in Ivy's life.

"Ivy goes to Nuka World" will be the final affinity quest for Ivy, wrapping up her personal story. Will you be able to help her set things right? Or will you fail and face the consequences?
Ivy 6.0 will be released when it's ready. When the light at the end of the development tunnel is bright enough, we'll communicate a 'release date' on Nexus.

In the meantime, you can always check out Companion Ivy 5.3, which is available now if you search for it.




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What a beautiful and, most importantly, lively voice Ivy has! I really like it! We are looking forward to it with great impatience! Not just me - there are a lot of us around the world, we are all waiting...

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No matter the size... I will DOWNLOAD YOU and LOVE YOU.
On a serious note, this mod is the one of the best comps ever existed.
And voice acting? DEEEEEEEEEEM!

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