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Back to tracks



I had to write this diary so you would know what happened when we returned home. I will be very busy starting tomorrow and will not have a time to see you until the end of summer season.

Our family members, Antonio, my Fran, Lidija and Ivan welcomed us at the airport. Nobody wore a mask for it wasn't obligatory. We all cried a lot during hugs and kisses exchange. I couldn't stop hugging and kissing my mom and dad being extremely happy to see them alive. Everyone wanted to hold and kiss Precious for they haven't seen her in live. Antonio was very thrilled with her and when he took her into his arms she started to cry for she was afraid of him. She turned to me and stretched her hands toward me. I was very happy that she turned to me ,but I had to look at my Ivy to see how she will react. She smiled at me and whispered: „It si OK, Princess.“ I kissed Precious several times calmly saying: „Mommy is here, my love“ and she calmed very quickly. Antonio reminded my Prince about „welcome to the family“ supper in which he will officially declare Antonio as her godfather and welcome him into the family.  My Prince promised him that it will be very soon. Dad Boss, after hugging my Prince, put a car keys into his hand. My Prince thanked him and after short look at them he said:

- Dad, these are not our car keys.

Dad Boss smiled and said:

- Yes they are, son.

So we walked toward the parking place. We looked for our Audi or Opel, but we didn't see any of them. Then dad Boss hugged my Prince and walked him to a biiig black darkened windows monstrous Jeep. (Sorry, I can't tell you the name for it is a secret).  Then he said:

- Listen my son. Before you say anything, let me tell you that Mister „XXX“, Antonio and myself didn't buy this car for you, but for your wives and your children. We know how much you care about safety and this car is the best choice for your family. Now .... get into the car and take your family home. See you there.

My Prince was speechless. Zdenka wanted to take her granddaughter into her car but Precious wasn't willing to go with her for she was a stranger to her. And again, she stretched her arms toward me. I glowed. I took her into my arms and showered her with kisses. Mikey, of course, was with my Ivy all the time. My Prince helped us with luggage and children and he drove us home. He made my Ivy and me laugh hard after she cuddly said to him:

- Look, hooooneeeey. We could have .....

He interrupted her saying:

- No, Ivy. We will not have sex in this car. Even if there are no children in the car. (Guess what? We fucked him 2 times already in the car when our children weren't present. He is still easy prey and this car has much more space than Audi and it is very comfortable for 3 way sex. LOL.)  Also, Antonio told my Ivy in confidence that the car they both was a kind of thanks to my Prince for the sacrificial job he did for them in Spain. So, my Ivy and me will use this car when going to the town with our kids, and my Prince will use Audi for going to the work and on the field.



When we arrived home my Ivy and I blasted in laughter seeing Antonio's Guys and some other members of his agency in white aprons ready to serve us. They prepared all the meals, set the table and served beverages. There was a big banner across the living room that said: „Welcome home Prince, Eva, Ivy, Mikey and Precious.“  I was very happy we arrived home. After refreshing we sat at the table. Mikey wanted to be in the center of the focus so he moved from person to person getting their attention. My Prince discretely sneaked out on our beach and jumped into the sea. Very soon, his absence was noticed and somebody asked where is he. I told them that he went to our beach. When Antonio wanted to go to invite him back, my Ivy said:

- Please, everyone, do not disturb our husband. He wouldn't leave if he didn't need to. All of you know that he lost his sister recently. He is still in mourn. I would appreciate if you will let him be. Thank you.

Than she walked away from the table and joined him in the sea. We continued with our celebration. When my luvs returned, my Prince wasn't sad or tensed anymore. (Later on my Ivy told me that she helped him to relax. She fucked him good in the sea). He asked for everyone's attention. Than he held a short speech about Antonio, his connection with us, what he did for us and about his desire to be Precious' godfather. After asking my Ivy if she agrees, he asked me the same. We agreed and he agreed. Than he asked Antonio to pledge. Antonio was very happy. He took Precious into his arms. She cried but he held a short speech and he pledged. My Prince welcomed him into our family. Everyone congratulated him.  He didn't forgive his promise to my Ivy about 10mm gun, the same model he gave to my Prince. He gave it to her when everyone left, but my Fran. She was very thrilled and she showered his face with kisses.  When everyone is gone, our children slept, we had long and marvelous 3 way sex. I wish I have more time to tell you about it, but, hey, watch the porn, OK? ;)



When we arrived at the Hotel we had full hands of obligations and work. We returned some of the workers back to their position and had a strategic meeting about saving summer season. We are very busy. Seeing my Ivy teasing Lidija, my Fran teasing my Prince, my Prince solving internal problems, I knew we are back to tracks.


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HA hahaha! You crazy Eva :sweat_smile:  (I wish I have more time to tell you about it, but, hey, watch the porn, OK? ;):O Huh?! You crazy? :sweat_smile:

Anyways I was searching through my music playlist when I noticed one of the song names ''Precious'' on my list. ?:thumbsup: 




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Oh, congratulations on a new car! ^_^ Glad for you. Safety's first!

Cheers to Prince and Ivy ^_^

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