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Stupid people do stupid things



After few wonderful days, problems knocked on our doors again. It didn't involved us directly, but indirectly. You won't believe what might happen in two days. First one was about "our kid" who worked dedicatedly at villa. His mother sent him to late night shopping having no food for his brother and sisters in the morning. He stopped by cash machine for he needed some cash beside buying the food on bank card. The moment he input his bank card into cash machine, two guys ambushed him and made him pick all the money from his account and give it to them. They knew there was no security camera at that place. They took his cell phone too and they threatened to him if he tells police they know where he lives and they will hurt his mother, brother and sisters. He called my Prince from mom's cell phone heavily crying. We heard his mother and sisters crying too. My Prince said he'll come to their house ASAP. He told my Ivy to call Silvano and tell him to go to "that and that" address. He was very furious. He took his ETB and his gun swearing the bullies but not loudly to wake not Mikey. My Ivy and I know what he is capable to do when he is outrageous and before he left, we both hugged him and kissed him saying:

- Honey, before you do anything when you catch the bullies, think about consequences if you let your rage out of control. Remember what Antonio said: think on Mikey, us and your unborn daughter.

He didn't oppose. He sighed deeply, kissed us, Ivy's tummy, Mikey and he went. My Ivy and I believed he won't lose his control, because he was practicing rage control. It may sound strange to you, but he trained watching the movie scenes from true stories (rape, molesting, torturing) that usually upset him very much. That is the reason he doesn't watch true stories and dramas usually. Before Antonio suggested him to think of us, our children and what he can lose if he doesn't control his rage, he used to ran, swim in the sea, kick the kick bag, having sex with us and similar. Well, those were all fine solutions, but he needed to take the control over his mind and emotions first. I'm telling you, he trained hard and he did well. Anyway, he returned after 3 and some hours saying that they couldn't find them but they gave their description to Antonio as "our" kid described them. Since kid is the only real source of income in the family, my Prince compensated his loss purchasing the sum of money bullies took from him from his own account and bought a food for the family. They all thanked him very much and "our kid's" mother said she is sorry he almost emptied his bank account. My Prince told her not to worry and that bullies will pay it in full with 100% interest when they catch them. I'm sure Antonio and the guys will find them sooner or later and I wouldn't like to be in their skin. My prince said he will not participate in the hunt because he wants to be sure he wouldn't cross the line. My Ivy and I were very happy to hear it. Before he took a shower, he went to Mikey's room, kissed my mom on the cheek, and gently took sleeping Mikey into his arms, kissing him and "love youing" him. Mikey is his true "medicine". Nothing and nobody can calm him as his son when he is holding him in his arms and when Mikey happily cooes to him. He is simply crazy about him.



The second one was about two young couples that rented one of the bungalows in villa. The price is very low after the season and since the weather and the sea are still warm, they rented it. They stayed only 3 days, but Zdenka told us that when she checked the bungalow before they checked out, nothing was broken but the place smell very badly, was very dirty and sticky. Those four lived worse than animals. When Zdenka said that she will charge them extra for extra cleaning, they murmured and complained but when she invited security guard, they paid. Zdenka said that she has their pictures and data in the computer and they are forbidden to come again. They left but some time later they returned to avenge. Driving by the villa they threw two bottles of white paint on the villa. The color splashed all over the wall. That was very stupid because security camera captured them and she reported them to the police. They were stopped at the first toll gate and arrested for vandalism. They gonna pay for the damage they made. Indeed, stupid people do stupid things.



Beside these two incidents, everything else was fine. My luvs spend much more time with each other and Mikey now since HDD is broken. When I come home after the work, we do everything together. My Prince, Ivy and me are going to grocery shopping today. We will have a lot of fun because Mikey stays at home with our parents. My mom and dad invited us over for family lunch in Sunday. Moms will cook. They wanted my Prince to join them, but my Ivy didn't let him. She wants to sit in his lap, feel his hands on her tummy, his kisses on her neck while we play cards against dads and my Fran.


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40 minutes ago, Jayomms said:

Stupid is as a stupid does. :wink:


> :joy: Yeap. We watched Forrest Gump several times and we love it. I was glad to see that at the end he was with the one he loved all his life although ti was short. So sad end. The three of us wants to spend all lifetime together seeing our children grow up, marry and give us grand children and grand grand children. :)

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Some people think being customers allows them to consider their rented rooms, appartments, and sometimes even the entire world like trash bins. I say people who act like if the world was a bin are the real trash.


Anyway, glad no one was hurt in both places. And Prince behaved like a real prince as usual. :classic_wink:


Malicia: « You're very right, Mrs Eva : silly people behave very silly.


              Erh, I meant luckasto people, uh. :classic_angel: »

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