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SexLab Confabulation V1.7.3 Detailed Content List




This mod includes an MCM with options to configure certain settings in the mod. The MCM is currently divided into two pages, a settings page and troubleshooting page.


The Settings page contains:

  • Toggle to enable Dark Brotherhood Sex kills. (In case you missed the dialogue with Astrid.)
  • Menu option to select the type of sex kill. Backstab and slitting throat require a dagger or sword be equipped prior to sex to look right.
  • Slider to adjust the time delay after sex ends until the kill animation is played.
  • Option to enable/disable dremora in the Abandoned House after the quest is completed.
  • Slider to adjust forcegreet delay for the forcegreet used in the Goldenglow Estate quest.
  • Toggle to enable/disable whether Goldenglow Estate mercenaries do or do not ignore detection.
  • Toggle to enable/disable Thieves Guild CumDump Forcegreet(TG FG).
  • Slider to adjust TG FG time delay after sex.
  • Slider to adjust TG FG percentage chance to start next forcegreet.
  • Toggle to enable/disable Companions Forcegreet(CP FG).
  • Slider to adjust CP FG time delay after sex.
  • Slider to adjust CP FG percentage chance to start next forcegreet.

The Troubleshoot page contains:

  • Toggles to disable certain content based on whether it will lead to sex with males, females, or creatures. (Note: not all content may be covered by these settings.)
  • Toggle to enable Companion werewolf sex. (In case you missed the dialogue with Farkas at the end of Dustman Cairn.)
  • Toggle to enable Auto-Horse sex. (In case talking to the horse does not bring up the prompt or the player character rides the horse, despite activation being disabled.)
  • Option to reattempt filling the horse alias for the Whiterun horse. (In case dialogue at Whiterun stable is missing.)
  • Option to stop Thieves Guild Reparations scene. (In case the scene has randomly started outside of the Thieves Guild Ban quest.)
  • Toggle to enable debug notifications. (Currently only used to display text notifications to the player during the Thieves Guild and Companions forcegreets.)
  • *New* Option to attempt to fix Goldenglow Estate forcegreets if they stop working. 
  • *New* Toggle to disable player undressing in scenes.


Current Content



  • Request skooma from the three caravan leaders: Ri'saad, Ma'dran, and Ahkari.
  • You can offer sex in exchange for one bottle of skooma, if they have any in stock. You can ask every 5 in-game hours. (The hours are tied between all three merchants, so if you meet two of them within 5 hours, the dialogue option won't show.)
  • Request skooma and moon sugar from the skooma dealer encounter.
  • Offer sex in exchange for one bottle of skooma and one moon sugar, if they have both of those items in stock. You can ask every 5 in-game hours.
  • While carrying at least one moon sugar, talking to Atahbah can lead to you having sex with her. Repeatable after first time every 5 in-game hours.

Dark Brotherhood

  • Adds dialogue options to a majority of the Dark Brotherhood quest line. Can use sex to kill contracts after certain point in quest line.
  • Destroy the Dark Brotherhood
    • After killing Astrid, Fultheim and Alea will have a one time sex dialogue option when they are released. Vasha, when released, will rape a female player.
    • After killing all the members and receiving the reward from Commander Maro, you can request another type of reward from him.
  • Sanctuary
    • After talking to Nazir and getting the first three contracts, speak to Astrid. A new dialogue option to ask about special techniques will appear.
    • She will then have sex with the player. If the player is male, then a notification should show that tells the player they can now use sex to assassinate targets. If the player is female, they are sent to Arnbjorn who will have sex with the player. After that, a female player will also be able to use sex to kill targets. Not completing this part will prevent the player from using sex to kill contracts.
  • Mourning Never Comes
    • Nilsine and Alain can be killed by having sex with them. For Alain: kill off the other     bandits, when Alain first aggros on you, sheath your weapons and he can be talked to.
    • If you kill both Alain and Nilsine, Muiri will offer to have sex with you when she gives you the reward.
  • Whispers in the Dark
    • Ask Cicero if he wanted to be Listener. You can then offer to have sex with him to make him feel better.
  • Breaching Security
    • Pretend to have been sent by Commander Maro as a gift to the guard, and sneak the schedule away.
    • Offer to have sex with Gaius Maro when in any of the cities. The option will not appear when not in a city.
  • Recipe for Disaster
    • Both Anton and The Gourmet can be killed using sex.
  • Hail Sithis!
    • The Emperor will request one last sex. Sex with him won't kill him, since he doesn't fight back.
    • Offer to have a threesome with Amaund and Rexus, killing them both.
  • Where You Hang Your Enemy's Head
    • After purchasing all the options, ask for Delvin to give you some of the gold back, in exchange for sex.
    • You can have repeatable sex (1 hour cool down) with the members in the Dawnstar Sanctuary. Cicero (if alive) and Nazir will have sex with a male and female player, but will take the dominant role if the player is male. The two initiates can have sex with both a male and female player, and can either take sub or dom roles with a male player.
  • The Dark Brotherhood Forever
    • The player can talk to the radiant targets and offer to have sex with them. After sex, they will be killed.
  • Honor Thy Family
    • Before the Falkreath Sanctuary is destroyed, the player can have sex with 5 or more members and Nazir will request an additional blowjob to be let back in. Arnbjorn will transform to a werewolf before having sex with the player. The option to pay with gold still exists.
    • In the Dawnstar Sanctuary, Nazir will let you back in if you give him a blowjob. The option to pay with gold still exists.
    • Both versions require sex with male NPCs, and the Falkreath requires at least two female NPCs, if Cicero is around.


Thieves Guild

  • Recommend to use Sexlab Solutions, as this mod does not cover the parts that Solutions does.
  • New dialogue options with Delvin and Vex that are available once you officially become a member of the guild. Unlocks practically all the sex options that this mod offers for the Thieves Guild.
    • You can talk to either Delvin or Vex to unlock the sex options. Opens option to have "practice" sex with them. Having sex with both Delvin and Vex lets you also practice sex with Brynjolf and Mercer.
  • The Fishing Job
    • The Fishing Job can now be completed by having sex with the mark, provided you received training from Vex or Delvin.
  • Loud and Clear
    • New sex option for the Quest Loud and Clear. Talk to Vex about the Goldenglow Job, and she will suggest pretending to be a prostitute to infiltrate the estate. Accept to enable this, refuse and the quest proceeds as normal with no sex.
    • You can enter through the front, where you will be force greeted by the guard there. Other mercenaries will also force greet you as you move through the estate.
    • You can also sneak in normally, but if detected you will be force greeted by the mercenaries.
  • Dampened Spirits
    • In the large cave where Hamelyn and his skeevers are located, approach Hamelyn (don't kill the skeevers in this room, they are neutral to you) and he will force greet you.
    • Agreeing to his demands leads to sex with him and two skeevers.
    • You can have repeatable sex with him.
    • Talking to the skeevers in the room displays a popup message letting you select 2p, 3p, and 4p skeever sex animations.
    • Talk to Hamelyn about the nest and poison to progress the quest without him becoming hostile to you.
    • Hamelyn may make a later appearance with his skeevers in my own questline later on.
  • Silver Lining
    • Talk to Rhorlak upon entering Pinewatch.
    • New dialogue option to get information using sex.
  • Thieves Guild CumDump
    • Adds new status to the player. Talk to Vex about being the Guild's personal cumdump. Option available after Dampened Spirits is completed.
    • You can get this status before or after becoming Guild Master.
    • Unlocks sex dialogue with most members and associates of the Guild. Associates have dialogue once they are properly a part of the Guild, i.e. their special quests are completed.
    • Most members and associates have unique one time dialogue when first asked for sex.
    • Add Threesome and Foursome dialogue to sex options.
    • CumDump Forcegreet
      • Disabled by default, can be toggled on in the MCM after obtaining CumDump status in the Guild.
      • You will be forcegreeted by Theives Guild members and associates while in the Ragged Flagon and the Guild headquarters.
      • Dialogue for when you are a member and the Guildmaster.
      • Timing and frequency adjustable in the MCM.
      • Forcegreet will not work during Reparations, Leadership, and The Pursuit quests.
    • *New* Upon becoming the Guild CumDump, you can talk to Maven and she will have jobs for you to do for her.
      • 5 Jobs currently implemented. Spoilers below (I recommend playing through them without reading below)
        • Spoiler
          1. "A Simple Task" - Maven sends you to Verner in Darkwater Crossing to retrieve a shipment order.
          2. "The Brigands" - Maven sends you to recover an enchanted necklace being held by bandits who were under her employ.
          3. "The Best Stallion" - Maven sends you to pick out a new breeding horse for her collection.
          4. "Bonding in Prison" - Maven sends you to entertain her son in jail.
          5. "The Artifact" - Maven sends you to recover an artifact her informants let her know about.

          Even more details:

          1. "A Simple Task"
            • Recover the shipment order from Verner. You can do this through dialogue or pickpocketing the order off him.
          2. "The Brigands"
            • Recover the necklace from the bandits. You can do this through dialogue, pickpocketing, or killing all of them.
            • Two stages to the sex part. First part requires you to have sex with each bandit. Second part is a series of gangbangs.
            • If you start the brawl and win, no gangbang scene plays and they hand over the necklace. If you lose the gangbang scene plays, but with aggressive animations instead.
          3. "The Best Stallion"
            • Travel to Windhelm Stables and have 3p sex with the two horses there. Then have sex with each horse individually.
          4. "Bonding in Prison"
            • Go to the Riften jails and talk to the guard in front of Sibbi's cell. A scene will play between you and Sibbi having lots of sex.
            • Talk to the guard to get let out, with an option to have sex with the guard as well.
            • After turning the quest in to Maven, you can talk to the Riften prison guards to let back into Sibbi's cell where you can have sex with him.
          5. "The Artifact"
            • A mid-size quest involving several locations.
            • First part sends you to Belethor in Whiterun. Talk to him to learn about the journal. Steal it off him, or use dialogue options including a sex option to get it off him.
            • Return to Maven, talk to Brynjolf, and then visit either Calcelmo or Enthir. There are slightly different dialogues/outcomes depending on who you visit and what stages of certain other quests you have completed.
            • Enthir:
              • Visit Enthir requires you to have some way into the College, either being a member, sneaking in, or using some other mod to get inside.
              • If you talk to him before "Hard Answers", the Thieves Guild quest after "Speaking with Silence", there will be an opportunity to use dialogue options or sex to get more information from him.
              • Talking to him after "Hard Answers" just leads to him directing you to Calcelmo.
            • Calcelmo:
              • Talking to Calcelmo will lead to either dialogue options or sex to get information out of him.
            • After getting information from Enthir/Calcelmo, you will either be directed to locate Septimus Sigmus, or if he is already dead then to head to Blackreach. The quest takes a pause here if you do not already have a way into Blackreach, as you will need to do Septimus' quest in order to get down there.
            • Once you enter Blackreach, the quest will update and point you in the right direction again.
            • Upon getting close to the War Quarters in Blackreach (be careful there are lots of Falmer spawned here and aggroing them will sort of spoil the next parts) you are prompted to talk to the Adventurer.
            • He will ask you to locate a Lexicon for him. He will also offer you a Potent Falmer Aphrodisiac that will cause Falmer to have sex with you and kill them. You can also just sneak past the Falmer or attack them instead.
            • You can also bypass all of this and just pickpocket the artifact off the Adventurer and return to Maven.
            • Returning the Lexicon to the adventurer will open the option to have sex with him to hand over the artifact.



  • Reparations
    • If the player has CumDump status in the Guild: unlocks a new scene involving Vex and several of the Guild members.
    • Available if the player is a member or the Guild Master.
    • Lots of sex. Requires 3p and 4p animations.
  • Under New Management
    • If the player has CumDump status in the Guild prior to being Guild Master, unlocks new scene during the ceremony.
    • Involves lots of sex. Requires 3p, 4p, and 5p animations. A FFF animation is also recommended.

Companions (As a member)

  • Take Up Arms
    • After completing the initial trial and receiving your first job, The whelps will have new dialogue options available to choose from.
    • Ria can be asked to go on a hunt, in bed. (20hr cooldown)
    • Njada and Athis can be asked for a brawl. They will suggest a bet be made: if you win you get to choose the reward from them, if you lose they get to pick the reward from you. (20hr cooldown)
    • Torvar can be offered up a drink, and he will suggest you take a drink of his own. Afterwards he can be proposed to have sex once a day. (20hr cooldown)
  • Proving Honor
    • At the end of Proving Honor, talk to Farkas while still in the crypt and before returning to Jorrvaskar. This will lead to werewolf sex, and enables all the following werewolf portions of this part of the mod.
    • Once you are back at Jorrvaskr and have become a companion, you can ask Farkas to have werewolf sex with you.
    • After having sex with Farkas at least 4 (Including the first time in the crypt) times a new option will appear to get Vilkas involved.
      • Vilkas can then be asked for werewolf sex either by himself or together with Farkas.
    • Ria will have a new dialogue option after Proving Honor, to go on a proper, or maybe not so proper, hunt. Includes dialogue options to avoid player beastiality.
    • After going with Ria on the hunt, talking to her again will lead to the player, Ria, and Njada revisiting the scene.
      • This dialogue is available when talking to Ria while inside Jorrvaskr after the first event.
      • Afterwards, talking to Ria or Njada when they are nearby the "hunt" will show a new repeatable dialogue option.
  • Silver Hand
    • After the Silver Hand quest, talk to Aela to trigger her part. Two days later, talking to Aela again and she will invite you to have sex with her.
      • You can now have repeatable sex with Aela once a day. (20hr cooldown)
      • Two days after first having sex with Aela, you can come across Aela having sex with a wolf in her room.
      • For this to trigger Aela must be in the Jorrvaskr basement and it must enter between the hours of 1:00am - 7:00am. A quest objective and noticeable noise should prompt you that the encounter is occurring.
      • Aela will confont the player (make sure you enter her room and pass through her door). There are options for male and female players here, as well as an option to avoid player beastiality.
      • After this first encounter, the player can activate the wolf to have repeatable sex with it.
      • You can ask Aela to have sex with you and the wolf again if she is nearby the wolf.
      • Between the hours of 1:00am - 7:00am, once per night after the first night, Aela can be found having sex with the wolf in her room.
    • After having werewolf sex with Farkas and Vilkas (either individually or together) 6 times, you can ask Farkas to get Aela involved. This will lead to FFC werewolf sex. Recommend Anubis pack for this to play correctly.
      • Afterwards you can talk to Aela to ask for FFC werewolf sex with Farkas again.
      • Added option to have FFC werewolf sex with Vilkas and Aela.
    • After having werewolf sex 10 times with Farkas, Vilkas, and Aela (any combination), you can talk to Farkas about getting Kodlak involved for FCCC werewolf sex. Once Blood's Honor is completed, this option is no longer available. Requires you to have a FCCC werewolf animation to play; Billyy's pack should have one.
  • Completing Purity up to a certain point (Stage 100) should disable the werewolf dialogue from both Farkas and Vilkas.
  • Escaped Criminal
    • You can talk to the criminal and offer yourself up to him/her. Will result in a sex kill, regardless if you are or are not in the DB.
  • *New* Animal Extermination
    • Talk to Aela after receiving the quest to ask her for advice and tips.
    • Receive a potion that causes the target animal to be calm to the player and engage in sex when approached. After sex, the animal will be weakened to 5 health points.
    • Works for both home and den locations on only the target beast.
  • Companions Member Sex Dialogue
    • Vilkas, Farkas, Skjor, and Vignar will have a new dialogue option to ask if there is anything to do.
      • This will lead to a random sex choice of their choosing while you are a whelp and a member.
      • After joining the Circle the dialogue will change, and you will be allowed to decide what sex options you want.
  • Companions Member ForceGreet
    • Disabled by default, can be toggled on in the MCM after joining the Companions, once Take Up Arms is completed.
    • You will be forcegreeted by the Companions when you are a whelp and a member.
    • Sex will be chosen by the forcegreeter.
    • After becoming a member officially, Ria, Torvar, and Athis will ask you if you want to have sex, and what type. The other members of the Circle will still decide on their own.
    • After joining the Circle, the forcegreet will stop and no longer function.
    • Timing and frequency adjustable in the MCM.
  • Companions Harbinger Party
    • Talk to Vilkas while he is in Jorrvaskr's main hall and you are Harbinger. This will lead to a "party" orgy scene.
      • Options for the Player to have sex with all the Companions, just the male Companions, or just the female companions.
      • Repeatable by talking to either Vilkas or Aela.
      • Requires 3p, 4p and 5p animations of the following variants: FFF, FFM, FMM, FMMM, and FMMMM. These can all be had using Billyy, Anubis, and Nibbles packs among others.
  • Companions Harbinger Invite
    • When setting up a "party" with Vilkas or Aela, you can suggest that either the men or women of the Companions be sent down to your study.
      • Leads to two situations for both sexes:
        • A scripted scene that can play without player input between NPCs and player.
        • The option of the player taking charge and determining want kinds of sex they want.

Companions (Non-member)

  • Adds new branch to Companions for players who don't want to join.
  • Choose the new dialogue option when first talking to Kodlak asking if he is the leader of the Companions.
    • If you follow through with this to the end of the dialogue chain, you will start up this part of the Companions. However, this will lock you out from joining them proper.
  • Once you've been accepted into this role, you can talk to any member of the Companions, and some of their associates, and offer your services to them.
    • Everyone should have semi-unique one liners the first time you talk to them.
  • After having offered your services at least 10 times, and after two days have passed, the Companions will direct you to Skjor who will have a task for you to complete.
    • After completing this task, you can now ask the Companions to engage in 3p and 4p sex. FMM, FFM, FFF, FMMM, FFFM should all be possible to trigger provided you have the animations.
  • After having offered your services at least 20 times, and two days after completing the first task, Vilkas will have a request of you.
    • Declining this task will stop the chain of quests, and is also the first chance to avoid any beastiality content. You can still have sex with the members.
  • Following through with this request, and the subsequent request will result in you encountering Aela and Skjor having werewolf sex in her room. 
  • One day later, you will be directed to Aela who will give you an option to either follow her or let things go back to normal.
    • Letting things go back to normal will also stop the chain of quests here, and prevent any other beastiality content for the Companions. You can still have sex with the members.
    • Following Aela will continue to chain of quests.
  • Aela will lead the player into the Underforge where a small ceremony will take place.
    • One day later, the player can ask Skjor, Farkas, Vilkas, or Kodlak for werewolf sex.
    • Skjor, Farkas, and Vilkas can also be talked to for 3p and 4p werewolf sex.
    • You can ask Aela to join in for FFC werewolf sex with Skjor.
  • After having offered your services at least 30 times, and one day after the ceremony, - Ria and Aela will have somethings to tell the player
  • Talking to Ria will enable the bear at the destroyed house by the Western Watchtower. The player can go have sex with the bear as much as they want.
  • Talking to Aela will reveal that she has gotten two wolves that she is keeping in the Underforge.
    • The player can visit the wolves for 2p and 3p sex.
    • Aela can also be asked to join along. If Aela is present with the player, she will have four sex options the player can choose from:
      • Both Aela and the player can have sex with one wolf each at the same time.
      • Aela can have sex with both wolves.
      • The player can have sex with both wolves.
      • Aela and the player can both have sex with one wolf.
  • Companions Non-Member Forcegreet
    • Disabled by default, can be toggled on in the MCM after being accepted by Kodlak to serve the Companions.
    • The members of the Companions will forcegreet you and start a sex choice of their choosing.
    • Will not work during the special job quests.
    • Timing and frequency adjustable in the MCM.

Daedric Quests

  • Azura: The Black Star
    • Convince Nelcar to provide details with a blowjob.
    • Comfort Aranea Ienith (if you do Azura's side) after the quest.
    • Request Nelcar to help your "numbness" (if you side with him) after the quest.
  • Clavicus Vile: A Daedra's Best Friend
    • Offer to find the dog for Lod if he has sex with you.
    • Offer to have sex with Lod for failing to get him a dog.
    • Offer to help Barbas if he has sex with you.
    • Can have repeatable sex as long as Barbas is around.
  • Hircine: Ill met by Moonlight
    • Have sex with Sinding after you kill all the hunters.
    • Have repeatable sex with Sinding, once a day (20 hour cool-down) in his werewolf form if he appears.
  • Mehrunes Dagon: Pieces of the Past
    • Offer to get the pieces faster if Silus has sex with you.
    • Request sex from Silus if you save him.
  • Mephala: The Whispering Door
    • Have sex with either Jarl Balgruuf or Farengar, resulting in you sneaking the door key away from them.
  • Molag Bal: The House of Horrors
    • After being tasked by Molag Bal to get Logrolf, three Dremora spawn in the front room. Respond correctly (Don't submit) and they let you pass. Respond incorrectly (Submit) and they will rape you. After the rape, you can submit further and have sex with all three of them.
    • Convince Logrolf to visit Molag Bal's shrine if you claim to be sent by Boethiah as a gift to him. 
    • After the quest is finished the dremora can be found loitering in the Abandoned House. Talk to them and offer yourself to have sex with them. Leads to 2p, 3p, and 4p sex animations randomly.
  • Peryite: The Only Cure
    • Talk to Kesh after speaking to Peryite to get a blessing from Peryite. You will have sex with the skeever nearby.
    • After the quest is finished talk to Kesh once a day (20 hour cool-down) to have sex with the skeever and receive blessing.
    • You can also activate the skeever after the quest to just have sex with it.
  • Sanguine: A Night to Remember
    • Have drunken sex with Sam at the start of the quest.
    • Convince Senna with sex to tell you what happened.
    • Activate the giant and offer your body to peacefully get Gleda.
    • Have sex with Ysolda to learn where the ceremony is.
    • Have debaucherous sex with Sam and the guests, requesting what you want to happen.
    • Talk to Sam or the guests to have a threesome.
    • Talk to Sam to start a continuous gangbang with the player. Starts with a threesome, then foursome, then fivesome. (Require 3P, 4P, and 5P animations. Billyy and Anubis packs recommended.)
    • Offer to have sex with Deep-In-His-Cups when he asks for gold. (Untested; I've never even had this encounter happen before.)
  • Vaermina: Waking Nightmare
    • Have sex with Erandur if you don't kill him.
    • Have repeatable sex with Erandur after the quest.
  • Malacath: A Cursed Tribe
    • Become Yamarz's personal whore for the duration of the quest.
    • Have repeatable sex (type is randomly choosen by Yamarz) by talking to him anytime after the ritual and before the giant boss.
    • Have sex with the giant, then choose how to kill it: either fight the giant normally, or fuck it to death.


  • Can talk to dogs (Meeko, Vigilance, Stray dog, Bran, Sceolang, CuSith, Garmr) and have sex with them. Works when they aren't and are followers, with the exception of Vigilance and Meeko.
  • Mini quest/dialogue chain that starts with Voada in Markarth.
    • Talk to her to start the chain. Requires a FFC dog animation; currently I only know that Billyy has one such animation, so you need his latest pack to see this.
    • After a while (5 hours) talk to the Jarl of Markarth.
    • Talk to the Jarl after the sex scenes to ask permission to have sex with his dogs. Talking to dogs afterwards lets you have sex with one or both of them; repeatable.
    • Can talk to Voada again to see the FFC animation again; repeatable.
  • Talk to Banning about a job involving Vigilance. Requires that they are both in the same cell, and that Vigilance is not a current follower. Repeatable once a day (20 hours).
    • Finishing job by talking to Banning has a random chance for him to request sex with the player.
  • Mini quest/dialogue chain when you visit Hollyfrost farm and talk to Tulvur. 
    • Accept the job and enter the farm. Talk to either dog to start scene.
    • Talk to Tulvur to get payment. You can also offer to have sex with him and a dog. Require MFC animation. MNC has some Leito ones, and Anubis has one. No tag filtering, so you'll have to cycle though animations yourself or use a mod like SexLab Tools to pick the right animation from the list.
    • Can talk to dogs afterwards to have sex with either of them or both. Can talk to Tulvur to have sex with him and a dog again. Repeatable.


  • Talk to the five stable masters and ask if they have a job available. Unique dialogue for all five, and two scenarios presented (sex and collection).
    • Stable master needs to be in same cell as horse for dialogue option to appear.
    • If you decline the job, you can always accept at later date.
    • Quest marker should point to correct horse to talk to, which brings up prompt for sex. Can have sex more than once as long as you haven't returned to stable master.
    • Return to stable master to complete job and receive payment. Can start repeatable once a day (20 hours) job with stable master. 
    • Windhelm stable master's wife has unique dialogue after having sex with horse. Doesn't currently lead anywhere.
    • Talk to Vex after having sex with Riften horse. Leads to a FFC horse animation. Currently I know only one animation by Anubis that fits this criteria. Anubis has released the animation to the public, grab his latest pack to see it.
  • Talk to the Markarth stable master 48 hours after having sex with his horse. He will have a new dialogue option available that will lead to CCF sex with the player and two horses. Requires that the player has a player owned/ridden horse nearby. Requires CCF horse animations; Billyy's packs should have them.
  • Create "horse treats" at a cooking pot. Activating them when next to player owned horses will entice them to sex. Shadowmere, Frost, Hearthfire horses, and horses that have been bought are supported.
  • New dialogue option with Louis Letrush when you bring Frost to him. Leads to you receiving the horse.
  • *New* Talk to the Windhelm stable master after having sex with his horse to open up the option to have FMC sex with him and the horse. Currently I know of only one suitable animation by Anubs, but hopefully more will come out by animators.


*New* Misc Quests

  • "In My Time of Need"
    • Adds dialogue to Saadia suggesting you will help her if she has sex with you. Lets you have sex with her as long as the quest is running.
    • Adds dialogue options to Kematu after agreeing to help him.
      • Persuade dialogue to bypass the sex options. In case you don't wish to have sex.
      • Option to have sex with just Kematu.
      • Option to have with all of the Alikr present. You will need to talk to each Alikr and have sex with them. You can have sex with them multiple times, and initiate 3p and 4p gangbangs. After having sex with all 6 Alikr (you need to talk to each one individually, gangbangs only count for the initial person) you can talk to Kematu to stop the dialogue. Or you can not talk to Kematu and leave the option to have sex with them as long as they are present in the cell.

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i started a new game and experience your guildlines now. you made a marvellous work.  this gives really sexpower.


however i will always attempt to convince you to make the bounty quests, of course optional in mcm, so everybody can enable and disable at will. please do it.

the aim could be to calm down with sex or kill the victim.,  If calm down, the victim disaapears the same as if killed.  ( to prevent killing it right after finishing the quest). in both cases, the quest ends like a normal bounty quest.  ( as such, it can reappear by respawn ) . so what do you think about this ?

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