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3 hours ago, RamasesII said:

very nice, any plans on adding these new poses to the SE version?


I have released both a LE and SE version. Look under What's new for this version. Version 2.8 SE.

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3 hours ago, anonymous9393 said:

what mod are you using for the animated pussy?


It was originally made by StevieRage 4-5 years ago. Then it got integrated in the UUNP special body.


So if You have Bodyslide and Outfit Studio You can use that pussy as well.



Mind You that I changed some weight paints along the way to suit my HDT files. Body meshes, HDT files and Schlong size must all be in sync to get the right collision effects.


I literally spent years finding the perfect balance.

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10 hours ago, phobos33 said:

what ENB have you used in all the videos?


You can find my ENB in the "Table 2" blog preview.

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