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Waifu on vacation - Episode 1: An exhibitionist in Azura's Watch




Waifu on vacation


Episode 1: An exhibitionist in Azura's Watch





A Morndas morning in a certain tourist port…


Hmm let’s see port number 3…Ship number 361…Girl with pink hair…Oh! There she is.




Hi, you are Diana, right? I’m asenasen. Starsha couldn’t go so she sent me in her place. Was the trip pleasa..??Wait WHAAAA???WHAT?W-Where are your clothes??




Diana: Heh? What do you mean?


No way. D-Did you lose your luggages? You are basicly not wearing anything. Is it even legal to walk around here like this???

Diana: Oh ! Starsha didn't tell you? I'm an exhibitionist, cutiepie. THIS is my outfit for the occasion. In fact, I still have 5 more in my bag.





Diana: Dear, I like you already. I’m a girl who likes to expose my “goods”. I don’t wear clothes, honey. My naked body bothers you, hmm?


Umm, n-no not like that. I mean you look really sexy and…umm…You’re sure it’s ok though?


Diana: Stop worrying and start enjoying ! We are on vacation, remember? Just leave the talking to me if anything happens. Now, shall we go?




At Colonia town square and marketplace…




Diana: Do you know that before the Imperials, this island was home to a thriving Bosmeri civilization ? It’s hard to see that here in Colonia, but the town folks say you can still find the ruins of that empire deeper in the island… Let’s make a plan for that, asenasen


Yeah, I think that would be very nice, but Diana…




Diana: Huh?


We are in the town square.


Diana: And?


There is a lot of people.


Diana: So?


Everyone is looking at us.




Diana: So, you want me to show more of my body to those virgins? Oh you naughty naughty boy ! I bet you like these titties, aren’t ya? If you want to touch them, just ask.


Imperial Guard: “What a nice view. Those juicy buttcheeks”


*Blush* No no no. Your body is a temple. You shouldn’t show it all that easily to those thirsty men. Besides, I doubt that they are virgins.


Diana: So, you mean a temple needs to be concealed away?






Diana: Pssh. You see the guy in the stall behind me? I bet he’s checking every inches of my backside now. I know he want me. He wants to rub this smooth body, squeeze these watermelons, and pinch these pink silky pubes. Maybe he also wants a taste of my nectar hmm?


*I think one of my veins just popped* THE HELL ARE YOU TELLING ME ALL OF THIS?


Diana: Because it’s fun to tease you, cutiepie. Hehe


Merchant: Why are they still here blocking my stall? Shouldn’t they buy anything already? Damn these tourists. The nudist girl is obviously trying to hit on me. Oh Fabio, today is one of those days that I just want to be home with you…


At Colonia public library...




Diana: Hey hey hey ! This book lists all the tourist attractions in Azura’s Watch. You might need to take some notes.


Diana, it’s late. We spent too much time at the town square. You don’t want to walk back to the hotel late at night. Especially with your current attire.


Diana: Don’t worry, silly moose. I can handle myself. Starsha never told you I practiced Alteration for 10 years at the College of Winterhold no?


Never heard of it


Diana: Now you do, in fact, people there got really fond of me.


Yeah, I wonder why…




Diana: Hmm, this book said the island North West of here (It’s the slave market) is off-limit. Why is that?...


2 hours and 10 books later…




Diana: Umm, asenasen?




Diana: C-Can we take a left here to walk back to the hotel?


But, it’s going to take longer.


Diana: I-I saw a shadow lurking ahead. Not that I-I’m afraid. I just don’t want to get into trouble in a faraway land. yeah t-that’s it.


*Sigh* Fine…


“Wait a minute, this trip was intended for Starsha and her, right? Knowing Starsha, she would book a double room to save money. Which means…which means…I WILL SLEEP WITH DIANA TONIGHT…Oh my ! Oh my ! Oh my! Hold still, my heart!”


Diana: Your face is red. Are you ok?


Nah, it’s just so hot tonight…heheheh so hot…




Wait what? Two single room? Are you sure?


Diana: Yes, Starsha told me before hand. She said she is a loud sleeper, so she doesn’t want to bother me.




Somewhere in Markath...




Starsha: Hmm, I sense a disturbance in the air…


The next day...At Hotel Pool




Huff, Diana. I have looked all around for you!


Diana: Oh sorry, I just went for a morning bath. You know skinny-dipping…No clothes, just my bare skin and the cold refreshing water…


*Blush* No need to get that detailed…So, what is today’s schedule?


Diana: We will visit the Diamond Beach before exploring the East plantation.


Sounds fun!


At Diamond Beach...




Diana: Oi, let’s jump in, asenasen !


No I’m good. I don’t know how to swim


Diana: No worries. I will teach you *grab hands*


W-Wait ! *Splash*


50 failed attempts later…


Diana: See? Swimming isn’t that hard eh?


Man, I can’t feel my arms no more.


Diana: hehehe






Diana: Eh?


Tell me why you chose to follow the exhibitionist lifestyle?


Diana: Well, it’s in fact very simple. We mage students don’t have many friends. The townfolks of Winterhold fear us, and, inside the college, people just tend to their own research of magic. Combining that with the feeling of elitist when you can bend elements at will, the way of life of mage students are pretty out of the social nors. For me, I know I’m young and sexy, so why don’t I just embrace it when it lasts rather than conceal it? People all love a naked healthy body right? Why can’t I show that off and lighten up their day? Even when they have ill intentions, I still have my magic to protect me…


“God, she’s just too cute! Absolutely the opposite of Starsha”


Diana: Ok, let’s go to the plantation !


Wait for me !


At the East Plantation…




Diana: Look at all these plants, I wonder what they are.


I think it’s a type of Elaeis (or oil palm). After all, Azura’s Watch is also known for its export of vegetable oil.


Diana: So the time we spent at the library wasn’t wasteful huh?




Diana: We can get in right?


I don’t think we ca…Wait! What are you doing?


Diana: I’m climbing in. Hurry, hold my butt


Wait wait wait *Nosebleed inbound*


After 10 minute and around 2 litres of blood later…




Diana: Ahah ! It’s so comfortable in here.


Err…yeah…my nose is still bleeding


Diana: Stop whining and start exploring, boyaaa!




Diana: Hey, look! An outdoor pool ! The previous owners must be pretty well off


I don’t think this place is sold yet, Diana.


Diana: Geez, you are no fun. Then explain why it's open to tourists.




Diana: Heh, the back door is not locked


Diana, I don’t think we should be in here…


Diana: What do you mean, this place is open for tourists right? It’s listed in the hotspots book.




Diana: Woaaa, look at this place, it’s like they restock it everyweek


“Probably because they do”




Owner: Hey. WHO ARE YOU??? WHY ARE YOU IN MY HOUSE? Wait, you are naked!


Diana: T-The owner? Wait isn’t this place open for tourist?


Owner: WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? You didn’t see the “Private Property” sign at the entrance? I’m going to call the guard.


Diana: W-We really didn’t see it, sir. Please, we don’t want to get into trouble in this land. Is there anything we can do to pay you back?


Owner: Hmm there is a thing you can do…How about you put that body of yours to “work”




Diana: Sir, you don’t really mean “it”. Do you?


Owner: I do. I really do. Hehehehe. C’mon, you think I don’t know your kind? You went in here in your birthday suit. Probably wanting a place to have sex with that pathetic guy over there. You obviously want “it.” C’mon, come here to daddy. Let me have a taste of those juicy tits, and bury my cock in your honey pot. Not only will I forgive you, I will give you much more than that guy can earn in two lifetimes.


*Walk out from the shade* Hey, that’s my girlfriend you are talking to. Show some respect !


Owner: Shut your yap, boy. Want me to call the guards to arrest both of you? I know they are pretty strict on thievery.


Then call them ! Let them come, so I can show you all the slaved Argonian and Khajiit you force to work on the field !


Owner: W-What are you talking about? There is no force labor here. That’s an unfounded accusation !


Then how do you explain about the shackles and those tiny huts to the side of your plantation? Just to let you know, Imperial regulation L77 forbid the use of forced labour of any race except for war prisoners. I’m sure we can ask those “workers” of yours and verify if they are prisoners of war.


Owner: F-Fine Fine! Get the fuck out of my property and never come back!


*Wink to Diana* Yes, the time we spent at the library REALLY wasn’t wasteful.


Much later, at the bar...




“Well, this girl is really carefree. Just a couple hours after the incident, she’s here drinking and dancing.”


Diana: C’mon guys, work that body. if you want to be secy like me, you have to learn to dance like me !


“Heh, how can one not love her?”


Diana: asenasen, you have some time?


Umm, yes


Diana: Let’s walk the beach together when there is still light




At a secluded area on the beach


So, Diana, why do we go this far? You must be tired, we should go back to the hotel to rest now.


Diana: Quiet, cutiepie! Close your eyes.


Umm why?


Diana: Just do what I said


*Close eyes*


Diana: Done, you can open your eyes now.




Woa Woa Woa, Diana I appreciate your feelings for me, but I don’t think we have got that far-r


Diana: What are you talking about? *Hands over something*


Y-Your pasties?


Diana: Those and this sight. Burned it to your brain. This is my gift for saving me earlier. You were so cool. And oh, don’t worry I still have 5 more, remember?


Umm I-I just did what was right..hehe? “Holy cow! Thank you, Starsha! For not going, I was wrong about you! When I come back I will definitely gift you that Lotus Gold Earrings you want too much”


Diana: Ok, that’s it. I’m going back to the hotel. Goodnight


Ah umm Ok…Wait What? Like that? Hey Wait !!!


End of episode 1




Poster's note




Yeah, it has been a long time since I posted a story here. This time I will try to do a conclusion episole for you guys.

Also, since English is my 2nd language, please forgive me for any grammatical error you find (or help me fix them).

I also would like to request stories from your character because it's a nice way to establish a character (or waifu in my case) 's personalities and traits,

and it is more fun than just pictures. Thanks for reading.

To blazingsai: Get on my level ! J/k dude. I took the pictures before constructing a story from them, so some shots are not "there" yet. You are still the master of setting up pictures for story. I'm tying to get on your level :P





Source: Show your Skyrim counterpart...


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