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Maybe some of you heard (read) about earthquakes in South-Central part of our country (Banija) and that cities; Petrinja, Sisak and Glina were almost devastated and in which 7 people lost their lives. Well, all Croatians rose up to help them in every way: collecting money, food, furniture, camp houses, heaters and blankets and doing any job that was needed. Unfortunately, usurers, profiteers and mobs rose along with them trying to cheat naïve and uninformed people and to get rich on poor people’s misfortune. Damn scum! (Yes, I became Princelike too in this matter. Such things didn’t bothered me before I met him. I simply didn’t care. Now I do). Tenth day after deadly earthquake, two young man rang on our door. Since we were working, Silvano was on the guard in our house with my mom and dad who babysat our children. He opened the door and they introduced themselves as Red Cross volunteers who are collecting money for unfortunate. They only had Red Cross stripe around their left sleeve. Silvano asked them for their Red Cross IDs so he can verify their identities. They said they don’t have them. When he asked them about the name and the phone number of the person who is in charge so he can contact him and check their story, they gave false ones. Silvano wasn’t easy to trick for he knows everything about it because Antonio informed every member of his agency about it and he warned them to be careful. He, after contacting his politician friends, donated certain amount of money to the legal account of the Civil Crisis HQ on his behalf and on behalf of his agency. Realizing that those two guys are frauds, Silvano told them to leave our property at once or he’ll call the police. When he entered in the house, they returned few moments later and threw a piece of rock on our new car that was parked on parking slot and ran away. Hit engaged car alarm. (Thank heavens the car that dad Boss, Antonio and Mister “XXX” bought for us is very well made and it wasn’t ease to break, even the windshield. They knew how much security is important to my Prince. It is optimally crash proof car built with very HQ and strong materials. There was only one small white dot on windshield). Silvano started to run after them and when they didn’t stop on his “Stop!” and “Freeze!” commands, he fired once in the air from his gun. They stopped and asked him not to shot them. He ordered them to return to our parking place. When they returned he showed them cameras on our house and said: “If I didn’t catch you now, we’ll catch you very soon!” Antonio saw what happened (the cameras on our house are connected to his HQ too) and he arrived with one guy from the agency. They put them in the van and drove away. Than Silvano called my Prince and told him what happened. My Prince was very furious. He asked him only one question: “Were Mikey and Precious scared?” Silvano told him that they didn’t hear it since they were in their room with my mom listening children songs and play. He called Antonio and demanded to tell him where they are so he might come and “teach them some lessons”. Antonio told him:

- Don’t worry, bro, they will get what they deserve! I’ll come to your place afterwards and tell you what I did. OK?

My Prince accepted although he wasn’t satisfied that Antonio excluded him from punishing vandals. The family is sacred to him and who ever attack us for whatever reason, he takes it too personal. So, two hours later, Antonio came to the Hotel and he brought three big bouquets of flowers for my Ivy, Lidija and me. Lidija was very touched and she hugged him firmly and kissed him on the cheek with tears in her eyes. Than we sat in Prince’s office and he said:

- I took two little bastards to my HQ. They shit their pants for they were afraid of me. Then I told them: “Do you know that you attacked my family?!” They immediately said they are sorry, that they regret what they did and they begged me to hurt them not. I told them who I am and that they should remember my name well. Then I asked them if they have a car. One of them said he has it. I told him that all of us will drive to the place where he parked his car. When we arrived at the destination, I told them: “Since you two loves to destroy cars I give you opportunity to improve your talent. You will take car jack and wrench from your car and both of you will break all lights, windshield, all windows and make dozens of heavy bumps on the carosserie. If you don’t want to do it I will hurt you so badly that you won’t be able to walk for months! When they did it, I told them if I ever see them around my family’s house again, I will find them and I will break their bones. They promised they will never come to that property again. Not only them, but their friends too.” We complimented his wisdom saying that he did excellent job. Even my Prince and Ivy who only resented him being excluded from punishment. Antonio told him that they talked about this subject recently and that my Prince complied. When he told him that from now on he, Silvano and guys from agency will deal with vandals that attack our family or property, my Prince and Ivy went mad. They started to argue for my Prince considered as his duty. I love my luvs with all my being but I took Antonio’s side for he wanted to protect them. My Fran and Lidija also took Antonio’s side and we hardly calmed them. At the end they complied, we all hugged and reconciled.


Next time I will tell you about my Prince’s upbringing of Mikey regarding his selfishness. But for the end: there is another very “Princelike” person in my family now: my Ivy. Mikey was first “Princelike” by genes (It is a winter but he can’t stand the heat and he wears short sleeves shirts, summer pants and is barefooted in the house regardless strong opposition from our parents). My Ivy started to dress in short sporty wool pants, sleeveless shirt and is barefooted when she is at home. She started to sleep only having her panties for she wants to be like my Prince in everything; not only that she is his shadow and bodyguard, but she really enjoy in doing what he is doing. My, when she wears that short sporty pants and sleeveless t-shirt, she is hooooot, especially her perfect sporty legs which my Prince and I kiss often. I don’t have to tell you where it leads to when our children aren’t around. LOL.

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