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Maer 05 - Getting the Hang of It

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"Slave, get over here."


It takes Maer a few seconds before she realizes her friend... her Master... is talking to her.


"First, undress. You will be naked today."


"Can I... can I keep my boots on?"


He slaps her across the face. "You will address me as Master. I will only tell you once."


"Yes... Master. Can I keep my boots on? I can't walk as fast on the rocky ground..." she hesitates before adding a second "...Master" just to be sure.


"Don't ask stupid questions. I didn't say 'undress, but keep on your boots' did I?"


She shakes her head, whispering "no, Master" as she undresses. He gives her a small smile, looking at her naked body "you'll get the hang of this, don't worry."


"Now, get me some ale."


"But we don't have..." she starts, but trails off when his eyes narrow. "Yes Master," she continues.


Fuck. Where will she get Ale? She checks the Khajit merchants who've been watching the whole scene, purring amongst themselves. They have none. Lydia and Leona? They are amused (Maer reminds them she's a slut, of course), but have no ale either. "I just drank my last one," says Leona, "maybe you should run back to Markath, it's not that far."


She can't think of any other solution, so Maer runs as best she can in her bare feet over sharp rocks and muddy ground to Markath. The pain in her feet overshadows the people pointing and laughing as she jiggles by in her brand new iron collar.


Maer makes it back in time. "Good girl," he says as he strokes her cheek. "Now let's go."


Over the course of the day he instructs her to a do number of things designed to test her obedience. Some of the things are amusing for the others to watch, some are humiliating, and some are kind of disgusting. Each time, Maer does what she's told.




They're clearing some Foresworn out of a mine. Maer is sent forward to scout. Her backpack is full of money. If you recall, she asked her Master for a bit of gold to pay the Khajit trainer. He gave her thousands and thousands of coins to hold, so now she's lugging them around in a backpack for the rest of the day. Sometimes you get what you ask for.




"Look at her go," says Lydia with a chuckle as Maer creeps forward. "I wonder if she feels the piercing on her snatch jiggle when she crawls," says Leona. Maer does in fact feel her piercings. Sometime the feelings fade into the background. At other times - like right now when they're talking about them - she has to concentrate not to let herself get distracted by the way the tuck and rub as she moves.




They clear out the Foresworn with little trouble. Maer tries her best, but she can't move too fast on her bare feet. She dares not get too close to use her iron sword or her frostbite spell, and her aim with the missiles from her Falmer staff isn't too good either. Even when she does hit a target, it does little compared to the damage that Lydia and Leona inflict. At least she doesn't take any serious wounds.


The others don't comment either way and Maer is getting a little discouraged. But then maybe a slave is beneath notice.




Maer tries to avoid Leona when she can. She especially doesn't want to be alone with her, since the warrior seems to hold back a bit around Lydia and Maer's Master. Sometimes, however, it's just the two of them even if just for a few minutes.


"You little cunt. You cost me a lot of money, do you know that?" Maer avoids Leona's gaze, hoping to avoid escalating the situation. "No," she whispers, "I didn't know. I'm sorry."


Leona rolls her eyes. "Don't worry you little whore. I'll find a way to make you pay me back." Maer nods, her voice barely audible "okay."


Sometimes Maer likes to imagine her and Leona switching places, with Leona bound and humiliated by her Master and Lydia, and by Maer wearing Lydia's clothes. But somehow as the fantasy progresses (especially if she is stimulating herself) the faces switch and it's Maer who is tied up and writhing, just like in real life.




By the time they've cleared out the mine, it's getting late. As they head for the door, Maer asks her Master if he'll allow her to wear clothes when she sleeps. Last time she slept naked while camping she got freezing cold, even with a roaring campfire. Her Master is non-committal, so after a little while she asks him again. She shouldn't have done that. He straps a wooden bit in her mouth to shut her up.


"That doesn't look very comfortable," says Lydia as she grabs the bit and forces Maer to kneel and stand up a couple of times. "But it suits you."


Maer hopes she only has to wear it for a little while. It makes the work of setting up camp much slower, as that normally involves asking for some instructions. In the end she makes do. At least they're camping inside the mine, so hopefully she'll be warm enough.




Once Maer has fed everyone, she's passed around for fucking. Each of them takes a turn and none of them are gentle, even Lydia. Maer moans involuntarily and her legs begin to quiver as she approaches yet another orgasm. "Leona is rough because she despise you," says Lydia" I'm rough with you because I know you love it." She's right, Maer enjoys the pain and the helplessness. Lydia leaves Maer sprawled on the table, her legs still wide. She caresses Maer and whispers "you know you can end this and walk away any time you want, right? But you won't, because this is what you crave. This is who you are."


Maer's Master beckons her over. Exhausted, sore and achy though she is, she offers him her body again without complaint.




In spite of feeling light-headed Maer tries to attend to her studies. She's working on a spell called "Pale Shadow" which she hopes will allow her to finally do something useful in a fight. She doesn't get very far, and after a few hours she gives up and goes to bed.




The next morning Maer's Master spends some time inspecting Maer. He places her on her knees, wrists and ankles bound in the now familiar position. First he check her collar. It's on tight. Next he checks the arm and leg cuffs. He gives them a quick tuck, and one after the other they come off. He gives her a look.


"I see you manipulated the locks when you put these on."

She did do that, but all she can say is "Mmmphh! Mhh!"


"Very clever, but you're a slave now." *Click* *click* *click* *click*. He reattaches the cuffs, locking them properly this time. She won't be able to remove them without the key.


"What about these," he says reaching for her nipples. He tugs at the rings this way and that.


"Eeeghlhm! Thyeffthlllgg! Gnh!!!"


"Hmm, they seems to be on okay." With a sudden twisting motion he jerks one of the rings. It doesn't come out.


"GGGGNNNGGGHH!" Her eyes are watering now.


"Yeah they're locked alright. What about...." Gently he slides his hands down her sides, barely touching her skin. Maer shivers. Without warning he flicks the pendant attached to her clitoral hood, hard.


"EEEEEEE! Gngmf!" It's all she can do to not fall down, even though she's already on her knees.


"Oh you like that," he grins. He makes as if to flick it again and Maer starts panicking "Gnghnh! Pfshhh dngghh! Pfshhh!" To her relief, instead of flicking he starts fiddling with it. She can feel herself lubricating as his fingertips poke and prod.


"Ah, it's not locked either."


"Mmmmmhh." Maer starts moaning softly as he continues to handle her vagina. Is it deliberate? Because she's getting revved up.


*Click*. The piercing is locked in place. He looks at her juices on his hands, then wipes them across her chest.


"Time for you to pack up camp. We're moving out."




Outside the early morning is cold and foggy. Mercifully, her Master lets her wear her fur cloak but Maer is still barefoot and naked (and her jaw is sore).  It's going to be a cold day.




[Previous chapters of the story can be found here]




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