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Sian's Story part 43 - This Wasn't Supposed to Happen Anymore



It was my own fault, really. Things in this Skyrim were just a touch different - the nights were a little darker (compensated for by lanterns that someone had set up along the roads. They didn't really illuminate the darkness so much as provide a beacon to keep you on the right path when it was dark or stormy), the clothes were a little...well, skimpier, and that was pretty much across the board, from what I could tell - not just armor but day to day clothing showed a lot more skin (for women, obviously - men's clothes looked about the same), and there were a bit fewer bandits. It was this last thing that lulled me into the false sense of security that led to my first enslavement in this new Skyrim.


I'm getting ahead of myself, so let me just fill in the gaps. A lot happened, but not much of it was particularly interesting.


I met with Pare in Windhelm. I already knew about my magical abilities and had confirmed it worked when I fought the bandit, but it hadn't seemed as strong as I remembered, so I feigned ignorance and he ended up touching my forehead and opening up my full potential. I could feel something almost tear inside of me, revealing a reservoir of power from which to tap. I hardened my resolve to make more use of this tool this time.


He sent me to Rayya in Winterhold again. I thought about skipping the journey because I knew she would just send me to Edith in Riverwood, which was closer and, frankly, much warmer. But Rayya had talked as if she knew about the Daedra, so Ruby and I made the trip in a quarter of the time it had taken before and I had a nice long talk with the dark elf (who, incidentally, had worn a full robe complete with cowl previously - I had barely been able to see her face, much less her body - but was wearing a shoulderless robe that emphasized her ample cleavage this time around). I told her everything that had happened, including starting over in this new version of Skyrim. I didn't mention her wardrobe change. I did not, unfortunately, learn anything of value from our conversation. Rayya is one of those people who knows a lot of things from studying but has little practical knowledge. By the time I left for Riverwood, all that my visit had accomplished was to give the College of Winterhold advanced warning about the calamity that was about to descend upon the land. Which, I suppose, was not a bad outcome.


The trip to Riverwood was nearly incident free. There were a couple of bandits. I helped an archer kill two of them, although the archer did most of the work. I wish I had asked his name - he would have been a great ally. I've never seen such precise shooting. The second was a man in armor who was just about to kill a farmer. The bandit turned toward us after I yelled at him to stop, then went flying into a tree when Ruby slammed into him.


Have I mentioned how nice it is to have a horse?


Then there was Whiterun. Or, rather, the road just outside Whiterun. I arrived just as a large party of men in armor swarmed up the road. I don't know if this was the same group that had attempted to accost me previously or if there were just raids like this all the time. What I did know was that I saw Alfhild Battle-Born rushing toward the fray, once again wearing only clothes and wielding only a knife. I shouted, "No!" and spurred Ruby forward. We careened our way through the pack of raiders, knocking some of them to the side. It had the desired effect - their attention turned toward me and they gave chase, leaving Alfhild behind. 


My plan had been to just outrun them, but then I saw a giant in the field to my left fighting against smaller figures and I angled my way toward them. The hazy plan in the back of my head was to rush by the giant, leaving the following raiders to get caught up in the giant's kill radius. What they got instead was far worse (for them) because it turned out that the figures fighting the giant were Aela the Huntress and some of the other Companions. I had not spent any time with them previously but I had certainly heard about them, and they did not disappoint - they finished the giant and turned on my pursuers with disciplined precision, and the lot was cut down before I could get Ruby turned around to help. Aela was less than pleased, but after explaining the situation, she just muttered something about milk drinkers and told me to go to Jorrvaskr if I ever wanted to learn how to actually handle myself in a fight. 


Then there was Edith, Riverwood, and Helgen. Edith gave me even less information than Rayya had - every time she looked at me, the began shouting about Dragonborn this and destiny that. I thought I might be able to circumvent some of the steps that it seemed I was fated to repeat by seeking out Delphine, but she was away. Orgnar's only response to my query about her whereabouts was, "That's her business." So helpful.


I don't know what kind of cosmic timing it took, but the next day, as I approached the smoking remains of Helgen, I saw fucking Alduin himself. I heard him roar from inside the walls, so I heeled Ruby off the road and into the nearest trees, swearing under my breath the entire time. I had no idea if he would recognize me or, barring that, at least recognize my Dragonborn-ness if he saw me, but no way was I taking the chance. Moments later, he swooped overhead and disappeared over the mountains to the north, but I stayed still for a few minutes longer, just to be safe, before continuing to Helgen.


One small difference was that I did not find Ralof this time. I don't know what happened to him. Instead, I ended up saving an Imperial named Hadvar who had kind eyes and introduced me to his uncle Alvar in Riverwood, which was a huge bonus because he was the town's blacksmith. Just as before, though, when Hadvar had told his story, they impressed upon me the importance of telling Balgruuf about the dragon as quickly as possible. Except I knew what would happen directly after that, so I determined to take at least one short cut in the story.


And that's when the trouble began. See, the last time I went to Bleak Falls Barrow to retrieve the Dragonstone for Farengar, the place was deserted. Well, except for the draugr. And Arvel and his group, of course. But the area around had been nothing but snow and ice and silence. Add to this the fact that I had not seen the large bands of bandits that I had become used to, and I didn't think anything of leaving Ruby in Riverwood and hiking to the barrow. I didn't even see the two bandits in the dilapidated tower (it had been deserted last time!) that marked the halfway point up the mountain until a mace slammed into my head, sending me sprawling. They were on me a moment later - a man pinned me to the ground through sheer weight and strength while a woman tore off my boots and chained my ankles together. Then the man forced my arms behind my back and they were tied as well. Not even a month into my new more empowered life and I was right back to being a victim.


My brain unfogged from the blow as they were dragging me through the snow toward the tower and I struggled and kicked and screamed, but there was, of course, nothing I could do as the sky gave way to the narrow stone work of the tiny first floor chamber.


The woman turned to the man as he slammed me face down onto the floor. I felt his knee in my back a moment later, then fumbling with the bindings on my hands.


"What now?" The woman's voice was little more than a harsh whisper, which told me there were likely more people further up the tower. 


"What do you mean?" My hands came loose but I had no chance to do anything with  them - they were immediately grabbed, then forced above my head and re-tied.


"I mean, what are you planning on doing with her? You can't take her anywhere, and you can't keep her here."


"Why not?" The pressure of is knee eased off of my back and he dragged me off of the ground by my hands and my hair, leaving me no choice but to use my legs to leverage myself to my feet. It galled me, since that only helped him. He yanked me forward and tied my arms to a link of metal embedded higher up on the wall, so my arms, when I stood fully, were bent at a slightly higher than 45 degree angle.


"Because the captain..."


"He never comes here." He bent and unlocked the chains on my ankles. I took the opportunity to lash out with my feet, and even connected a couple of times, but he was wearing tough leather and likely didn't notice. He did notice my constant stream of loud curses because the stripping of my clothes was temporarily postponed by a dirty cloth shoved into my mouth, and a gag that tied it in place a moment later. 


"What if..."


"He won't! Even if he does, who cares?" Rough, practiced hands peeled my armor away in only moments, followed quickly by the thin shift underneath, and for the first time my new/old body was stripped naked in front of strangers bent on...well, nothing good. 


"He will! Slavery is illegal, in case you have somehow forgotten," (this was interesting news, and a big difference between life two and life three, but it didn't seem to make any real difference at this point), "and he told us..."


"Yes, I know what he said." A licking sound was followed a moment later by a foot that swept my left ankle sideways, forcing my legs apart and causing me to cry out under the gag and fall, dangling by my arms from the bindings. A moment later, the man's rough fingers jammed their way into my new/old virgin pussy and I cried out again at the shock and pain of having my hymen torn forcibly for the second time in my life. "Don't worry. She won't be around for long. We'll kill her in a couple of days and dump her body down the mountain and after the wolves are done with it, no one will be the wiser." His fingers slammed into me again, then again, the blood from my ripped virginity and the spit from his fingers forming a sort of lubrication so that, when he shoved his cock into me only moments later, it at least did not have the sandpaper pain of a completely dry chamber.


I closed my eyes and braced myself as well as I could as he used me, his ungentle hands scraping across my belly and my breasts, squeezing and pinching my nipples with his nails and sending painful shocks through my body as his cock rammed into me with a ferocious pace. I expected it to be one of those moments that seems to take forever, but to my surprise, he came pretty quickly - only a few hastened heartbeats seemed to have passed before he grunted and froze, squeezing my breasts with both hands as he strained his hips, and I felt the warmth of his seed spill into me. A few seconds later and the pressure and heat disappeared as he released me and pulled back, exposing my skin to the cool air. I could not hold back a sob as my body sagged against the cool stone of the wall.


I kept my eyes closed, trying to close out the pain as much as possible as I heard the sound of him donning his armor as his breath slowed. A moment later, he spoke. "I'm going on patrol. I'll be back in an hour."


"Fine. Check the north pass while you're out. Someone mentioned something about possibly seeing ice wolves."


"A'ight." Then the sound of bootsteps, then the door, and a freezing chill caused my to shiver violently until the door closed.


I thought that was the worst of it, at least until he returned. Or whomever was upstairs came down and found their now toy. I thought wrong.


"So, bitch."


I jumped. I hadn't even heard her footsteps as she approached and I had not opened my eyes since the man had begun his administrations. She ran a finger across my naked back, causing me to shake harder than the winter wind had.


"Look at you. All soft and pale. What are you, a noble out here playing knight? There's not even a scratch on you." I let out a muffled yelp and my eyes popped open as a sharp pain lanced across my back. "There, now you have one. "


I looked back over my shoulder at her and she smiled in what, in other circumstances, might have passed for kindness. She lifted a hand, fingers spread out like claws, and made sure I saw as she set her nails on my back. "And now you have more." A sudden jerk of her hand  downward, her nails dragging through my skin like tiny ploughs through a field, and more pain shot through me. I screamed through the gag again. I'm not sure if it was psychological or something else, but the pain seemed worse than being whipped. And I've had plenty of experience with being whipped, so I speak with some authority.


"Cunts like you are the worst, living soft lives in your castles, not giving a fuck about the people who have to do whatever they can to survive." Another cut, this one scraping down my ass and onto the back of my thigh, accompanied by another scream. Tears streamed from my eyes, but they only seemed to spur her on. "Yes, cry for me, you bitch. Shed a tear for every" scrape "single" scrape "person you have never thought of during your cushy life." Scraaape, this one on the front, starting at my neck and dragging across the soft skin of my left breast, tearing through the areola and nipple. It was excruciating. "By the time I am done with you, every inch of your perfect noble body will know the pain that I have felt my entire!" Scrape "Fucking!" Scrape "Life!" 


Unlike the rape, the torture that bitch put me through did seem to take forever. It was interrupted only briefly by the man's return, which gave me an odd sense of relief. My entire body burned with bleeding cuts and I actually looked forward to the simple localized pain of being raped, but after only a few words, he went up the stairs, leaving me to the bitch's administrations once more.


It lasted through the entire night. I only know this because the room went from dark to slightly less dark over time. As promised, no part of my body escaped her touch. I felt like I was on fire and could only sag in my bindings when she gave me a final slap across the face and left the room. I wilted into uncomfortable sleep after some indeterminate amount of time, but such was my discomfort that I did not sleep for long. I woke up with stiff joints added to the renewed fire but I forced myself to my feet and began trying to loosen my bonds. Just needed to get my hands free, it would be enough. 


Footsteps on the stairs behind me made me freeze in place and I glanced fearfully over my shoulder. It turned out to be the man, and I sighed in relief under my gag. It would only be rape. Not so bad. I faced toward the wall and mentally prepared myself.


"Divines, she really did a number on you." He sounded almost friendly. I glanced over my shoulder again. He stood at the base of the stairs with one hand across his chest while the other stroked his strong Nord chin. "You're going to be here for a few days and I don't want to clean up your mess, so I'm taking you outside to do your business. Don't try any funny stuff or I'll go wake her up and tell her you said she was pathetic. Do we understand each other?"


The very thought was enough to make me shudder, and I nodded agreement. 


"Good. And try to hurry. It's bloody cold out there."


He stepped forward and untied the bindings on my hands. His clear intent was to bring them behind my back again, but I moved before he could get the chance, bringing my knee up as hard as I could into the groin. He let out a huffed cry as I sprang past him toward the door. 


I knew I had precious little time before he caught me again. I was naked, the ground was covered in snow, and I was weak and in pain from yesterday's treatments. I could not outrun him. I could not fight him, at least not for very long. I was still shout-less and I knew from the experience of killing mages in the past that even magical fire was not usually enough to bring down a fully healthy opponent. So, as I scampered over the narrow bridge and across the burning snow toward the cliff, and as he appeared from the tower and pelted after me with a shout of anger, I made the only available choice I had: I jumped off the side of the cliff.


Don't feed the bastards. Feed yourself instead.


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