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Magnus Odinsohn - Journal Entry 2287.05.11

Having a blast doing the Men and Women of Fallout 3, 4, 76, and all points in between and adding a couple of Vault numbers in there myself.  Vaults 72 (The Hospital), Vault 86 (The Archive), Vault 91 (A.H.M. or Advanced Human Mutation and Vault-Tec's Bio-Engineering Division), Vault 100 (A Nexus-Vault housed with over 2000 Vault-Tec Employees with trans-dimensional telepads and a fleet of vertibirds), and Vault 113 (home of the notorious Liar's Lair).  I'd like to do Vault Suits with these individual numbers some day, maybe when I learn how to use the correct software.


Coming Soon, I hope.


Zoey Goldschmitt - a hard and bitter Ex-Gunner mercenary with a knack for androids hails from Little Lamplight and Vault 87.  She has taken a vow to track and eliminate the murderous association called Talon Company to the last man.  That 's if she can get away from the Gunners first.  Zoey's bad reputation and hard luck seems to follow her where ever she goes.  Now she's here in the Commonwealth of Boston to fulfill the vow of a dying friend.


The Caprice Sisters - Well, let's just say Vault 108 has several sub-levels and "Gary" wasn't the only clone to leave the Capital Wasteland.  A series of clones, 108 groups in all, are stored in cryogenic sleep deep inside 5 localized sub-basements.  The Caprice Sisters, from that same Vault, are, if not worse, than Gary-Series clone that plagues the Capital Wasteland.  Thy are the most recognized and beautiful female clones in post-nuclear America.  A warning to the wise and foolish, If you see twins beware.  Rumor says there are five of them in any given group and they function very well as a team and are trained combat fighters.  


Siobahn Shivers - this prudish woman wouldn't be caught dead without her power armor.  Born in Megaton near Vault 101 and recruited into the Brotherhood of Steel when she turned 13, has spent the 17 years of her time and life on the outskirts of Northern Maryland or within the traveling ranks of the Brotherhood.  Now she is on a solo mission, searching for a traitor to the Brother in a place the locals of the Commonwealth call Nuka-World.


Sun-Nee MacIntyre - Except no substitutes, she is the Daughter of James MacIntyre, Founder of Project Purity representing Vault 101.  Her current mission is to catalog the location of other Vaults outside the Capital Wasteland for the Brotherhood of Steel and Naval Science Institute.  She's here to make contact with Vault 81 with the possibility of establishing a secure trade route.  Her second mission is to find the main entrance to the Lost Vault, Vault 117.  There is something inside that Vault the Brotherhood of Steel desperately needs.


Magnus "My Blood is Type-0 Green" Odinsohn - Originally from West Virginia and an original inhabitant, Magnus is one of thee oldest living survivors of Vault 76.  The only male of this group and has ghoulified not once, but on three other occasions and has been cured each time.  A combination of multiple viral infections, anti-viral meds, and stasis pods has kept alive for nearly 210 years with no sign of slowing down.  Trained as Green Beret and as a Park Ranger, Magnus spent the first five years stabilizing the Appalachians before venturing in Maryland, Eastern Pennsylvania, and the Commonwealth of Boston (Circumnavigated and marked the outer most boundaries of the Glowing Sea) to stabilize other parks and wilderness habitats.  He wears his Vault-suit (Marked with the numbers 76 ) under his Park Ranger uniform proudly.  Magnus is deadly proficient with his modified fire axe.  If you can get past the scares all over his body, he's the best ally and the most knowledgeable forester you can ever have.


Update 20191221 - The Door is Open or Exploring Some New Vaults

Second Update - 20201214


With the exception of Vaults 45 and 118, the remaining vaults are located in West Virginia and the Appalachia, the old state of Maryland and the Washington D.C. area (The Capital Wasteland) or Massachusetts and the general area outside the Commonwealth of Boston (51, 63, 75, 76, 77, 79, 81, 87, 88, 92, 94, 95, 96, 101, 106, 108, 111, 112, 114, 117, 118).


Vault 45 - (Location: one mile north of Riverton, Wyoming)

Vault 45 was a control vault located near Riverton, Wyoming.  Vault 45 was designed via its location as to position it approximately 200 or such miles away from any other residential vaults or bomb shelters.  Isolation of this control group and its vault was the key paradigm to the Societal Preservation Program.  The idea was to create a community from the ground up free and away from future external cultural (except for historical factors) contamination.  Vault 45 is a true control group with no covert agenda.  Its opening date was set for 80 years in 2157.  this vault, from corporate records, came equipped with a G.E.C.K.  Similar to Vault 92, Vault 45 was marketed, however, as to preserve Western culture and heritage among a variety of ethnicities and creeds in the Western regions of the United States.  Vault 45 would have state of the art building faculties, seed vaults, embryonic arc to repopulate pure strain animals, and a fully functional G.E.C.K.


Vault 51 - (Location: Forest Region of the Appalachias, Northeast of Point Pleasant)

A brief history can be found here: https://fallout.gamepedia.com/Vault_51


Vault 61 - (Location: Unknown)

This vault was never completed before October 23rd, 2077.  Vault 61 lain in abandoned and somewhat ruin until some 10 years ago when an expedition from Vault 100 discovered the main door was sealed but functional.  With the power generators restored, the vault was brought up to a minimum of functionality as the access its potential.  Vault 100's Board of Directors decided to finish its construction and bring the installation to full operational capacity.  Vault 61 would become a penal colony of sorts.  Housing the worse criminals and psychopathic to rise after the post-nuclear devastation of the Great War


Vault 63 - (Location: South of Welch, West Virginia) 

Information about Vault 63 can be found here, https://www.polygon.com/2019/2/10/18219293/fallout-76-vault-63-location-inside-dlc-cut-content and here: https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Vault_63


Vault 68 - (Location: Trenton, New Jersey)

Vault 68 was meta-control group, a gage, and a health barometer for the some 22-25 Vault (control) Groups.  It was intended to be a mix-salad and to see if the vault could function with various personalities and ethnicities and to see if conflict resolution could be obtained without oversight or overseer discretion.  To add pressure and another antagonizing variable, Vault 68 was opened exactly three hours after the bombs fell on the Eastern Coast.  Modified eye-bots (E-M pulse and radiation resistant) were dispatched to recruit survivors in the immediate area of Trenton, New Jersey.  999 random recipients had exactly three hours to reach the main vault before it sealed once again.  Survivors would be administered anti-radiation treatments and then shown to their new quarters.  A new life would proceed as if their old life never mattered.


Vault 69 - (Location: Unknown)

Twin Vaults maintained by two overseers and whose experimental function strictly separates the residencies on the basis of their physical sex and gender.  Homosexuality and other deviant forms of sexuality or expression are simple eradicated or expelled for the purpose of this heterosexual experiment.  Housing of both sexes occurs in two separate dormitories.  While Vault 75 was conducting unethical experiments to breed the ultimate soldier, Records from Vault 100 indicate that Vault 69 was breeding both sexes to become the perfect mates with abilities into the empathic spectrum of behavior.  


Vault 72 - (Location: 12 miles south of Baltimore, Maryland)

Heavily fortified by barriers, wreckage, and collapsed rubble, patrolled on a rotating basis via a coveted contract with Talon Company.  Vault 72 maintains some security with eye-bots and military combat droids.  Starting out as another control group, but with a stated function and purpose after the events that transformed post-apocalyptic America.  Vault 72 is simply a large medical faculty and hospital.  All individuals inside Vault 72 are trained doctors, physicians, medical technicians, or researchers.  Security is done via robots and Talon Company.  It's not unusual to find both or all three operating hand-in-hand.


Vault 76 - 


Vault 77 - (Location: Northwest of Paradise Falls but outside the Capital Wasteland, east of Hagerstown, inside the Catocin Mountain Park)

The entrance to this vault around the bend away direct line-of-sight.  It holds a social isolation experiment still operational after two hundred years to the present day.  Located along the Interstate 270 and used by merchant caravans, astute merchants with pip boys, use the Vault 77's vast warehouse to store scavenged goods, computers, robots, and military hardware.  Vault 77 is a multi-dimensional habitat/teserract, isolation cell, and warehouse stationed with Vault 77 but separated from the main experiment.


Vault 79 - 


Vault 85 - (Location: 25 miles northeast of Washington D.C.) 

Vault 85 was a large commorancy for it inhabitants, designed to be a stressor, and all of whom had little or no engineering skills.  The technology and equipment was designed to stress the registered inhabitants with a consistent state of needy repairs.  All equipment and useful devices were designed to break randomly, others at timed intervals, and eventually became unrepairable.  Ineffectiveness was a commonplace theme  All technology had a life expectancy no more than five years, save the Overseer's Office, the main Power Generator (Cecil, a Mr. Handy was assigned as the reactors repair technician), and the Mechanism operating the Vault 85's main door.  Within 24 months in operation, Vault 85 was abandoned.  It's inhabitants and descendants live outside the Vault 85 in a pastoral community with a near Amish attitude towards technology.  When the inhabitants of Vault 92 fled the experiments of their vault, they found acceptance with the community of Vault 85.  Vault 85 did not have a G.E.C.K. in its inventory.


Vault 86 - (Location: Unknown)

 The Archive.  Actual location is still undetermined as of 20191226.


Vault 91 - (Location: 15 miles South of Canobie Lake Park, on the west side of I-93, within southern New Hampshire)

The Vault is believed to be in operation to this very day.   The purpose of this Vault is two expand the human condition via genetic engineering (i.e. beneficial mutation) and thus create a race of breedable human mutants.


Vault 94 - 


Vault 96 - 


Vault 98 - (Location: Unknown) 

Vault 98's true function was to gauge and study a Mass Transport Arch (M.T.A.) discovered three centuries ago (roughly 1930) in Egypt.  Activated so long ago and after its quantities were gauged, It's home in Cheyenne Mountain was decommissioned then refurbished for neuro-cybernetic experiments at Vault-Tec's request.  Vault-Tec's Board of Directors relocated to Vault 100 days before October 23rd to continue its observation of the M.T.A.  Its current Board of Directors has a vested interest in the activities of Vault 98 and knows that it is still functional and fully operational, even to the present day.


Vault 100 - (Location: Willington, Pennsylvania, southwest of Philadelphia) 

Vault 100 opened exactly 100 years to day after it was secured shut.  Now the ten block area around Vault 100 is in full operation with a population of 10,000 governed by Vault-Tec's CEO and a governing board via corporate hierarchy.  Vault 100 is a true corporate government.


Vault 104 - (Location: North of Cockeysville, just outside Baltimore, Maryland) 

Access to the vault's main entrance room is simple with any serviceable Pip-Boy.  The inner doors that lead to the lower levels are sealed from both sides of the vault.  Nothing organic, (except someone in the Overseer's office) is alive and surviving the high levels of gamma radiation scrubbing the remaining vault structure clean and sterile.  The science teams of Vault 104 were engaged in experiments that focused on immunophysiology and molecular generation via blood platelets and regenerating nannites.   Reassembling a host from the ground up, literally was the unethical goal of Vault 104. 


Vault 110 - (Location: 5 miles north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

It seems the experiments conducted on the inhabitants of Vault 110 were a success with over 75% of a population of 1000 responded to a mixture of genetic manipulation and organelle grafting.  Longevity experimentation and the application of Anti-Aging pharmaceuticals on its Vault Residents, resulted in some inhabitants are well over two hundred and twelve years old by 2212.


Vault 113 - (Location: 20 miles west (right outside) Trenton, New Jersey but within the western boarder of Pennsylvania) 

The vault itself is maintained by the A.I. overseer.  Only the A.I grants access into and out of the vault.  Designed to be an experiment similar to Vault 21, Vault 113 inhabitants are all habitual or pathological liars.


Vault 117 - (Location: The Glowing Sea, Southwest Massachusetts)

What started as an experiment in holo-deck and particle synthesis technology turned into a tomb for the inhabitants of Vault 117.  The entire vault is still intact, but powerless.  The inhabitants, all ghoulified inhabit what mercenary companies come to call a graveyard.  Field reports say the power generators and the internal lights are salvageable and can be repaired.  The remaining ferals inside Vault 117 have become accustomed to darkness and bright photonic bursts or prolonged lighting painfully hurts their sensitive eyes.


The Glowing Sea's physical dimensions constantly shift with the rolling coastal air currents.  The "Sea" itself extends from the shattered ruins of Westwood, Norwood, and Dedham southwest riding the old I-95, all the way across Providence, Rhode Island and ending somewhere along the coastlines of the former New England states.  The former capital of Providence is a blasted hulk of high radioactivity and abandoned buildings.  The old city is infested with "ferals", with some intelligent and more friendly "ghouls" managing to survive and thrive.  The Mod itself can be found here, on the Fallout 4 Nexus Site: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/32242


Vault 119 - (Location: 25 mile northwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

"The Hive" - With what began as an embryonic arc similar to Vault 96, ended when super-mutants broke inside Vault 119 and exposed the insect wing on Level 5 to canisters of FEV.  The bio-chemicals and mutagenic agents turned the undeveloped "eggs" into hungry and very larger-than-life life monstrosities.  Reports from the Brotherhood of Steel, the Minutemen, and (believe it or not) Talon Company claim that the insects function together for the defense of Vault 119 and oddly enough with a very unique hive mind.  Thankfully field reports indicate that the upper four levels are accessible and the former inhabitants had time to seal the rest of the vault (levels 1-2, 7 -12) from the infestation


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