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A Door with a Mind of Its Own



As work progresses on the maze, I have encountered a curious problem.

At the fort on top of the exit from the labyrinth, I have placed three doors on the two highest floors of the tower, which will eventually all lead into the same interior cell, but for now, I wanted them (two of them, the other one being blank) to connect to one another, so as to make the roof space of the tower accessible.
I have connected quite a few doors by now and I thought I have it down. But nothing seems to work in this case, although I can't see any difference, compared to all the previous instances where I have used load doors.

I created a link between the doors using the Teleport tab and Select reference in render window. I have aligned the teleport markers to face away from the doors and not to intersect with anything, just as I normally do. Double-clicking on each of the markers in CK moves the camera to the other marker, just as one would expect. Everything else looks completely normal.

But once I visit the place in-game, I can only ever pass from the lower door to the upper one, but not the other way around. The upper door doesn't even show the interaction prompt (i.e. hotkey to interact and cell/worldspace name, nothing at all, just as if it were a regular wall.

I tried moving both the doors around (I felt the low ceiling at the lower floor might be causing the issue), I removed them completely and re-inserted them again from the object window, and relinked. I did that once more, replacing the MinUse variant (which I placed there before I knew what MinUse does – of no consequence in this case) with the regular one, but the doors always behaved the same. I could go from the lower one to the upper one, but not the other way around.
Eventually I linked the lower door to the unused door, located at the wooden balcony extending from the roof, and this time the teleport works normally, in both directions.
This phenomenon probably won't even be an issue, when I link the doors to the interior cell, but I still would like to understand why this is happening. Searching the Internet yielded no useful results. Do any of you have a similar experience? If you want to test this, please download version 0.2 or 0.3, or 0.3a.

Otherwise, progress on the mod is steady. In the latest update I finalized the navmeshes within and around the fort in preparation of posting guards outside (I haven't connected the outer meshes with the inner ones, as I'm not sure yet, what this will do when there is a locked gate or portcullis between them. I added some more detail, and an unfortunate slave (with no devices, for the time being) who has to dig away at the clay deposit that's still left in the courtyard, from the vanilla game, and the slavers finally act hostile. This is intended to trigger an SL event, which, in turn, can lead to a Simple Slavery ++, enslavement scenario.

Defeat animations are unimpeded by the locked gate. Only sometimes the actors intersect with the ground, but results are usually look better than events in a random place in the wilderness.
So, having achieved this, In a very rough form, the mod already can be used to perform its main feature, i.e., through a perilous scenario, let the player become enslaved. This is far earlier than I would have initially hoped for, but, obviously, there is still a lot of work to be done, and many features and details to be added. I am by no means done with this, and not going beta until, at least, I have some quests and dialogues, along with some devices and imprisonment scenarios implemented.

Thanks again to all of those who are helping me with the development, finding bugs and oversights, providing kind advice on how things are done, or posting encouraging comments which fuel my effort. Without their assistance, I doubt I would have come this far along, this soon.

Right now, I have to focus on my actual work, so it is to be expected that updates will be less frequent, but I keep finding myself putting my work on pause and tweaking a thing or two, here and there, trying out new features (right now I am trying to add some triggered message boxes), so even though I'm probably not going to make great progress in the coming week or two, small updates will hopefully still happen.




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