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This post is going to be just a collection of random thoughts that occurred to me, which I want to write down here, before I forget them completely.


1 - I've made an observation that with the VR version of Skyrim, whenever the game fails to load, when started through SKSE in Vortex (window doesn't come up at all, or for just a second), it almost always helps to restart the computer. I've noted this earlier, but back when I was starting to mod the VR game, I may have unnecessarily reinstalled the whole game a few times, just because I didn't know this, so I think it's worth highlighting this. It seems the game can be run three or four times, before a restart is needed. EDIT: It turns out, it is not necessary to restart the computer, but just the Oculus and Steam VR apps (haven't tried Steam VR alone yet), so the issue is caused by either Oculus or Steam VR.


2 - Having started to develop my own mod, I've come to realize something about adult-themed content in games. It makes them so much more engaging. In my current game, there isn't even much adult stuff going on, at the moment, but knowing the enslavement and prison etc. mods are active and waiting for me to make a mistake, makes the experience so much more thrilling. Something that I've been missing in games, for the past ten years or so.

I've never enjoyed a vanilla playthrough of Skyrim this much. I think it's a shame, the industry as a whole is keeping its hands away from these themes. It doesn't have to be in your face, just the underlying thrill does wonders. Why has the whole world have to be so prudish... Why do we have to ignore the pretty much strongest instinct that drives people, in games? How does that make any sense?

Also, in an effort to avoid everyone in Skyrim revering me as the Dragonborn, I am intentionally avoiding speaking to the Jarl of Whiterun. I am at level 25 and dragons are nowhere to be seen. So, instead of going through the pain of the main quest, the best way how to protect the inhabitants of Skyrim is to go about your own business. Who would have thought. An unsung hero, I like it much more than the standard story line. It also keeps my Shout button free for the "hidden pocket".

Speaking of avoiding the Jarl, I have discovered a fairly new mod, which could help circumvent the intro scene camera bug in VR, which prevents me from creating new characters, once the game is modded. I haven't tested it yet, but based on the description, it's pretty much exactly what I was looking for for some time now. Here's the link:



3 - Now that I am finally in the stage of making quests and dialogues in my mod, I embarked on the difficult task of providing my actors with voices, for better immersion. This is particularly difficult because most of the actors are/will be female, and I am a dude.

I have tried several voice-changer apps, including the full version of Voicemod, but in spite of initial promising results, the output is not satisfactory. Thus, I am now opting for xVASynth (waiting for the download to complete as I am writing this). It seems it will be a lot of work, but maybe it could work. We'll see.


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