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Aithne’s story part 3 – First Lesson



When Aithne woke again, she felt a little like she had in the water – cocooned in comfortable heat. She was still laying on her side, but the fire was banked to a low glow. She couldn’t see the sky beyond, so she figured it must be the dead of a cloudy night. Which was fine – she didn’t want to move. She had never felt so comfortable. She sighed and snuggled back against the hard stone wall behind her.


The wall shifted with her and she froze as a giant green arm wrapped itself around her from the back. A massive green hand slid up her belly over her shirt and attached itself to her left breast. It gave a small squeeze and she heard a sigh and then a light snore behind her.


Aithne felt panic rise as she realized she was spooning with – or being spooned by – the Beast. She tried to move in increments, slowly easing her right arm outward, separating her body from his in tiny steps, rotating her shoulders down and away until she was on her back. Every time she heard the snore stop, she froze in place until it started up again.


She worked in methodical degrees until all that remained of their connection was his hand, still wrapped around her breast like a barnacle. She turned bit by bit onto her left side, until both breast and hand rested on the ground, then turned more, onto her stomach, leaving the hand to grope the stone. She paused a moment to take a quiet breath, then began to push herself up.


Her body protested with immediate alarm. Pain lanced through her chest and her arms and legs trembled at the slightest exertion. She bit her tongue to keep from crying out and forced herself to her feet, then shuffled away from the fire with as much stealth as she could manage.


Three steps later, her brain finally registered what her eyes had been trying to tell it – she couldn’t see the sky because there was a wall blocking the cave mouth. She touched it with one hesitant finger, then leaned forward to peer at it in the dark.

Heavy logs covered the mouth of the depression. When? How long had she been asleep? She shook her head, tossing aside the pointless speculation. She was awake now and, assuming Borkul wasn’t planning on huddling in this little makeshift house forever, there had to be a door. She shifted to the side, feeling along the wall until she found…


Light blossomed behind her, throwing her shadow in stark flickering relief against the rough hewn but snuggly-fitted door in the log wall that she could now see with clear detail.


“I was going to wait until you were in better shape before we started your training. I must say that I admire your tenacity. You are stronger than you look. That is good. Now come lay back down.”


Aithne cried out and lunged for the door. The latch was a simple slide and it didn’t take much time to move it and push the door outwards, but it was just enough time for him to reach her because, just as the glimmering light of the sun on the rocky beach met her eyes, his arm was around her waist. He yanked her back while his other hand closed and re-latched the door.


“First lesson, and this is the most important one, so listen close. You will obey me. Without hesitation, without thought. My word is the law to you.” He lifted her as easily as if she were a kitten and strode back to their place by the now-lit fire. She pushed with futile weakness against his arm. It was like pushing an iron beam. “No, not like the law. Laws can be broken. I should know. My word is like a god’s to you. I say it, you do it. Do you understand?”


He laid her, with surprising gentleness, back on her spot on the ground. As soon as he let go, she began to scramble back up. He sighed.


“I was also going to wait for this part, but I can see that you are going to fight this. In a way, that makes me happy – breaking someone is much more enjoyable than having them just give up. But I am a bit tired of living like a hobo. Still, at least this way I won’t get questions from nosy humans from your screams.”


Aithne whimpered as she limped toward the door again. The pain had increased and her limbs felt like the were filled with jelly, but fear pushed her forward.


Borkul grabbed one of the bags from the far wall and moved to stand in front of the door before she had even cleared the fire. He dropped the bag and it hit the floor with a loud clang, then he knelt and began rummaging through it. Aithne stopped in her tracks and shrank back until she was pressed against the cool stone wall of the cave.


“These are what I went back for, at the ship. I had already grabbed as many things of value that I could find. Then I saw you, which was a much more valuable prize. So I went back.” The orc pulled out iron chains and dumped them on the floor of the cave, then began to untangle and organize them. “Take off your clothes.”


Aithne gripped the cloth of her naval uniform with one hand and shook her head as she tried to will her body through the stone wall. The orc smiled, only this time it looked more like a predator’s snarl.


“I said, take off your clothes. This is the first and last time I will repeat an order.”


“Leave me alone!” Her back began to complain about the small nodules of stone that pressed into her skin, but they had nothing to do with the tears that sprang from her eyes.


“You know that is not going to happen. You know that this is inevitable. Five minutes from now, you are going to be naked except for these chains. Your hands and legs will be bound. This collar will be around your neck. The question is, how much pain do you want to be in at that point? You are already a slave, you just haven’t realized it yet.”


Aithne shook her head as her body began to quake. “No no no. I’m…”


She barely saw him move. One moment his was by the door, then there was a flash of green and his hands were on her. She screamed and beat on his massive arms and chest, she kicked and wriggled. She may as well have been fighting the mountain itself.

He yanked her off the wall, gripped the back of her shirt, tore it away with one easy motion, then grabbed the waistline of her trousers and yanked down. Aithne crossed her legs and squeezed them to try to forestall him, but all that did was cause the pants to scrape her skin as they flew off her body. He turned her and shoved her face up on the ground, pinning her flailing legs with one of his and gripping her neck with one hand while the other tore away the rest of her shirt, leaving her bare and exposed. She wrestled with the hand around her throat with both of hers. It was like trying to move a tree.


He stared into her eyes with a feral sneer as he grabbed her left breast and squeezed. She let out a gurgling scream, which was all she could manage with his hand choking the life out of her.


“See? You have no choice. You never will again. Better get used to it.” He lifted his leg off hers and stood, lifting her by throat and breast and holding her aloft like a prize. “Now, let’s get you dressed for the part.”


In three strides, they were back by the door. He slammed her face-up on the floor of the cave which sent a wave of pain through her body so sharp she couldn’t breathe, let alone scream. Borkul pinned her down with one leg again and she heard the clanking of metal by her ear. She sucked in a pained breath and put every ounce of her strength into flailing.


It didn’t matter. As he had said, it was inevitable. He grabbed one arm, ignoring the other fist that beat at his leg and sides. She felt cold metal wrap around her wrist, heard the click as it locked into place. Her other hand switched from hitting him to trying to avoid getting captured – she waved it around in every random direction, but he snagged it in one deft motion and dragged it with inexorable force. Cold metal, another click. He released her arm and pivoted to her feet.


With the weight of his leg on her thighs, She couldn’t do much to fight the manacling of her feet. She shifted as much as she was able but the metal bands clicked around her ankles one after another in quick succession. Borkul turned back and leered down at her.

“And now the finishing touch. My favorite part.”


Aithne cried out and flopped her body with renewed vigor as he held the iron collar in front of her as if showing off a prize. Then he reached forward and grabbed her hair and yanked her head up. She felt the cool metal against the skin of her throat, heard the soft click of the lock, and then he let go and smiled at her again.


“There, you see? Now for the pain.”


Again, she barely saw him move – one moment he was in front of her, a moment later, her face was pressed against the floor of the cave and her body pinned by his hand. She felt a slickness run over her exposed lips, felt slickened fingers slide inside her for a few second, and she cursed and screamed and twisted and writhed with all her ineffectual strength. A moment later, his cock slammed into her without care or regard.


Pain exploded through her body and she cried out. The brief half-hearted attempt at moistening her had done little, and in no other way was she prepared. Every grunting heave of his body felt like sandpaper ripping at her from the inside. He was far too long for her, to boot, and every thrust that pounded against her cervix felt like a hammer slamming a nail. She screamed with each slam and struggled with the instinct of a trapped animal, but his iron grip kept her locked in place. The pain consumed her world, left her no place to hide. It felt like a lifetime or more before his bestial roar filled the small cave and she felt his hot liquid splatter her insides.


And still he was not done. He yanked out just as abruptly as he had entered, but before she could drag in a haggard breath, he stood and grabbed her by the hair. She cried out once again as he dragged her toward the back of the cave. She tried to reach up to hold onto his hand, which was when she discovered that the chains that linked her hands together were also connected to the chains that linked her feet together. She could not reach above her head.


He tossed her against the wall, eliciting another flash of breath-taking pain from her chest, then knelt in front of her, holding yet another length of chain. He attached it with a small lock to the ring at the front of her collar and then stood. She looked up and watched him run the other end of the chain through a u-shaped bolt of metal he had somehow, at some point, embedded in the wall. Once the chain was through the ring, he yanked downward. Aithne yelped as the chain pulled her collar up, forcing her to scramble to her feet to keep up with it. A moment later, she was standing on tip-toes against the wall of the cave as he locked the chain to itself, keeping her from being able to move even a step.


“It’s simple, but effective, don’t you think? Now, I brought another gift for you.”


The orc stepped away and Aithne shifted, trying to find some slack in the chain and tried to ignore the sensation of his essence run down her thighs and dribble to the ground. She stilled when Borkul turned back around.


“Here we are. Not as effective or satisfying as a whip. I’ll have to buy one of those with the money you are going to earn for us. But this will do for now.”


He held up a long, thin stick. Aithne stared at it, unsure what he meant, until he suddenly reared back and hit her with it across her arm.


She screamed at the sudden fiery pain and stared in horror at the instant red welt that appeared on her arm. Borkul looked a little surprised himself.


“I might be wrong. That worked better than I thought. Let’s keep going, shall we?”


Aithne flinched as he lifted his arm again, but she had no way to dodge the second swipe, this one sending a hot streak across her thighs. She screamed again, clutching at it with her hands.


“Hm. I’m going to have to make some adjustments to this. The chains are getting in the way. Well, that will be for later. I guess we’ll start with the back.”


“No, please…”Aithne whimpered as he grabbed her and forcibly turned her until her front was pressed into the wall.


“Rule two is that you will not speak unless I give you permission. Even to beg, much as I enjoy that. Now.”


She braced herself but the slap across her ass stung just as bad as she had imagined, as did the dozens of others that followed. By the time they stopped, her entire backside, from neck to feet, felt like it was on fire. She sobbed into the cool stone of the cave wall. She heard metal clinking and the chain holding her up loosened. She collapsed to the floor, sobbing.


Borkul knelt in front of her. “Look at me.”


Aithne kept her head down as her body shuddered.


“I already told you that I won’t give you a second command.”


Aithne yelped as the switch cut into the tender flesh of her side. She kept her head down with stubborn recalcitrance and heard him sigh. “As you wish.”


He moved away, and then the chain yanked at her collar again. Aithne yelped as she was dragged by the throat back onto the wall, this time with such force and speed that she didn’t have time to get her feet under her. She panicked as the air was blocked from her lungs and flailed, though each movement brought renewed pain throughout her body. It was only after she had been hauled up and was able to get her feet beneath her that she was able to release the pressure. She took a long pained breath.


Then screamed again as two long fingers forced their way without ceremony into her swollen and sore vagina.


“I am not playing games, girl.” His fingers hooked inside her and yanked upward, lifting her body as she shrieked. “I can and will do whatever I want to your body.” His other hand grabbed her right nipple and twisted so hard she was afraid he would tear it off. She wouldn’t have thought she could scream louder than she already was, but it turned out she could. “I swear to you, you have not felt even the smallest bit of the amount of pain I can cause you. I will pull the teeth one by one from your mouth. I will drive a rod of hot iron up your ass. I will flay you until you have no skin left on your body. I have done all of things before, and much worse. You will not die but I swear to you, you will wish that you could. Now. Look at me.”


Aithne shuddered as fire fought with knives to see which was the dominant type of pain that covered her entire body. The orc pulled back and then shoved her into the wall of the cave, eliciting another scream as the stone dug into her welted flesh.

“Look. At. Me.”


Something broke. Or maybe it clicked. It was hard to say which. She would die if this continued. He could say he wanted her alive as much as he wanted, but she knew she would never survive the torments he had laid out. Some part of her wondered if that wouldn’t be for the best. What kind of life lay before her with this monster? Nothing but pain and humiliation and torture. Wouldn’t death be preferable?


But some deep instinct for survival at all costs kicked in. An instinct so strong that she could almost hear it speaking, though not in words of any kind of identifiable language. They weren’t words of comfort or even hope. All they seemed to say was no to death. No matter the cost, she had to survive. And, at this moment, in this time, there was only one way to ensure that would happen. Aithne took a deep, pained breath and lifted her head.


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I do agree with that. Quite the brutal lesson it seems, but well led from the beginning to the end (I particularly liked how what she felt like hard and warm material at first ended up being Borkul ^^). I'm curious to see where this will go.


Malicia : « This is not gonna end well, no. She's gonna catch a cold and die from pneumonia. It's gonna be a very sad story, uh. :classic_ph34r: »

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Are there more chapters planned? Chapter 3 could be considered a conclusion. Hoping for more...

Well Jfraser answered that question. Thanks for Chapter 4!


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