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So, for the first time, actually (before, I just thought I did) I was able to run all of the mods but one (I think ZAZ 7 – see below) I wanted.


And almost until the last few steps, there were no stability issues at all. But then I noticed that even though installed, hydragorgon's Slave Girls were missing. The menu, too (not sure, if there's supposed to be one, but in the LE version was one with something like "group A", "group B"... it wasn't really clear what the options did, if anything.
I think in the SE version this may be integrate
d with the DD5 events/pauses menu, as, later, when I got the mod working, I reduced these to a minimum (because NPCs like shopkeepers were suddenly wearing collars), this seemed to also result in the girls' near vanishing. So that's one thing I'm not sure how to fix. But I'm going off on a tangent.


I also noticed that SL registers suspiciously few animations (only 113 for humans) and yes, I did register the ZAZ ones and rebuilt. I reached the conclusion that this is because I only installed version 8 and that rather than being an updated version 7, this was another set of animations. The file sizes seemed to suggest so.
I also had an issue with the Prison Overhaul Patched mod, which was invisible in MCM, though installed and deployed with no error messages. Here I concluded that this is because I was missing one of the stated requirements, UI Extensions. I didn't install this mod at first, because I thought it was redundant to and/or conflicting with SkyUI. Didn't want to miss out on POP though, so I installed ZAZ 7 and UI Extensions.

FNIS showed a significant increase in animations, all clear, UIE deployed with no messages, and I also reinstalled hydragon's slavegirls, I deployed everything,... and the game crashed and crashed, immediately upon start, sometimes even without its window ever appearing. I noticed that in the Sexlabs log file (and in later attempts in the papyrus logfile) there were two error messages, one was something about a trampoline failing to load before pictures or something, the other, the "fatal" one, I unfortunately totally forgot (and dumb as I am, I did not make a copy), but searches yielded results in vanilla (as in not adult) Skyrim forums that this likely had to do something with the loading of .dlls

So I went ahead and uninstalled and removed everything I just installed, including the Slave Girls, but the error still persisted. So I figured I must have overwritten something somewhere. The Vortex messages, when asking about duplicities, what to keep, still confuse me. Dreading the necessity to rebuild the whole game for a fourth time, just after I spent a whole day building this one, I felt I have nothing to lose, and since I suspected the UI Extensions to be the culprit (by interfering with SkyUI), I just tried to reinstall SkyUI.

The first launch failed, but a second one succeeded.


Then I noticed that the FNIS Data mod somhow got way up the launch order, in the middle of it, what surprised me, as I thought I had clicked all the options for Vortex to always keep it at the bottom. Movin the dependency icon brought up the rule dialog, where I set to load after the last mod listed, but it had no effect. The mod stayed in the middle (probably just my ignorance on how this is done correctly]. So I uninstalled it and recreated it through another deployment.


This worked, and encouraged by the success I thought this might have been the cause why the mods I just removed did not work. So I installed them yet again, with deployment (including automatic FNIS) and this time, again, on the second launch, everything loaded, no error messages, All menus present in the MCM, apart from Slave Girls (if there is any), but the girls themselves are present.


I loaded a clean save and everything seems to be working but for the animations. Still at 113. All the DD animations seem to be missing, yet Scenes of pillories crosses etc. display more less correctly.

I also don't seem to have any spanking animations, as the Rydlin ones produced some menacing-looking error messages, and the Cobalt ones reported incompatibility of the hkx (or hxk?) behavior file with Skyrim VR (as I was troubleshooting the other issue, I did not want to bring even more variables into play and left this disabled). I'm not sure whether ZAZ is supposed to contain any spanking anims.

Thirdly All NPCS and my PC, when wearing a gag, keep their mouth closed. I have mouth animation in SL checked. This is quite annoying.

A little less annoying, but still bad, is the re-appearance of seams around wrists and ankles, but that is probably an unrelated issue, most likely connected to bodyslide, as I only remembered to run it, when I met a bodyless Laura in her shop (ran FNIS and deployed afterwards).


But I did get POP running, all mods installed (41, most of them from here), so that at least proves it can be done. I'm sure I have made some grave mistakes, when making this build, what fills me with optimism that it probably can be done much better. Now I'll try install the Cobalt animations (I suspect Sky VR compatibility messages in FNIS may be harmless, as I had the same issue in Classic edition, ran it anyway and it worked.

So I'll be probably doing another build soon, when I have completely broken this one. But at least I got a list of potentionally compatible mod versions out of it.
The most serious issue seems to be ZAZ 7, which, I think could be behind the closed mouths (it's increasingly hard to tell which mod does what) and the serious deficit of animations for Defeat etc... Oh yes, I got SL Defeat SE semi-working (semi, because of the lack of animations), that was something entirely impossible in my first build.


Last but not least, though I have the VR racemenu installed, it doesn't seem to have an MCM menu and on start of the game (Helgen), it is skipped and can't be brought up through the console. I loaded an unmodded Whiterun level 1 save from before modding, which was the only way I was able to obtain a female character. I tried to disable racemenu and run the game without it just for the character creation, but this resulted in the PC camera spinning frantically in the air, the wagons and NPCs invisible, sounds moving towards Helgen, but the camera hanging in the air in the same spot, for longer than the intro is supposed to take. With the racemenu enabled, the camera also hangs 3 m over the cart, but moves with it and the scene plays out correctly, with a little of weird body stretching at the chopping block. I think that may be related to VRIK, as I can't perform a calibration until my hands are unbound and I can use the power.

So now it's back to tinkering. I'll report back when there's some development...


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