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Episode 1: Origins



So begins the memoir of Lazo Nelfim, the Gourmet of Smut, the Talos of Titillation, the legendary pornographer of Tamriel!


My story begins on a tiny island by Raven Rock harbor, where I lived for many years as a lad, struggling to make a name for myself as a painter.


I painted landscapes, scenes of Raven Rock...


And the occasional self portrait.


I hoped one day I would make enough coin from my paintings to leave Solstheim and travel across Tamriel. But my work was not exactly known across Tamriel, or even beyond Raven Rock, or even within Raven Rock for that matter.
Although Councilor Morvayn did have one of my portaits hanging in his private chambers. He said he was quite fond of "how I captured the light".


Then one day I met 19-year-old Ramara, working as a barmaid at the Retching Netch. What a delicate beauty! As soon as she entered my gaze I knew I had to capture her. On canvas, of course.


She was so shy at first, reluctant to even look in my direction as I painted.


I showed the new works to my friend Geldis at the Retching Netch, and he gave me 20 septims for them, each! He hung one in a guest room...


... and the other behind his bed. He told me it was "the bloody fine shape of her arse" that he liked most about this one.


Ramara's beauty inspired me to be more bold in my self portaits! Such daring!


I became so bold as to paint a self portrait by the harbor, where Ramara spotted me!


Perhaps inspired by my new work, or stirred by other impulses, Ramara asked me if I would paint her again. She said she knew the perfect spot, and led me up to the top of the bulwark. I told her it was a splendid view, but I had already captured it numerous times. "Not like this," she said, and suddenly exposed her supple breasts to me!


My brush flew across the canvas in a flurry. As I captured her, she grew more bold with each portrait, emerging from her shell to reveal herself to me - an entirely different girl than the one I had met in the corner club.


I invited Ramara back to my tiny island for more portraits, and she enthusiastically agreed. There, I made a proposition: why don't we pose together? "Great idea," she said.I was about to add "in the nude," but she beat me right to it! Both of us disrobed, we posed for numerous alluring portraits.


With each one, Ramara grew increasingly - how shall I put it? "Enthusiastic?"
I, of course, maintained my elegant composure.


Then, all of a sudden, she turned to me and stared directly at my member. "What's wrong?" she demanded. "Do I not inspire you enough?"


"I'm afraid I don't grasp your meaning," I said, somewhat bewildered.
"Then let me grasp it for you," she replied.


My member grew hard from her touch. Posing together, her hand gripping my member, I wondered to myself, "an I paint this? Is such a thing even allowed?"


But my brush was already a-flurry, and Ramara clearly had no intentions of stopping...



With my cock in her mouth, I could feel myself about to cum, so I tried to hurry one last portrait. But I could not hold it in! My cum burst into her mouth. I tried to pull pack, but she held me in place. "Keep going," she instructed. She remained kneeling there as I painted, her tongue gently stroking my member as my cum dripped from her cheeks. 


As I later reviewed these new works, my head was reeling. Was this art? Or was it something more? And more importantly - would anyone pay gold for such obscene images? 


When I showed the paintings to Geldis, I discovered the answer appeared to be "yes." He immediately whipped out his hard cock, and as he was jacking off he tossed me a bag of coins! "Great work, son," he said. "Now get out!" 


I left his room and checked the bag: 600 gold! I immediately went to Ramara and told her what happened. We haggled a little over her cut - she demanded 30% at first; I felt 15 was fair, then she insisted on 25 or I would get no further help from her. So I counted out 150 septims, and our arrangement was settled.
"Well," she said, "I suppose now we're in business together."


Business indeed!


Continue to Episode 1, part two...









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Quite the original work on this one ! Liked the original painting touch on the story and images, with a convincing photoshop filtering on the first images. Yet the shots are indeed high quality, with good angles, posing, lighting and background compositions for most of them. It's also interesting to see you glorified the male body as well in some of them. And then the story evolves into somthing more narrative, with more humor and sensual feature, while still maintaining a good technical executions on the gifs. Will I also mention the immersive dunmer/Solstheim setting, and the impeccable writing style ? Great work, quit promising for a first ! :smiley:👌


Malicia : « That guy at the end, he looked like he like very much the lighting of the other paintings too, uh. :classic_happy: »

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Saph: Oh my. Wish someone could make act with me like that.


Deso: Only if creator of the blog is ok with it.


Nice work!

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Thanks for the feedback! I wasn't sure how the "painting a self portrait while getting a blowjob" conceit would hold up, but this is fantasy after all.

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I like this! Great idea and execution with the paintings!

Also her boobies are mesmerizing!! 😃


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On 7/22/2020 at 11:50 PM, nelfim said:

Thanks for the feedback! I wasn't sure how the "painting a self portrait while getting a blowjob" conceit would hold up, but this is fantasy after all.

Malicia : « You're very welcome, Mr Nelfim. 


But about the painting during pee-pee kissing, it didn't hold at all, no : that's why the painting is very white 1679834_26cumslut.thumb.jpg.41375d7c1629a016e6853cfc7b34f938.jpg<-  here.  :classic_sleepy: »

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