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A Perilous Maze – a First Attempt at a Mod



Having managed to get most of my favorite mods working, more less, in VR, now I'm ready to start making my own mods, to create the perfect fantasy world for my fantasies. I have a little experience back from the days of Morrowind and Oblivion, in sculpting architecture and dungeons, but I was never able to get scripts working, as the Construction Kit would always crash on me, when I tried. Now, with TESedit, this might no longer be an issue, and with an audience, there may be some additional motivation, to pull this through.


I'm pretty much going to revamp the concept of my Oblivion labyrinth, which was fairly simple. Place somewhere remote, a fall pit, from which there is no escape, forcing you to enter the labyrinth. The labyrinth is a cold and dark place that is true to its name. As getting lost in a labyrinth had been a fantasy of mine since I was 4, I have plenty of experience constructing fairly good ones on paper. But 2D labyrinths have a major weakness, in that all you need to do to find the exit, is just always make turns in the same direction (i.e. always follow the wall, e.g. on your right). That's why this labyrinth will feature over- and underpasses, to confuse the player and to create true despair (especially in connection with mods like iNeed). The labyrinth will be very dark, so you'll need your own light source. Forget about torches on every corner. It will be full of deadly traps. But there will be an exit. Only the exit will lead to a cage surrounded by overpowered Amazons, who will quickly subdue you and sell you off to Simple Slavery ++. If I manage to master scripting, eventually, there will be more activity on part of the Amazons, before they sell you. One thing I have in mind is that you will have to walk the entire way to the market, locked in some device, along with other captured slaves, like the processions that can be seen in hydragon's Slave Girls mod, but for now, I'll focus on crafting a labyrinth with a simple link to SS++. The design of the labyrinth should allow for additional levels to be added between the first one and the cage. So that's the concept. If you like it, please comment, as this will motivate me to work faster.

Right now, I am at the very beginning. Thanks to the very gracious help of nomkaz, I was able to get the Creation Kit running, what will allow me to create this mod in the first place. As of now, I have successfully placed the first sections of the maze, and so far, everything seems to be working as it should. I'll post updates here, along the way.


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