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Workaround for Submissive Lola: the Resubmission and Simple Slavery ++ integration when unable to designate auction winner in VR



I accidentally found a working "fix" for the inability to designate your owner in Simple Slavery++ and Submissive Lola: the Resubmission integration. I got the SE version of the game, not really to do this, but rather to be able to compare how certain mods behave in one, as compared to the other, I modded the SE version with the same mods, apart from those which are VR-specific (like VRIK), or VR alternates (like SKSEVR vs SKSE64), and since the VR version is built on the SE version, I thought I'd try if the VR version was able to load the SE version's savegames. And it turns out that yes. Worked like a charm, no apparent issues, so far. And since I had designated the owner in the SE version already, I took a look in the SLR MCM mod integration menu in VR, and there she was!

This might also be a possible workaround for the Prison Overhaul Patched (which isn't even supposed to work in SE, yet it does), if the process will work the other way around – haven't tested it yet – a little tedious, but if it's a long sentence, it might be worth it. Right now POP works fairly well in VR, considering. The walks, if stuck can now be unblocked in ZAZ player control center (this did not work before, and I do not know what fixed this), right until the final stuckage (I know that's not a word) at the cell, which, as I mentioned in my previous entry, can be solved by teleporting in the MCM POP debug menu. Animations work better now, I only get the spinning head when the Jailer enters, and when she's leaving (when I'm ordered to lie down – I suppose this means it will also occur on crosses and pillories etc.), but that is manageable with the partial spin fix (see previous post). The camera is still locked to the head. But the aggressive SL animations all play nicely, without spinning. Only when you are about to be released, comes a major problem, as the jailer gets into a loop, with periodic 30s freezes every one or two minutes, and won't release you, and you can't leave, as you're always teleported back, even with all controls restored in ZAZ. So, I guess I'll make it so I don't end up in prison all too often, and when I do, I'll just switch to SE, and come back after serving the sentence...
In this last build I somehow even got the intro scene (drive to Helgen) working again, but I broke it, yet again, by uninstalling POP (later I had to reinstall it, because the uninstall broke my savegame and I didn't want to go through the 7 first levels for the seventh billionth time).

So, there you go.
Feedback appreciated.


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