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Things behind and ahead of us



My Prince was angry at me seeing me editing my Croatian diary for LL a month ago. He said he also miss LL and he wouldn’t mind me doing it if we have time, but since I was delaying my work in order to post on LL, other people also had to delay their work for they were waiting for me. Yes, he was angry with reason.  But, my deep kisses and cuddly speaking calmed him very quickly. His only comment was: “You are one beautiful crazy manipulative witch.” LOL. But I had to promise to him that I will not post any diary until I don’t have any other obligations. So many things happened within two weeks and I put in this diary some things I didn’t mention earlier. Here we go.

I learned my lesson. I apologized to Zdenka, my Ivy and my Prince for my improper and bad behaving. I also had to be very discipline. If I broke Ivy's rules, she would take our daughter and move to her mother and I will be forbidden to see her. I couldn't „afford“ breaking the rules. Was it easy? Not at all. Since I used to react on Precious' every sound, especially if she cried, I had to stay in the bed now or be still and let my luvs take care of her. Many times I sank my face into my pillow or in my palms and I cried for I desperately wanted to be with her. My luvs let me spend some time with her when they were home. I can’t describe you the feeling when she smiles at me while she looks at me with her beautiful blue eyes and coos holding my finger in her hand. When I was at the work, I watched our children over web cams. I missed them very much and I cried many times in the office. My Fran comforted me every time. My parents or Zdenka were with them while we were working. That period also helped me to restore my relationship with my son. He became very important person in my life again. When I come home after the work, Mikey joyfully runs to me now and he is shouting “Mamaaaa! Moja mamaaaa!” Wrapping his hands around my neck he enjoy in my shower of kisses all over his face. Then we both laugh. Yes, my Ivy’s disciplinary measurement was hard, but it was helpful. She let me be Precious’ mother again when I was “cured” from being obsessed with her.

The three of us are still sex addicts, perverted and we fuck every day. I dare to say even more than before (not in the front of our children, of course) and my Prince adores our slim, sporty, small tits, long legs bodies and tiny asses. He is horny as stallion. My Ivy and I love his handsome, covered in scares and hard as rock muscular hairless body. We enjoy in MFF sex a lot. Since my Ivy and I are very loud during the sex, especially orgasm, my Prince’s neck, chest and shoulders are full of our biting marks and our fingernail long strips from scratching. There is only one new thing: Besides having MF sex with my Prince, my Ivy and I fuck more often. She is very hot and she makes me very wet. She feels the same for me. She is very warmed up for group sex, but thanks to Corona virus, as my Prince likes to say, she has none. Therefore, she and I use our toys.  



Here is some more news about Hotel.

We opened the business again. Since our capacities were only 60% full in July, we returned many workers on their jobs. We couldn’t return them all for we weren’t fully booked. We had to close some activities and departments. Antonio was very kind to us. He told us if our Hotel business fails, my Prince and Ivy can always work for him as pro bodyguards and have very high salaries. If that happens, my Fran and I will go back to villa business. By the way, Zdenka is doing much better job in renting villa than we do in the Hotel. Everyone work hard and overtime. Everyone does jobs that weren’t listed in our job description. Whenever they could, my luvs visited me in the office just to kiss me and tell me they love me bringing me some small gift. Sometimes they brought a small gift for my Fran too. I adore them.

Silvano is my bodyguard again and he is always with me unless he watches our parents in the walk with our children. He is a family too. He eats with us, train with us and playing with Mikey. Unfortunately, we lost Vinko who resigned on his job as manager assistant. His wife forced him to resign for she wanted him to be with her and help his and her family. What she meant by “help” is unknown to us and even to Vinko who couldn’t tell us. Nenad, the Hotel band leader resigned from E.b. but he stayed in the Hotel band. Guy 2 is in Spain. So, our e.b consists of 5 members now: My Prince, my Ivy, my Fran, Lidija and me – the Prince family. LOL. My Fran learned a lot about hotel management and gained some experience. He is very useful and helpful my first assistant. My Prince participated on hotel manager’s meeting in hotel managers association and he told us that everyone is very afraid about the hotel industry in the future. Unlike us, all of them fired most of their workers to save the money. If Corona crises continue in autumn and winter season, I’m afraid we have to fire some number of workers too. We kept them on minimal wage for 5 months although they didn’t work. The good news is that the government will give them social checks for 6 months after they get fired. We will also reduce our wages again if necessary. We want to play fair.

About our family and social life.

Three of us jog down and up of our hill, swim in the sea and exercise every morning and evening, plus my luvs practicing martial arts twice a day. Silvano is coming on martial arts training with my Prince and Ivy. They practicing a lot “2 against 1” defense. Silvano is very good, but he is not a match to my Prince who is very “equipped” with muscles, power, speed and strength and who increased the hardness and intensity of his trainings. He likes to use his elbows, knees and high kicks in close combat. But, Silvano is better and faster than my Ivy, which is normal for she wasn’t practicing for last few months before baby delivery. Anyhow, she is back to the “game”, she loves it and she is veeery good. She has very hot, attractive, slim and developed muscular body and her legs are perfect on square. LOL. Her motivation and inspiration is my Prince whom she loves with all her being. One day before martial arts training she wrapped her hands around his neck and kissing his face all over she said:

- Honey, will you let me fight men?

Prince: NO!

Ivy: Why not? I’m very skilled in martial arts, I’m fast and strong. Besides, most of street bullies and jerks don’t know martial arts ……. Pleaaaseeee, let me fight.

Prince: NO! I love you too much to see you hurt. Use your gun.

(Short silence)

Ivy: The gun is for extreme situations. I see no purpose in practicing martial arts if I would be limited to my gun …… Please, honey, let me fight Silvano and prove myself to you. Say, if I knock him down twice in one fight, will you let me fight men?

Prince: No, honey! And please, stop asking me!

My Ivy didn’t give up. She was kissing his face, was all over him cuddly begging: “Please, please, please, please…….” When our looks met I gave him head sign to let her fight Silvano. He deeply sighed and said: “OK, you crazy annoying witch! You will have your chance. But if you lose, I won’t let you fight men until you defeat me. OK?

My Ivy “Yayd”, deep kissed him and said: OK!

Not wanting my Ivy to fight men, my Prince took Silvano at side and I heard him saying to him:

- Listen, my friend, use every dirty trick to defeat her. Don’t hold up but don’t hurt her too seriously. Just make her feel the pain. OK?

Silvano: OK, boss.

Both of them put on protection equipment and started to fight. My Ivy did her best but Silvano managed to avoid her kicks and hits or to block them or her punches and kicks weren’t strong enough to knock him down. He punched her hard few times wanting to discourage her. She moaned in pain but she didn’t give up. I felt sorry for her for I knew how much she wanted to fight by my Prince. In one moment I improvised and shouted: “Ivy, imagine that your husband is wounded and this son of a bitch will hurt him badly if you don’t defeat him!”

Those words were magical to her. She went mad and attacked him so fast and so strong that Silvano ended on the floor twice. She approached to my Prince and kissing him loudly she said: “I love you god damn so much my damn bastard! I’ll die for you!” My Prince is a man of his word and he let her fight by his side. Not, only that, he promoted her to chief of security. So she is his personal body guard, assistant and chief of security. You should see my Ivy; nobody was happier than her. She fucked him good under the shower and since that fight she practice martial arts as fanatic, she is inseparable from him and there is no better bodyguard for him, but his wife who loves him and would die for him. Here is something funny. Since my Ivy can’t control her pleasurable moaning and screams during wild sex, she is very loud. My Prince was loud too but not so much as her. Mikey heard them. He came to me, sat in my lap and being worried for his mama and daddy he said:

- Mama, sasto mama i tata plasu? (Mikey can’t pronounce certain letters and he uses substitutes but we can understand him. Translation: Mama, why mama and daddy are crying?)

Me (kissing his cheek): Noooo, my love.  Mama and daddy aren’t crying. They are making each other happy and that’s why they are making those sounds. When you grow older, I will explain to you.

Mikey kissed me and coming down from my lap he said: Doblo. (Dobro = All right)

I looked at him with a great love as he ran to his room to play. Mikey (almost 16 months old) loves his sister (5,5 months old) very much. He gives her kisses and he is gentle toward her when he cuddles her head or face. She always smiles and coos loudly at him. She loves him too. He understands Italian a lot. I dare to say almost the same as Croatian since everyone speak in Italian to him, except his dad. When he sees that his sister is in our focus, he stands near us, lift his hands in the air and say: “JA! Ja!” (“Me! Me!” His act and words means: somebody  take ME). Everyone laughs but my Prince. He doesn’t like when Mikey do it. Mikey protests, but after one sharp “Mikey!”, he comes to me or to my Ivy and he makes dissatisfied face. Yes, he is still learning that first born doesn’t mean to be the first in everything and that his sister has full right to be in the focus of our attention too. LOL. When he reached age of one year we stopped celebrating his “little birthdays”, every month. Now we are doing it to Precious. It passed some time until she got used on Antonio who adores her as his own daughter. As soon he took her into his arms, she cried very loudly. She stopped crying when Mikey or Ivy sat in his lap. She is not crying anymore and she loves when he kisses her fingers and hands. Antonio always brings some gifts to the children. We asked him to stop it for he will spoil them. He likes when Mikey runs toward him and checking his hands and pockets to find his gift. When he finds it, he kisses him on the cheek, says “ala” which means “hvala=Thanks”.  He opposed smilingly saying: “I’m not gifting your kids, scrooges, but Fran’s and my godchild!” Our children love when my Prince and Ivy play guitar and sing to them. They prefer Ivy’s voice. I’m still Precious’ favorite parent. Nobody is happier than me. But among all of us, she loves her brother the best. She doesn’t like to sleep on my Prince’s chest unlike her brother who still looooooves it very much.



My Prince still carries deep wound on his soul. He is often very quiet and he laughs very rarely. He expanded his “memory wall” in our house office. Beside the picture of his father, Uncle and Ivy’s father, he hung picture of his sister, his mother and mom Boss. I told him that he should wait with putting his mother’s picture on the memory wall for she can change her mind and admit him as her son. He said:

- Whatever she does now is too late. That woman is not my mother! My true mother died three weks ago. I have no mother anymore.

Then he kissed me and with tears in his eyes he went to the balcony and started to kick the kicking bag. He also had few incidents (fights) he solved in his style but I don’t want to bother you with details. He always finds the time for us and children no matter how busy or tired he is. If he is under a stress his best stress relief is still kicking the kick bag and wild sex with my Ivy and me.

Our family regularly meets at our house for morning coffee. Dad Boss used one morning to give us mom’s Boss jewelry, lady’s things and dresses. My Ivy and I let our moms to have it. He also talked to my Ivy and me about Prince’s suggestion for giving 70000 Euros to “our kid”.  We told him what we told my Prince and that he rejected it very angrily. So we said we don’t want to interfere in this matter. Dad Boss sighed and he said he’ll come up with solution that will satisfy all sides. When we gathered for family coffee next day dad Boss said to my Prince that he erased him completely from his will as he wanted, that he included “our kid” but his grandchildren, Mikey and Precious as well in the will. My Prince immediately looked at us with “Did you two have your fingers in this” look. Dad Boss noticed it and he said:

- Your wives have nothing to do with my decision, son. Don’t be angry at them.

He continued:

- I respect your will, my son, but I cannot leave my grandchildren without anything. Here is what I did: I divided your share on two parts: “Our kid” and his family will get 50 000 Euros and 20 000 Euros is split on Mikey and Precious. It will stay on their social account in the bank and nobody can touch it. After my death, my lawyer will contact “our kid” and give them the money. My grandchildren will have right on the money when they will be 18.

We all looked at my Prince who, on our surprise, didn’t react negatively. He stood up from his chair, hugged dad Boss and said:

- Thank you, dad. That was perfect. I love you.

Dad Boss relieved and thanked him for accepting new will. Walking to his chair my Prince kissed my Ivy and me whispering to our ears:

- I don’t know what you did witches, but I’m sure you did it.

My Ivy and I blasted in laughter. He was sooooo cute.

That’s all for now. Many hugs and kisses.


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It's good to see things are ok with you all. :) It seems Mikey talks more than Ellena... she understands us both english and spanish mostly but doesn't speak any words that make sense. And we speak clear to her with no gibberish... Maybe she'll learn soon because my mother helps her learn to speak more than my sister does. My sister is too focused on her new boyfriend and social life than her kids unfortunately. :/  Anyways You be Good Eva and listen to Ivy. ;):thumbsup:

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On 8/1/2020 at 6:30 PM, Jayomms said:

It's good to see things are ok with you all. :) It seems Mikey talks more than Ellena... she understands us both english and spanish mostly but doesn't speak any words that make sense. And we speak clear to her with no gibberish... Maybe she'll learn soon because my mother helps her learn to speak more than my sister does. My sister is too focused on her new boyfriend and social life than her kids unfortunately. :/  Anyways You be Good Eva and listen to Ivy. ;):thumbsup:

- I disapprove your sister's behaving although I do not judge her. :)  I never thought I would be dedicated mother to our kids. Believe me when I say that not a single moment my Ivy and I longed for parties or night life. Everything we need is right here, with our Prince.

- Don't worry about Elena's talk. It will come by the time.Children develops differently and Mikey is advanced child. Ahead of his generation. :)

- Thanks for support and advices. Yes, my Ivy taught me very good and important lesson. I love her very much.

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@dharvinia, @Tirloque, @Crw, @Resdayn, and others who posted comments on my entries recently.


- I apologize for not answering to your posts for I was very busy and had very limited time, but you have my word: once summer season is over, I will answer your posts, mails and socialize with you. Love you guys.

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2 hours ago, EvalovesEP said:

- I apologize for not answering to your posts for I was very busy and had very limited time, but you have my word: once summer season is over, I will answer your posts, mails and socialize with you. Love you guys.

To be honest, Eva, time is something which always escapes, and with two lovers and two children you probably have less regular moments to dedicate to your diaries. Forgive me if on my end I do not follow them very regularly either. :classic_smile:

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