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Halloween in our family



My Prince didn't come to Halloween party organized for our workers, their families and children. He was welcome to come but it wasn't obligatory. I explained to you in my previous diary entry why - he hates Halloween. Our Hotel organized separate Halloween parties: for adults that my Fran organized and for their children under Lidija's and her team supervision. Everyone had a great time and kids got plenty of candies. My Prince and I had to be present at the banquet with our business partners and their wives. He didn't stay long. Just to satisfy protocol. Everyone was wearing something for Halloween, but him. I was dressed as Pocahontas and I received numerous compliments for my look. Many males watched my legs because my leather dress was short and had slits on the sides. Many wanted to fuck me, but, no one got lucky. I wanted only my Prince who licked me and fucked me good in his office before he went home. Haha. Since everyone knows how strongly and stubbornly my Prince upholds his beliefs and he'll make no compromise, nobody resent him for not wearing costume or mask and for leaving the banquet. I stayed till the end because I'm Hotel manager. My Fran drove me home afterwards. My Ivy didn't come for she wanted to stay at home due to her pregnancy and she wanted to be with Mikey. When my Prince returned home, they both went to the orphanage with 10 kg of various sweets and candies. They asked for Ena and Luka and when the teacher returned after talking to them, she said that children still didn't change their minds about seeing them. My Ivy told me my Prince was bit of sad. My mom and Zdenka were at our house also masked for Halloween. My mom was a good fairy and Zdenka was a wicked witch. They treated the kids with candies when they rang on our door. They only have to avoid to come near Mikey because he was scared and he cried. Therefore my Ivy didn't wear any costume.



The money my Prince gave to my mom and dad earlier for maintaining his father's and uncle's tomb was well invested. Since he doesn't go to the cemeteries, they went to the cemetery in the morning and took several pictures of the changes on the tomb. They hired professionals to do tomb "improvement". Knowing that my Prince is modest and that he doesn't like fancy things, they didn't do anything spectacular and didn't spend all the money. The changes were very nice. When they returned they showed him pictures. Seeing engraved picture in tombstone of his father and Uncle hugged, he was very touched and he sobbed heavily. He showered them with hugs and kisses thanking them for such wonderful act. Our garage still have "Uncle's garage" plate on the wall. Everyone in the family calls it "The Uncle's garage". We loved his uncle very much. My dad still miss him and Marko for they were three musketeers always being together and having fun. My mom joined us in the kitchen where mom Boss and my Prince prepared traditional meals for All Saints day today and Zdenka went to be with Mikey. I'm talking about baked turkey and other meals similar to meals that are served for Thanksgiving in the States with lot of "products" made of pumpkins. We assisted them. We giggled seeing my Prince "attacked" by mom Boss and my Ivy. They competed who will kiss him and embrace him more while he was sighing because they interrupted him in his work and distracted him but he couldn't tell them to stop for he knows how much they love him. When my mom and I joined mom Boss and my Ivy in kissing him, he got enough. He threw the kitchen cloth on the table and walking toward Mikey's room saying: "crazy women". (No, he didn't say it as an offense. He'd never do that). He came back few moments later and standing on the kitchen doorstep he looked at us and said: "No more kissing and hugging until we finish with cooking. If you are in need for kissing there are dads, Mikey and Fran. Kiss them or I will dip my face in turkey's guts. Then we'll see if you want to kiss me any more." We blasted in laughter and said we'll still kiss him. He just murmured into his chin: "what have I done wrong to you, crazy women?! All I want is to cook." We laughed again, but we didn't kiss him and hug him. We didn't want to upset him for real. Dads, Zdenka and my Fran played with Mikey and they had their fun. My mom had to check on my dad several times to make sure he is not giving any alcohol drops to Mikey. Anyway, we had wonderful All Saints day and Halloween. Since we have a lot of food, we invited "extended" members of our family for tomorrow's lunch. I'm talking about Lidija and Ivan, Antonio, Dante and Silvano. There are news about Mikey, but more about it next time.



I'm closing this diary with one wonderful news. The day before yesterday, Davor and Sandra called us from Ireland. They got their first two weeks vacation and after seeing their families first they would love to spend few days with us. They asked us to send them a video of Mikey for they must know how big he is because they want to buy something for him. Of course, my Ivy had to comment: "Great, now we can have group sex few days in row." We laughed hard.


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Shame to hear about Prince's lack of involvement in the Halloween Festivities.  I think he'd look just like his avatar in a mask!  Glad you had a great celebration!  


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2 hours ago, Tirloque said:

Only love and peace in this entry. I'd like two more like that in my cart, ma'am. :smiley:

> Here, this is for you:



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2 hours ago, djregs said:

Shame to hear about Prince's lack of involvement in the Halloween Festivities.  I think he'd look just like his avatar in a mask!  Glad you had a great celebration!  

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> My Prince is very unusual and uncommon person. I don't know how often and how many diaries you have read, but those who did knows that he is different than great majority of the people. It wasn't easy to understand him always, but by the time my Ivy and I learned to accept him and love him as he is just as he accepted us and loves us as we are. :) 

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Halloween is fun, but it wasn't always my favourite holiday. I think Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday.

Some people are born for Halloween, and the rest of us are are just counting the days until Christmas.

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7 hours ago, djregs said:

Shame to hear about Prince's lack of involvement in the Halloween Festivities.

:classic_laugh: Oh, I feel with him. I can understand that all too well.

Most "organized" parties give me stomach issues and make me wanting to run away. Just "unorganized" sitting around with friends and do whatever we like then and there, all that makes me feel much easier.

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5 minutes ago, EvalovesEP said:



> Unlike my Ivy and me, my Prince was never a party person. You said it very nicely: There is a big difference being among friends and loved ones and being on the party or the banquet that most of the behaving and conversing is faked. That reminds me on the song which is totally opposite of my Prince's character:




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