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Good bye

OK, guys, I will be straight with you. The time came for me to leave LL for good. The reason for this decision lays in several reasons: I am not active at all, I do not help anyone with anything because I do not play Skyrim or/and any other game, coming to LL is obligatory to me and sometimes is frustrating and burdening. I know I promised my dad that I will continue his legacy on LL, but I simply can't. My private life; job, family and children consumes 99% of my time which I'm sure my father w

Stranger's Skyrim lovers

Stranger is little always horny wood elf. He is the happiest when he have sex. But, he was also in love with several Skyrim ladies. He was rejected and betrayed most of the time but there was one girl in Skyrim that returned her love to him. She is @SpyVsPie's Cassidy:     Few other's like @djregs Andreja, @ResdaynGwynolda, @Crw's Sinetica, @Jay-Omms Maylin, @Alter Native's Nora and @Devianna's Kiki simply humiliated him in various ways. Let us look what they said to him:

Legendary Stranger

Skyrim Wood elf race was my father's favorite race. He created a PC that he always played with. He named him Adam. When he passed away, I continued to use his PC changing nothing but replacing only leather light armor with Nightingale armor. Although I preferred Redguard race, for some reason I cloned Adam and I mostly played with him who by the time captured my heart.  When Ivy and I started to make Skyrim stories we came up with new name for him: Stranger. We had no idea that he will become po
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